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  1. I imagine it would be equal parts tragic and hilarious to go trudging through PRP, looking for posts I made around that time. Given my woefully inadequate record-keeping skills, there's a very high possibility that FED2k is the closest thing I have to a diary. What did I think all those years ago? How many flame-wars did I get in with Gunwounds over it all? Oh, and Spectral, I admit: the DS was a lot better than the PSP in the end. :)
  2. Ten years later, I'm still listening to this tune. Not continuously, you understand. You should put this up on YouTube, since it remains a damn fine piece of music, just as this was a damn fine act of thread necromancy. Man, it's been a while since I've been here.
  3. I miss the old forums more and more each day. With that said, the "View New Content" link now works correctly, and (like Andrew) I was also having trouble seeing the quick-reply option, but it's looking alright now. How do you set a custom colour with BBCode this time? Do you just need to re-add the [ colour ] alias, or is there some new form that I need to learn?
  4. [colour=#005FFF]I'm still having the issue where there is clearly unread content on various boards, but the link to view new posts since my last visit returns nothing.[/colour]
  5. Dragoon Knight


    [colour=#005FFF]I'm glad that you can return to doing what's important - diggy diggy hole. :D[/colour]
  6. [colour=#005FFF]I've noticed over the past few days that the "View New Content" link at the top right of the Forum Index no longer works properly. Even though there are clearly new posts in several different boards across FED2k, clicking the link results in a simple "Sorry, no new content found" message. I use this area to check up on everything that's been posted since I was last online, so it's pretty essential to how I browse FED2k. Any idea what's going wrong?[/colour]
  7. [colour=#005FFF]There's no meaning behind this. No "voice" to be heard. This isn't about protesting a murder anymore. Any pretense of that ended on Saturday night. It's spread from city to city, with hoodies coming out in droves to cause damage and steal things for no better reason than they're bored and/or they think it's cool to copy what was going on in London. They are lowlife scum. Anyone involved in it deserves every punishment the law allows. No excuse for this. None.[/colour]
  8. [colour=#005FFF]It's the definition of stupid. These bloody hoodie-wearing idiots taking advantage of a peaceful protest to start trouble. Guns, knives and anything considered to be an offensive weapon is illegal in the UK. You can be arrested for carrying around a water pistol if it looks authentic. Yes, the PM is away holiday'ing in Tuscany, cutting short his holiday. Same with Boris Johnson, London's mayor. I'm sure we can all sympathise with those bloody toffs having to abandon their fun in the sun because London's burning. Ah, apparently riots are breaking out in Birmingham now as wel
  9. [colour=#005FFF]Well, I didn't see a thread about it, so here we are. It's pretty big news here in the UK; not sure how it's being represented in other parts of the world. It started out as a peaceful protest over a man being shot by police a few days ago. That protest became violent, as most things of these nature do, because of a minority that are set on causing trouble. What we're seeing now (i.e. in the last couple of nights, and indeed, right now) is just brazen looting and destruction. There's no motive other than greed and petty desire to smash things. Of course, there are a number
  10. Dragoon Knight


    [colour=#005FFF]I think that the discussion of the event itself should be able to stay in General. However, discussion of whether or not someone can be justified in saying that a person "couldn't possibly be a Christian" because he committed an atrocious act should probably be conducted in a separate PRP thread, yes. But then again, this is Fox News.[/colour]
  11. [colour=#005FFF]Please, Andrew; do Wolf and I the credit of not mocking us. I understand that Dante doesn't believe that Eras is sockpuppeting, but no-one can offer any proof that he isn't. The trouble, of course, is that there's nothing decisive to show that he is, because the moderation team doesn't want to look into it. Like your aborted reply, no-one can be bothered. So until you can, I ask you again: please do not mock us. Whether you meant to or not, it came off as offensive. Thank you. EDIT: To be balanced, I'd like to thank you for taking at least some action against Eras.[/colour
  12. [colour=#005FFF]Such a relaxing tune from a really fun game. :)[/colour]
  13. [colour=#005FFF]Sorry for performing a bit of thread necromancy, but I've only just recently got into this game. :) I used to play DotA; not for very long, perhaps a month or so. But during that time, it was more or less all I played. I stayed up days on end playing this game, which wasn't even really a game; just a specially modelled map in Warcraft III. It gave birth to the whole MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, however; the two main titles are League of Legends (LoL) and Heroes of Newerth (HoN). I've not tried the latter, but I can say that League of Legends is better than D
  14. [colour=#005FFF]That was an extremely interesting read. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I had no idea that the situation in Greece was this desperate; perhaps depraved is a better word for it. If even half of the statements in this article are accurate - and I fully believe that the vast majority are - then I have very little sympathy for the general population of Greece. Elements of the article do paint a less debauched, more fearful side to some of the population. Perhaps there are many within Greece who are dismayed at the need for bribes, at the state of their public services
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