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  1. The Old Timers' Notice Board

    It will be very interesting to see how he can make a 2 hour movie of the book. It took the miniseries 5 hours to tell the story decently. Hopefully a game tie in would get this board some activity.
  2. New Dune movie is in development

    Very interesting. Here is reddits comments on it. https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/5reaex/its_official_dune_reboot_with_legendary_pictures/
  3. New Dune movie is in development

    I'm not sure what another Dune film could offer over the movie+miniseries. Jamming the book into 1.5 hours is hard. TV show maybe? 6-12 1 hour episodes per book? I think these deals are more about securing IP, and they may not have to do anything with it.
  4. spicy in star citizen

    Let us know if you run into any sandworms. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27445-sandworm-in-star-citizen/#comment-393366
  5. Sandworm in Star Citizen

    https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/56pni7/star_citizen_sand_worm/ Looks like sandworms will be making an appearance in an upcoming game. Maybe once released we could create a clan dedicated to protecting the worms And trading spice.
  6. http://www.avclub.com/article/kyle-maclachlan-tells-entire-story-dune-single-bri-241302 I havn't watched the film in a long time to compare the icons to the film. But it's probably close
  7. Brexit: the fallout

    I didn't follow the vote much until the day before. So why was there a leave Euro vote anyway? The PM actually wanted a vote for it? Who in their right mind would want such a risky vote, one that did not have some sort of 60%+ win factor (instead of barely passing 53% to cause lots of trouble). Was it the mass immigration problem? If Britain leaves Euro, does that mean immigrants can't go there? The water (Island) will keep them out?
  8. Gog now selling RRT2:Platinum Also RRT3 and Sid Meiers Railroads https://www.gog.com/news/release_railroad_tycoon_bundle https://www.gog.com/game/railroad_tycoon_2 My RRT2:platinum CD is 647mb. Direct x takes up 15 mb, tropico demo is 173mb. GoG download is 537.7mb. So safe to assume all the videos are included (GoG sometimes omits videos in their games to save space...)
  9. Site Updates

    Signing in threw me off. I always signed in using my username. Now it asks for email. I eventually figured out the email I used.
  10. The Old Timers' Notice Board

    Happy belated birthday. This is my 3rd post in 1.5 years :(
  11. Any new Dune content?

    Sadly the only new Dune content has been the yearly book they release. No new games or tv/movies. :(
  12. Rails & Riches

    Hello. Thanks for the info. Keep us updated on what happens :D Hmm, I havn't kept up to date with railroad games, I think I only remember recent ones being simulators (similar to Euro Truck Simulator). But not like RRT2 with economies and stock markets.
  13. i see always

    Probably people who searched for something dune related and then clicked a link that brought them here. Or they have precache enabled and it auto loads pages for them when searching in case they click on the link. Could be bots. Some webcrawlers as well.
  14. voododady

    Voodoo Daddy is moderator of E:BFD board. He hasn't been online since 2012. So I'm guessing real life got in the way.
  15. Mentats of Dune

    I answered No. Because I have no idea what it is. I assume another yearly Dune book by same authors of the other ones. And thus have no interest in it.