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  1. [hide] I ment his facial features. But this is probably just my fantasy though, still it struck me that the crafts smuggler origins were mentioned at least twice. [/hide] Smugglers hadn't been mentioned for a while.
  2. Thanks Andrew. [hide]Near the end of Chapterhouse there are a lot of references to the smugglers craft. The Bene Geserit recognizes it and judges its interior, so do the Honoured Matres. Now this is a very long shot but Gurney Halleck has always been known for his relations to smugglers, and it is probable that the capsule in Scytale's chest also holds the cells from Gurney, and considering all the Duncan Idaho experiments I think that the Tleilaxu have also grown Gurney gholas. The Cyborg's features were never revealed either, kinda suspicious. [/hide]
  3. My favourite metal band : The Kovenant has made a cd with a lot of Dune influences. Some tracks are completely dedicated to Dune, I will list one with the lyrics. This track is called the sulphur feast from the cd Nexus Polaris Thirsting, waiting... I drank a sulphur feast. Then, silently... In an instant. Your flesh become me and I was forlorn. My grave rose to the west... For centuries long forgotten, Relentless as the hungry gates of dawn. And there, amidst the rubble... Of stones and earthly flesh, I laughed and served a sulphur feast. And still it haunts me... Drunk, with power... I strik
  4. Just finished chapterhouse half an hour ago for the first time. [hide]Near the end they send out the smugglers spacecraft and the pilot is a cyborg, the Reverend Mothers were amazed but upon inspection the honoured matres appeared not to be. It is a long shot though, in first instance I would go for the Face Dancer Prodigies.[/hide]
  5. I just finished Chapterhouse, ending my exploration of the Duniverse by Frank Herbert. The series has had my attention for the past 9 months or so, and I have totally immersed myself into these great novels. Insisting upon reading Franks original words by dismissing the translations and going for the difficult original English text. When I was nearing the end, around 50 pages I realised that I was reading the last pages of the Dune epic, and that Frank isn't around to write any new novels. :-X When I read his finale note about his wife's unfortunate death I started crying. I have never had su
  6. Antagonist


    Okay I hardly ever remember a joke, but this one is just bad. I probably only remembered it because of that. What is the difference between a truck loaded with bowling balls, and a truck loaded with black babies. You can't unload the bowling balls with a pitchfork. :-X What do you get when you mix a mexican with a black. A thief that is too lazy to steal.
  7. On second glance the pictures look very informal, looks more like a dress up party. ;D
  8. Interesting pictures. So what is is your rank and position in the army ? Also what 'weapon' are you in (infantry, cavalry, logistics, medics , comm) In my army :) a 2 star luitenant would not have his picture taken while wearing his hat getto style, then again you seem to be having a good time with the ladies. I am a private third class (basic training) and I signed up for a sergeant function at the communications department. OT: Indeed a coincidence that a lot of Dune readers have an interest in the military.
  9. Here is a pic of me. It is a picture from the end exercise of my basic military training, I am the third from the left with the phone in hand. btw: I am not cross eyed :P I was just staring towards the sun 8) [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  10. The console isn't much of a problem. All they can do their is exploit some textures and make smoke textures a bit less irritating, it is not gonna cause aimbots or anything. Once VAC2 (Valve Anti Cheating 2.0) gets released they should ban the serial AND IP of anyong caught cheating, also maybe they should consider some sort of age verification because most of the 12 year olds or younger are 1337 h4x0rz .
  11. ??? what do you mean exactly ?
  12. Well it sure as hell isn't france ;D Yea Holland, right now I am not yet in active duty. I am in training right now, I hope to become a communications specialist. ::) Still will have to wait till I hear what my position will be.
  13. I have a some p3's laying aorund somewhere. Had one with 512 aswell and clocked it 1t 800 mhz, ran Windows XP and BPFTP like a charm. Old Skool computing is neat, but my ultimate Old School Pimpage is my Macintosh SE from 1986, operating system still unopened in box ;D
  14. ::) Ain't no sardaukar yet but I have to start somewhere.
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