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What do you look like?


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I wasted about 15-25 seconds reading the post. Thats how it has changed my life. I might have got up from this comp in those 15-25 seconds early, and slipped on something, or tripped on someone that would not have been there if I had delayed getting up by 15-25 seconds, thereby saving my life.

Or maybe not.

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For heaven's sake indeed...

Elephants are petty boring IMHO. I find the huge red writing that Dust Scout has as his sig as far more intriging...

I thought I saw someone else have simliar writing but I can't remember...

So whats the red writing all about?

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*Points* Your house is messy. :D

Anyway, I'd been wondering where this thread got to for ages.  Wanted to check the picture of Dante, EWS and I, but Gob's archived it so it doesn't matter. :)

Even though there's a lot of spam in this thread, it's still based around a really cool idea.  So in the absence of anything to show FED2k what Dragoon Knight looks like in real life, here's a picture of me.


th_Chris.jpg DA!

For anyone who cares -- :D -- the full sized picture can be found here.  Of course, this is me without my shiny blue Dragoon Armour on.  It's in the wash, you see.

*Thinks about this*

:O Aaaaargh! Think of the rust!!

*Rushes off*

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