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  1. Hello. Is it possible to attach all the maps in a single thread? Instead of a new thread for each map? Even if you had to make a new post for each file addon, I'm not sure how many files you can add to each post, could try as many as you can in single post. Probably just add them all to this thread.
  2. Part 2 is real with some pics of new characters
  3. I approved all your posts. Thanks for the input. Bringing up old threads is frowned upon, but not much action happening in the forum, and it looks like you spent time typing up some thoughtful posts, so I'll allow it
  4. The 2020 link downloaded for me. Maybe you needed to be an approved message to be able to download it?
  5. I'm still around as well. A lot has changed since I joined in 2002 to this forum and the world.
  6. Good job I assume this is the language? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Slavonic
  7. Andrew


    Forums as empty as the Arrakis desert.
  8. I don't think they have done that simulator game yet. Goat simulator, mechanic simulator etc. There's a simulator for everything. MMO = pay monthly fee, or I assume nowadays its battlepass, hats, gambling machines. $44.99 USD for 1000 Solaris (or spice). Limited time only for this hat.
  9. I'll be holding off until fall at least, busy with work and $37 CAD (I rarely spend more than $10 per game) for early access. Also lots of other games to keep me busy. Steam review is currently 84% which is good. I also own NorthGuard and havn't played much of it, but I did enjoy what I played of it. So I should play more of that first as well since it appears to be most similar to Dune game (same developers).
  10. Smugglers! https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1605220/view/3137324424297459624 I think they were sorta in the other games? Or books? I forget been a long time. EDIT: Ah, yes they were in books and stuff. https://dune.fandom.com/wiki/Esmar_Tuek
  11. Reddit saying https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/rcya9h/dune_spice_wars_announcement_trailer/ that it looks similar to NorthGuard game, same devs. I played it some and liked it.
  12. Wow, I would not have expected it to make more than say Arrival (prepandemic box office). Must be the giant cast and director that got people in seats, because I doubt general public care about "Dune". Also, it made more than bladerunner? nice. Maybe they want 2nd greenlit so they can add it to their online streaming library to get people to pay $ each month like netflix. Pay money to create content they own, pays dividends over decade (not having to pay another studio for the rights to it). They greenlit the 2nd movie. I have no idea how, but they did it. EDIT: reddit thread on box office dune. EDIT: how do I turn off these inlined or smart links and just post a link only?
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