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  1. Cyborg


    My favorite drinks, in order: Beer White wine Gin (w/tonic...) Red wine That's mostly what I enjoy drinking. When choosing drinks for dinner, it depends on the meal, of course.
  2. It snowed here yesterday. Snow in Bergen works like this: Day 1: It snows. Day 2: It rains, snow turns into slush. Day 3: It's cold. Slush turns into ice. Day 4: It rains. Ice gets very slippery. It stays that way for a couple of days before everything returns to normal. Maybe once a year, the snow lies for a few days before entering the next stage.
  3. There are lots of girls that are "rar" in Norway. Lots of weirdos.
  4. Cyborg


    I think the topic is about the feeling you sometimes get that your teacher is just making up errors because he feels like it. Sometimes you get marked down for no very apparent reason, especially when you see that the teacher is cutting other people slack, but being strict with you. It's easy to say that one should give reference to absolutely everything, if not just to be sure there's absolutely no ambiguity. However, there are established truths that you shouldn't have to give reference to. We don't have enough information about the specific case the thread starter presented, so we can't really know who's wrong or right.
  5. Cyborg


    That is a big problem. Stupid students, who essentially just copy what they've read in the book, get great marks. Students who think by themselves, and want to write their own piece, with interesting reflections, often get punished for not writing the exact words found in the book.
  6. More spesifically, your favorite place would be at home, naked in bed with your girlfriend, trying out new positions and generally having a laugh.
  7. I got the name Cyborg from when I played a lot of computer games in my younger days. I became better than my friends at most games, usually because we were at my place, and played the games I practiced every day. Once, in a random Micro Machines mini championship between me and a few friends, I was accused of being a cyborg because I allegedly had superhuman skills. Later, after getting Internet access and getting into Internet play, I found out that Cyborg was used by a lot of people, and had to find a different name. After a while, I settled with the name William Cain. This was fitting, because I played a lot of medieval RTS games at the time. The latest name change, adopted about one and a half years ago, is Skaggir. I was preparing for Age of Conan, and needed a name to go with the theme. Giving it some thought, I liked the idea of "Jernskjegg" (Norwegian for "iron beard"). It's J
  8. Cyborg

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! Good to see a few of you here.
  9. Today I found PowerSwapper, along with all the server files and backup I need to bring it online again. If anyone is interested, I could set it up.
  10. ...when you took part in the Fanta Shokata commercial fun making of Navaros. (The Fanta Shokata movies don't work anymore, but I took the liberty of finding a new subtitle service and make a new one: http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.php?module=seeāŒ©=uk&code=bd1ac6e9cb7d3f5439f3b2f4705f30be).
  11. Exactly... It's too much of a grind with too few units. It gets boring after a few days.
  12. Happy New Year! Every year seems to go faster than the previous one...
  13. This is great news! I'm soon out of gum...
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