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  1. I appear to have neglected logging in, for three years... My apologies gentlemen, hope all has been well. (Have I lost my mind, or has there been some serious format changes in my absence?!)
  2. Not to Necro this thread, but if anyone was curious I did find the culprit. One of my water-cooling lines had sprung a nearly imperceptible leak, resulting initially in some corroded sockets, then a fried board. Lesson learned? Don't cheap out and craigslist components..... And a late "Thanks again!" gentlemen.
  3. No on-board. :- That is the only information given by the BSOD. And absolutely positive. Every single boot option has been tried, tried and tried again. I'm beginning to contemplate simply setting the rig ablaze.
  4. Indeed I have. Same result as with any other boot option. :-
  5. Filled with the energy of twenty-some odd-million midgets on a cocaine bender*, a youthful Barbarossa** drops into place at his rock-em-sock-em game. "Meeeyeah! Who be brave enough to challenge me!?" Clutching the controls for the red-shaded, plastic pugilist, he sends several wild jabs at his blue adversary. *It's a hilarious scene, I assure you.... No, really. It is! **ADHD? I thought they had Ritalin back then...
  6. http://gc.gamestotal.com/ Been playing since shortly after it's creation in 2003. :)
  7. Vista 32-bit. Error Code: ***STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0X81D570E6, 0X93EEFBAC, 0X00000000) Computer powers and boots up fine. Upon attempting to load Vista in any manner results the loading screen, followed by a blank, black screen, then the BSOD. Attempting to boot/recover from the Disc result in a freeze after the initial load/ing. No recent Hardware changes. Testing of the Virtual memory via removal (booting on one stick at a time) has the same results. Anything else to try? Anyone have a clear/er translation of my BSOD error message codes?
  8. You... Must be joking. ;)
  9. Well then. They've certainly adopted a rather pragmatic view on possible future events, haven't they.... Still, seems to be a much more viable solution to the water shortage than some I've heard of. Such as Desalination and piping of water from the Gulf to the area.
  10. (b) I believe my staying this time around, may just doom such an enterprise. :D Congrats! Was it you that was aiming for Psychiatry, or am I thinking of someone else. (i) Sounds entertaining. Though may be a contributing factor to the lack of new members... ;D
  11. I'd think it more accurate to say you "dipped your toes in the water, and found the temperature suitable." ;) How have you been, good sir.
  12. ...I remember now why I haven't so much as looked twice at one of their books since forcing Corrin upon myself. Ugh. I did hear that they are next going for an on ice performance of the books. Should be great. ;D
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