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What do you look like?


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I don't actually have any pictures of me, but this one has me in it:


I'm the one with the shiny golden cord (second from right)...Low brass Co-section leader.  w00t.

Edit: I stand corrected, there is a picture of (almost) me on the intarweb:

[img height=512 width=768]http://delandband.com/Phil.jpg

I'm licking my lips and therfore look retarded.  Oh well.

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Soo, anyone from or near castle kennedy scotland??

Another person added me to msn thinking I was the Andrew Sherry from there.

Will someone please tell them my msn email is the andrew from canada!

All they need to do is add  22  to the end of the email address to get the correct person.

That has got to be the 10th person to do so, although the first to do so in the last 6 months. At least this person was polite that I talked to today.

I would like to know if we are extremely distantly related. Although my relatives came from Ireland (but not really far from castle kennedy).

Their writing etiquette is so different than what I'm used to.

from = fae

Hey urban dictionary even has that word defined.

Scots word meaning "from".

(Similarly "tae" is "to".)

"I'm going fae here tae there."

[ img] [ /img] without the space. copy link location to the file and put between code.

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