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    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-02-03 Players » Four Map Size » 104 * 256 Additional Info » Geidi Prime meets Arrakis. There are "weapons of mass destruction" in the center of this map awaiting your capture to destroy the enemy. There are also several neutral subhouse barracks that will help you in capturing this territory. In the center you will also find a main island with a dead worm that got a little too close to the rocks... 1 Sardaukar barrack and 1 Fremen camp awaiting capture.
  2. 54 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-02-11 Players » Four Map Size » 152 * 160 Additional Info » Arrakis meets Draconis... There are 4 bases, one on each corner... each has a barrack to aid you in the capture of the territory. In the center, there is a large ixian base that was abandoned some time ago. Capture the neutral buildings, it will help you to destroy the enemy faster...
  3. no bring slappy back threads? *cries* lol... w/e j/k umm... I might be getting on again soon, I think my friend is going to be bringing back my disks... if anyone cares... -Mark
  4. pshh you all know the best clans were EDOA N_K_ and of course... H_S_ lol... yeah right. but w/e theres some from my past... -Mark
  5. slaphapy


    they are all looking slightly down and to the left... i'm really curious whats down there... -Mark
  6. sweet guys, i've got the computer up and running. friend and I just rebuilt the entire thing step by step (yet again) with the motherboard that didnt have any damage to it. I have no idea what would have been wrong before, as everything is hooked up as I had it... o well, computers are so strange. best I can figure is maybe how we seated the motherboard this time may have helped. strange stuff. so anyway, thanks everyone for all your help :) and i'm contacting newegg to see about getting an RMA. oh, and one more question. I ordered two 1 GB sticks of pc 3200 patriot memory. but they dont both detect when they are in? it only detects one. we've tried every combo of slots but it only ever detects one. so I took the two sticks of 512 from my other computer and put them in along with one of the sticks of 1 GB and put the other 1 GB in my other computer and everything works? any ideas why the two patriot sticks might not be working together?? because obviously none of the sticks are bad as both computers are up and running. thanks, Mark
  7. . I have tried starting it with one graphics card (i dont have an adapter anywhere, I dont think...) the hd, cdrom and memory. it actually turned on. so I thought that maybe the other graphics card was bad for some reason. so I turned it off, put in the other graphics card and it didnt start up. so then i thought maybe it was bad. so I switched back to the other card that I thought was good... and it didnt start up. so... i'm not sure wth is up. the fire: I started it up. heard a small crackle, looked down and saw a puff of orange... and then saw the black spot as shown above... I have no idea of the different parts of the motherboard... anyone know what part this could be? I'm going to unbulid the comp so I can get a better picture later hopefully. about the graphics adapter... do they come with all motherboards? I really dont see anything that would allow me to plug my monitor in... so that's why I had to use one graphics card. and yes this is the first computer I built. I was supposed to have friends helping me... which was my only reasoning for building one. but that hasnt come through unfortunately... part of my frustration. thanks again... -Mark edit: oh, and btw, the only thing I can really test is the memory on my other computer, which I have. and every stick I have runs... my other computer cant run the processor, sata 2 hd, or anything I dont think. but I'm not really worried aobut something not working, as I've had it up and running once. so it wouldnt make any sense that one of the things isnt working. just not hooked up properly. and I cant just take it back to teh store unfortunately... I bought everything off newegg. so i'll have to contact about mailing back parts. another reason i'm trying to do get this built and working as fast as possible so I know what I need to get replaced etc. -Mark
  8. OH NO! ugh... this time I started it up once this morning just to try again... and a damn small fire started...!!!! omg. wtf? I assume this means something? I'll try and get a picture up in like an hour or so of it... I guess I'll switch back to my other motherboard... btw. heres links to all the parts I ordered. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103544 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817104014 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16829102178 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820220079 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16822144701 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814130277 x2 -Mark
