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  1. "what did we get?" "A response. exactly as planned. Apparently, they're going for the UN HQ in NY" "Stop the acronyms. It annoys me. Tell them we're busy at the moment, but if they can put it off, we'll gladly join them. " "Boss?" "Don't worry. I've got a plan. A good one. One that i think you will like. Because it involves lots and lots of hacking" "Finally!" "Now,Lavinia, did you get in touch with our friends at Crescent Shield? And if so, what's the news?" "Green light. They're hiding for a bit, so any publicity we give them at a wrong place is good for them. Plus it'll give them funding fr
  2. [OOC- sorry for long absence, school is a bugger] "Ranger! come look, quick! It's important!" "What now, man, what now?" "There's an offer here. A very interesting, very well-paid one. I thought you would be interested" "Now THAT is a good offer. really, really good offer. Tell them we'll take it on one condition: no limits on how this will be executed. Our style. " "Will do, Boss. Oh, and I've been snooping around for anything that might concern us. Nothing yet. nothing big, anyway. just rumours here and there. but i'll stay sharp." "Good work, Slick. Keep it up." Another job. A good one, too
  3. The glass shattered as it flew into a wall. "Dammit! I told you, be careful! and you go and get all our files stolen!" "Sorry, boss, but i couldn't do anything! " "You could have just shot the computer!" "but..." "Shut up already, i've had enough. People, pack up, i want this place cleaned out in 15. Make sure to torch the building afterwards. I don't want another Granada coming down on us. That got us too much publicity, especially when we had to kill them in full view of the public. Now MOVE!" As the fire trucks roared by, sirens wailing, Ranger pulled down the brim of his cigarette, tossed
  4. My Fremen will be at the Council. You will have to admit a small escort, purely for security reasons, but i'm sure that during these troublesome times, you will understand.
  5. Ensiferum- Hero in a Dream King Sard, i'm gonna see Finntroll in summer...are they good?
  6. yes, but you're making other country's decisions as well...might want to redo your australia thing...read the rules
  7. (OOC - true, true) Ranger walked back into the Core headquarters with an uncharacteristic flourish. Other members, upon seeing him, were somewhat surprised but long years of practice paid off and none of them showed it. "Gentlemen," he began, his mexican accent almost hidden, "the Reichstag bombing paid off...rather well. Any equipment you might need, say so. You'll probably get it. On a rather different note, we're now not currently engaged, so any offers that come up will be taken. Provided they pay well. And one of our bank accounts was robbed recently, not a big one, but enough to cause so
  8. erm...there's nobody else here, arutha
  9. if you're doling out countries, give me south korea
  10. ehh true...i think i'll re-start the thread some other time, hopefully there'll be more interest.
  11. theclansman1911


    oh that's seriously funny...good one scar.
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