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  1. Vista and Win7 seem to have problems with the 16bit setup of the game. You should run the game with DOSBox
  2. veK

    TV companies suck

    I'm looking for a complete collection of A&E's "Cold Case Files" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_Case_Files). I haven't had any luck so far though :( I'm also looking for a complete collection of the show "Forensic Files". Not luck there either. I almost have all the episodes in the german format (it's called medical detectives here) but it's really annoying to have the speaking person's voice reduced in volume and a (bad) german voice translate. Also the translation often is not very good. Sometimes you can hear the persons finish their sentences and you know they did a bad job transla
  3. Yesterday I got a 2TB HDD as well as this nice thing which is pretty nice to control my laptop (which I currently use as a HTPC) remotely from the couch. The 3D mouse controls are still a bit strange but so far it works fine for the tasks I bough it for:
  4. Meh... that's what I hate about selfbuild PCs when every part is new: had some trouble since yesterday with some nice BSODs. PC crashed twice a few hours ago then. Fortunately I coulld find the cause rather easily: RAM. Also very fortunantely Memtest86 responded with a crazy amount of errors right at the beginning. Of course the faulty one was the one I tested last but I'm glad it was the memory itself and not the board. Good thing I ordered 4x4GB I guess because now I can return one of the 8GB kits and still have the PC running with the other 8GB. I'll get the money back though instead of new
  5. DDWRT is nice with any router it supports ;) I'm currently looking for a new mouse. Mine is still good but it's just too small for my hands when playing games. Unfortunately no mouse has conviced me yet. Too bad they don't sell the MX1000 anymore :(
  6. Well I'm back now at my alternative solution which was a 60GB OCZ Vertex2 and one of my 1TB Samsung HDDs for all the games. I HAD a Crucial C300 256GB though but I had a lot of trouble with it. Last night I could at least finally confirm that indeed the C300 was the problem. I've read about the same problems from other people on hardware forums. It looks like it has something to do with the latest firmware 0006. Unfortunately you can't backgrade the firmware. And the problem might occurr more often with the ASUS P8P67 mainboards although I've read the same complaints from other users with diff
  7. I'm not changing games every day. I don't have that much time to play anyway. It would have been nice though to have all games available all the time. But I can live with occasionally copying a few games. I'm not moving the data all the time so I don't worry about the SSD wearing out too quickly. I'm just happy now I won't have to put in a HDD (besides maybe my 2,5" I use for data in the external enclosure right now but which is absolutely super silent and not vibrating whatsoever and is being used all the time anyway). Because besides those negative aspects (noise, vibrations, heat, being slo
  8. Yeah I know the C400 is coming. But I won't wait for it. I want my PC now as soon as possible, it was hard enough to wait for the new Intel CPUs. Also the C300 has fallen in price a bit around here and the C400 will be more expensive when it's available. Also it's not going to be available in February right away in Germany and I'm not waiting 2 or even 3 more months and pay even more than I'm now paying for the C300. It's a hard choice but I can live with that. If I regret it 2 months from now I might sell the C300 and get the C400 instead, there's always people willing to buy the older versio
  9. Well screw it. I just emailed the shop and told them to change my order. I cancelled the OCZ Vertex and the 2TB HDD and ordered the Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB. I guess I'll just fill it up with games and whenever I want to play something else I just backup that particular game from steam and put in on one of my external hard drives I already own. It's 240€ more this way but at least I won't be unhappy with HDDs inside of the PC running all the time and have a much faster SSD for Win7 and also have the games on this drive. They just need to get back at me and confirm the change now. This time
  10. Usually all new boards have SATA 6GB, at least all the boards that are available so far for the new 1155 socket. But it doesn't matter for the OCZ Vertex 2 I bought and I don't think I will get a faster SSD anytime soon now. I don't care about faster load times in games. The reason I don't want them on HDD is because I don't want HDDs at all any more. I just wish 512-1024MB SSDs were more affordable. RAM prices might fall a bit more over the next few weeks but in a few months their prices will increase strongly again accodring to some information I read a while ago.
  11. That wouldn't solve my first problem: installing all the games. I don't need all my data inside the PC and available but if I put in 1 HDD for all the games, I might as well put in another one for the data. I just ordered everything and decided to go with the 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 Extended which I will use for Win7 and programs only. I'll use one of my Samsung F1 HDDs for all the games then and I ordered Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB for all the data. So I have 1 spare Samsung F1 left over as well as my 2,5" Western Digital in another external enclosure with RFID security. I will use this one t
  12. So yesterday I started ordering - only the videocard for now as they are hardly available. Fortunately it has already been dispatched now and should arrive tomorrow or on monday. When the new CPUs are officially available from sunday/monday on I will order the rest of the stuff. I could have ordered some things already but I want to save shipping costs if possible. I just hope the mainboard I want will be available from monday on as well. Currently I'm still a bit indecisive about the whole 256GB SSD thing though. The problem is a. it's prize and b. it's size - because if I install Windows 7
  13. Yes I have a problem with that because I hate it when people say or write about stuff they don't even know. It's one of society's biggest problems: people have opinions and prejudices and are judgemental about everything without even knowing what they are talking about. It's like calling you an asshole without knowing you just so I have said something. Most of the time it's just better to shut up if one has now idea what he/she is talking about. More people should try it and instead talk more about stuff they actually really know something about and can maybe teach to others.
  14. I have a feeling that some of the people who replied here don't even have an idea who that guy is and just post for some reason anyway. I love the AVGN episodes, I have watched all episodes that are online in GameTrailer.com's ScrewAttack section (http://www.gametrailers.com/screwattack -> AVGN tab) and having played some of the games myself as a kid I sometimes really feel sorry for him going through those usually ubercrappy games (only the NES Ninja Gaiden Trilogy comes to my mind which isn't crappy, just extremely hard). Lately there haven't been that much new episodes though because he'
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