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    Infantry Wars.
  2. Version 1.3.1


    Corrino's Revenge by DukeLeto and Frodo. Patch files are only needed if you have an older version.
  3. If you have the CD inserted and still receive this error, make sure you have the right drive letters/directories for the game and your CD drive in your Dune2000\RESOURCE.CFG file.
  4. I'm actually not all that disappointed with the demo. It's true that the contextual interface is a change from classic C&C, but it is useful, and I like being able to purchase upgrades/use special abilities. But I also like being able to macromanage my construction with a sidebar. Neither formula is perfect by itself, but I think EA stumbled on a really good compromise. The way they handled multiple construction facilities is exactly as I'd always thought would be best. And the graphics, when cranked all the way up, are some of the best I've ever seen in an RTS game, especially the heat/smoke effects. And the Tiberium handling returns to the way it was handled in the original Command & Conquer - as an alien crystalline form of flora. It was way to plant-like in Tiberian Sun. And a lot of the things are going back to Tiberian Dawn's way of doing things, I know, but let's face it - C&C was generally better-received than Tiberian Sun. And mechs are an impractical idea for real use, really, so who can fault them for going back to the old Mammoth Tank? Plus it was just so cool. That aside, it's not Supreme Commander, Call of Heroes, or Dawn of War. But it is C&C, for better or for worse.
  5. Corrino's Revenge 2 by TOMORROW!!! Or not. But if anyone who was in the beta however-many-years-ago still has the files or knows where I can get them, I'd be quite thankful.
  6. I occasionally crawl my way up from the dungeon, much to everyone's dismay. I actually re-installed Emperor yesterday on my new rig, to discover it has no widescreen support and that all of that work on CR2 (bonus cookies for you if you have any idea what that is) is long, long gone. But I might come back, so to speak, because it was/is cozy here.
  7. iTunes can do this as well, just set the "Ripping" format to the desired quality of MP3 and import all of your .wma's. They'll automatically be converted to MP3 and stored in a conveniently organized directory structure.
  8. Yes, for nVidia's SLI motherboards, the connector comes with the MB. All you need is two *identical* cards (eg, two eVGA 128MB GeForce 6600GTs) and that connector. The ATi equivalent, Crossfire, requires at least one Crossfire Master card, though the other can merely a be a "Crossfire Ready" card of the same type. There is no physical connector required. The key is that both GPUs must be the same (same clock speeds, same memory amount and bus type, and same architecture).
  9. I have a Motorola v60i and I use Tracfone. Not particularly a fancy phone or a fancy service, but the phone was only $70 and the service only costs me about $90 a year.
  10. Well, I was mistaken in saying I'm not in the market for a new laptop, someone made a good offer for my AVERATEC, and since it fits their needs way better than mine, they're getting it. So I have about $800-$900 to sink into a new laptop. looking at 12"-14" with decent (at least x200M level) graphics, preferably 1GB of RAM, and a fairly powerful CPU. It will be used for Java programming, standard office-style work, and some light gaming (eg UT2004, Generals, maybe CS:Source). I can get a Compaq v2000z for about $850 (thanks to APP discount) with 60GB 5400RPM HD, AMD Turion ML-37 (2.0GHz) 64-bit processor, 1GB of DDR400 RAM, 128MB (32MB dedicated/96MB shared) ATi x200M, wireless a/b/g and bluetooth, 14.0" Brightview WXGA, and 12-cell battery. Not a bad computer, though if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.
  11. Any word on fixing the Opera stylesheet? 'Cause this looks really...bad.
  12. http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/ Oh...my...god...more graphics and CPU power than my Inspiron 9300 in a <6 pound aluminum chassis. *salivates* But I'm not in the market for a new laptop just yet, so I might get a Go7800(GTX if I can afford it) for my 8 pound, plastic (:(), single-core CPU Inspiron 9300.
  13. Hmm, the latest front page news story has some weird boxes in it in opera, which are question marks in Firefox, and...apostrophes in IE. FED2k using IE-specific character encoding? For shame!
  14. I don't actually have any pictures of me, but this one has me in it: I'm the one with the shiny golden cord (second from right)...Low brass Co-section leader. w00t. Edit: I stand corrected, there is a picture of (almost) me on the intarweb: [img height=512 width=768]http://delandband.com/Phil.jpg I'm licking my lips and therfore look retarded. Oh well.
  15. DukeLeto


    Yes Andrew, Linux has a full formatting/partitioning utitlity in the installer. A good distro for a first-time user is either Ubuntu or SUSE, both of which should be faster than Win98, and certainly much, much, much more stable. Ugh, '98. And it should be perfect for her needs as you've stated.
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