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What do you look like?


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damn you look so.... soo Scandinavian. ;D

If I didn't you'd all be wanting your money back :P I am the resident Northman after all :)

Is that a church in the background in the first picture? Looks nice and big and cool. Are the statues in the wall life sized?

Indeed it is, the picture was taken moments before I burned it to the ground and carried all treasures found inside to my ship. :P Anyway it's the Norte Dame, and yes I believe the statues are lifesized

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I just took both images from a search engine. Not my pictures.

Although I'm sure there is a picture of me near the church somewhere at home.

Didn't quite understand your second line. :) No I'm not the church.

Chuch is neat. They have security that enforce the no flash pictures allowed inside rule.

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I know which one you meant... I just disagree. Emphatically.

He does look like Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom? Which films have you been watching?

A certain film based on a certain J.J.R. Tolkien, with the not-so-famous Peter Jackson as director, maybe? :D

What an insult to Orlando Bloom!

It isn't that bad, but it is him!

you need glasses, or I need a glas filled with any alcoholic you can find and a lot of it, then maybe, just maybe he will look like orlando bloom

He looks like Orlando Bloom as it is, and after eight vodkas - he transforms into Orlando Bloom!

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