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    new games

    One of my friends back home has just got Sins of a Solar Empire, he's raving about it (we're both gal-civ nuts), can't wait for summer break to begin! :D
  2. My turn to post something here, after a long time! Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode Hola! 8)
  3. +1 'Bout 2 odd years since I was active, joined college in the meantime, and been living it up since then. Not been dune'd in a long time, waiting for summer break to give the books+games another go. I'm 'glab' to be back too ;D
  4. I was supporting France in that match, so I ended up kinda happy with the outcome. 8)
  5. 18 in 12th??? :O :O :O We're usually 16/turning 17 here. Anyways, today's my last day here, leaving for national and state level 1st/2nd counsellings for entrance to engineering colleges in the evening, don't know if I'll be back. Dad's likely to get transferred north next summer, so I'm feeling real morose. I've spent the last 5 years here, and have grown up in many ways. Its really hard saying goodbye, since all of us in the class are going to different colleges in and around the country, and we don't know when we'll meet again :'(
  6. We Be Burnin' - Sean Paul :D "Summertime bounce to the music people choose it Sean da P gal a cruise with... well reputed cause. We a the girls them champion, Have nuff a them like the great king Solomon." I wish I could say the same. :-
  7. Temple of the King - Ritchie Blackmore Gunny, my parents were big music fans, and brought me up on a diet of Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Foreigner, Neil Young, CCR, everything. So I'm really fond of '70-'90s music, esp rock, and spend hours listening to it, but a little Sean Da P is always a change. ;)
  8. Yeah, pity Deco didn't play, that would've evened things out. England went out with a real fight, though, and if Rooney'd kept his head, things would've been different. Anyways, 50 minutes to kickoff, its gonna be at 0030 here, but the family'll manage it. Last match we're all watching together, I leave for college counselling tomorrow evening with dad, and after joining up somewhere I'll be back next summer break :'( So, like, France or Brazil? Ribery and Zidane're steadily getting better, but its rather open IMO. Still, I'll be supporting France. You guys?
  9. Enjoyed GalCiv2: Dread Lords at a buddy's house yesterday, an amazing game. I liked GalCivOne too, and I must say, 2 doesn't dissapoint as a successor. Spent almost 6 hours playing it, finally gave up when the planets appeared blurred even on max zoom ;D
  10. JA!! ;D Great, now I've got that stuck in my head >:( Gonna play Sean Paul - Get Busy. A friend who was scandalized when he found out I listen to neither Linkin' Park nor Sean Paul gave me the song yesterday, along with another SP, We Be Burnin' ... .... ...... What language does this guy sing in??? Even the lyrics dont seem to be in english!!!
  11. Looks like a cross between Frankenstein's monster and The Adam's Family's Lurch :D
  12. Sweet! Talk about sore losers. The commentator said Schweinsteiger was involved in the argument, maybe he went running around the argentine camp in the semi-nude waving german flags, who knows... ;D
  13. GERMANY!!!! Woot!!! Atleast I'll sleep well for the next few nights ;D Excellent saves by Lehmann. How'd he dive in the right direction every time??? Luck? Skill? Whatever, as long as they won ;D I was on the phone with the gang right after Lehmann's final save, so I missed the opening salvo of the fight. What was it about? The Argentine's were being sore losers, or was it something someone said?
  14. Yeah? :O Kinda wierd-sounding, don't you think? Wazzit like?
  15. Chill, guys, chill Got my net connection renewed today, it expired just before the last match, that meant two days without both football as well as the pc :'( It was pure agony, I tell you ;D Anyways, half-time score 0-0, both teams playing good football, I really hope it goes Germany's way. Crespo's lurking as usual, I hate that >:( Ciao folks, would've loved to stick around, but sis wants me to get Harry Potter 4 from a pal, and half-time don't last too long :-
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