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What do you look like?


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Look at his left arm, it's Holland, I hope...

Well it sure as hell isn't france  ;D

Yea Holland, right now I am not yet in active duty.

I am in training right now, I hope to become a communications specialist.  ::)

Still will have to wait till I hear what my position will be.

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nice stefan, you know we have some very simular interests that's just creepy, namely, Pabo and acda en de Munnik, swimming ones a week (do that to with a friend of mine)

what kind of work are you looking for? teacher or something else, there are some vacancy's in Zwolle

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Actually swimming is not really frequent anymore, but i will try to keep it up. :) It sort of cut off since an operation on my toenail a few weeks back, which required not to swim and do anything at all.

I am not finished yet with the PABO, at 3/4rd of the study. Zwolle aint nearby since i live in Amsterdam. Atm i am particulary interested in Speciaal Onderwijs. :)

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how about VMBO? I just did 8 weeks of practice there, really cool but hard to get the kids on your side but if you do...

speciaal onderwijs? we got lots of them here,

my brothers works in Alkmaar (but before in Hoofddorp)but lives in Egmond, will be there around the May-vacation will be in Amsterdam for 5 may celebration

(speciaal onderwijs: Kids with spoecial needs, with a disorder or who have learning problems)

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*correction: i live nearby amsterdam.

Anyway, my study does not permit it to get a job yet. I have practice at speciaal onderwijs again, and if i still like it, i will do LIO there if all goes well.

VMBO, yes, i think its pretty tough to do. A fellow-student did that instead of speciaal onderwijs and he had a great time, but that was not that odd, as he got a good feeling with such kids.

Your brothers are teachers? ;)

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