  9. no, my computer doesnt start up at all... thats' the thing with the FF error. its just stuck on that. I have tried all the combos of memory that I know to be good. 2x 512 MB pc3200 and 1x 1 GB pc3200... this computer has run on both. and doenst give any memory error (which is the C1 thing) and I have no idea bout the BIos thing. what do you mean 'unlock' it? thanks, -Mark
  10. Gah, I havn't been able to take any steps forward due to one huge step back that I have no idea what caused it to happen. ok... now my computer is stuck at the error "FF" which is described as "BOOT" ... now i've looked around searching, THE ONLY other case I could find wasnt answered either... so ahem. anyway, suddenly my computer a few days ago stoped getting past this. for some reason unknown to me. I tried everything, changing things one at a time to see if it would work. nothing has. then out of the thought maybe my BIOS chip was damaged, I went and grabbed the other board (same exact, has to do with how I bought my video cards) and installed it instead. but it has the same error!! I am so pissed right now... all the people who said they'd help me build this with the exception of one... havn't helped... due to my lack of computer knowledge it was highly needed that they help... i'm rather frustrated sorry. I am so lost... any ideas of what could be causing this? it seems soo strange that anything would not be compatable or not updated. as I had the damn thing up and runnign with these EXACT same set ups not a week ago... -Mark
  11. Now I have another problem... its stuck on FF error again, crashing once it starts up. so... anyway. if I can figure out how to get past that. how do i update the drivers? dont I have to be able to get windows up before I can? because I found an update... but its a program you have to instal looks like... sorry not too good w/ computers.. -Mark
  12. well, i'm currently in the process of re-formating and installing windows agian. and yes I did have to take out the hard drive to let it do this... and then plug it back in. I tried f8 before it never responded to it... anyway. ill see if this works. and get back. thanks again. -Mark
  13. k last night, I did a force boot from my windows cd. where i unplugged the HD so it would read from the cd. then I plugged the HD back in to get it to instal windows.. now when i turn on the computer it says that windows cant start because of a "computer disk hardware confuguration problem. cant read from selected boot disk. check boot path and disk hardware. please check the windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information" im going to try and start from just the motherboard, HD, cdrom and memory in. thanks for your help. as for the one stick of memory that was bad. um well I took the memory out of this comuter that I'm using now, to put in the new one. to see if it worked. and it did obviously. then i put one stick in this one of the new memory. it didnt work, so i tried the other stick, and it worked. and for some reason my mobo doesnt seem to give any beep codes... it has a led on the mobo that has error codes. before i reinstalled windows and got this now "cant start because of comp disk hardware configuration problem" it had an error code of "FF" which is so helpfully described in the manual with "boot" so... yeah. -Mark
  14. hey guys. been forever and a day since i've been here. but Ive got a computer issue with the new comp i'm building. ok. system specs: -mobo: EVGA NForce4 133-K8-NF41-XX sli yada yada... -AMD athlon 4800+ dual core x2 -2 EVGA 7800 GT geforce video cards (sli mode) -western digital caviar 250 GB 16 MB cache SATA 2 configuration. -at the moment 1 GB (2x 512 ) sticks of ddr 400 pc3200 RAM... only because I couldnt get the computer to start up using the ram i ordered. ill try again as soon as i get the computer working this time. -creative soundblaster audigy 2. err... that's the most of it. anyway. so i got everything going after first finding out that one of my sticks of memory is bad. got windows installed. then the video card drivers. and got the sli going all that. restarted. turned it off. then I put my sound card in. it had been out due to trying to figure out what was wrong. anyway, turned on the computer. then installed the drivers. but just as the drivers were at the end of installing, I had some error I didnt get a chance to read. and my computer restarted itself. now it wont even get to the windows loading screen... i've tried taking out the sound card, leaving it in. checked all the other plugs on my comp. I thought for a hwile it was the monitor. cuz i've had an issue similar to this on my other computer with that monitor. where the video settings along with the monitor would for some reason not let it start up windows. but I put my other monitor on the computer and that didnt affect it. so its not the monitor. if you have any ideas what it could be I can use anything. thanks. -Mark so anyway, put it in turned on the computer.
  15. great memories...... glad I read this post. so many good times... -Mark
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