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  1. Well. Considering the state of the project now… how do you feel about it? Btw I am looking for someyy playtesters for the upcoming 0.6.0… if you want to help, send me an email to stefan[at]fundynamic.com
  2. It has been a year since I picked up D2TM again! https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/2021/07/09/one-year-of-progress/
  3. air units are glowing pixels on the minimap at the moment. The radar surely needs polish. In fact, with the higher resolution (pixels are smaller) and even bigger maps it gets harder to distinguish stuff. So perhaps use the Dune2K color scheme to improve upon that? Also, I think some kind of "warning" / flashing when your base is under attack would be nice. (kind of like how Emperor does it)
  4. wow such feedback, thanks! I've got to take some time to read all of it in detail. But you're correct in most cases. All playtesting bugs, except: - the select your next conquest screen is more empty due the higher resolution. I tried to center some stuff here and there and not blow up some gfx, but the result looks more 'empty' yes. (if you have any suggestion to improve upon this then I'm all ears) - fire drawn over smoke, yes a known issue (no z-ordering, so you get these errors) - harvesters stuck, yes, no idea why - units not attacking spice bloom is obviously a bug. Weird! But yes , noted in github... - About the smoke: No I improved it. I made a shadow (mirrored the smoke, and made it in an angle) and I made it fade out. Looks kinda neat 😉
  5. I think it would look better to have a different kind of 'fade-in' at the edges. So not fog of war, but a little different. That could work, only requires a few 'tiles' so to speak, and makes the transition smoother. And yes, it has to do with the zooming ability and that maps can be smaller than the resolution (combined really). I've made a github issue for this. Ah yes. I've created a github ticket for that too (will be picked up after 0.6.0 though). there are a few things to untangle here. One is how the enemy AI should react to threats, and another how unit behaviour in general should be (ie also for human players). I've created yet another Github ticket to re-evaluate this and spec further. I do agree the units are dumb at the moment, they just chase and do not care for other threats enough. The AI in general should be more aware that a chase should be given up as well.
  6. Yeah makes sense. I think the solution you describe might work. It won't be trivial to build I think. I haven't thought about it. In theory the credit bar could be made flexible (in width). I believe currently it has 6 digits, so max amount would be 999999 credits. (although it is purely a rendering issue, the real amount of credits you can have is much more. Hmm, I guess it is taste. I quite like the sharp edges at the very boundaries of the map. But, yes, they can be made like FOW; the map has an 'invisible' border so I could render that and draw Fog Of War there probably. Though I am unsure if it will look as nice. Especially since I'm unsure if there are tiles for rendering the corners properly (inwards, instead of outwards). The engine draws the selected structure all the time. You mean you would expect it to be deselected when you are selecting any units? That sounds like a similar issue, yes. It is as you said. I tried to draw a lightning symbol but it sucket to be honest. So I stuck with a P. Perhaps if @nemafakei was still around (not sure?) I would ask him 😉 , as he and others contributed to the current gfx of D2TM. ( @Timenn as well I believe, but also others). I'm unsure how it works right now. I do know any guarded/moving units will retaliate when fired upon. How would you expect it to work? Ie, do you mean the tank should stop chasing my units to my base? Or the tank has to start attacking the enemy turrets perhaps (when attacked, and still chasing the unit?). cool! Always good to read feedback. I'll create GH issues out of them later; as I still had some questions
  7. Ah makes sense, another way to reach/follow me is at Discord (see the website for discord invite). YT has less updates (it takes quite some time to make content)
  8. I noticed this as well. Could perhaps be the zooming feature with 1 pixel offset missing. Thanks. They didn't really change that much but yeah I mix the original Dune 2 explosions with something adding a light effect. Just adding a touch. But then again, it could be improved (ie spawning more particles with debris perhaps?) Yeah that looks ugly, I agree. It is the most easy/straightforward implementation at the moment. Nice catch! Those are debug mode lines yes, but perhaps it could be added as a feature for normal gameplay. Not sure how that would improve things, but visually it could be interesting. Though there are 2 approaches. Currently, the units draw their paths. In C&C RA2 and such you have a direct line to the destination. You're right about the shadows. They are inconsistent and they are wrong even. I want to simulate height by playing with the shadows. But I didn't finish anything there. The frigate has no changed code regarding shadows, so it renders in DEMO 4 mode. But Carry-Alls render differently. I created a ticket to deal with that. Thx for the feedback btw. I try to post some YT videos about in-between versions so people can still see progress. From your response I guess you also saw some YT videos ?
  9. I set up a Discord server for those who would like to follow development there.
  10. Good luck Nahoo! I tried to reach out to the former duneii.com owners, but they do not respond Well, in any case, keep u posted. Thanks for the compliments about D2TM. Slowly, but steadily improving things. Really nice to see it pay off.
  11. I have made a screenrecording of a playtesting session I did. This gives you an impression of what 0.6.0 is going to be - although it is bugged (and in demo mode, so the gameplay is very fast due to 1 second build times). Nevertheless it might be interesting https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/2021/05/01/playtest-session-youtube-video/
  12. Looks very slick Nahoo! Nice! You might want to add a separate heading with Dune remakes/clones? Afaik I didn't see Dune Legacy, Dune Dynasty, OpenDune, etc? Too bad duneii.com got lost.
  13. The first question I have is - how do you run the game? Do you use DOSBox? If so, does this crash your system with any other game? What OS are you using?
  14. Progress has been continued since 0.5.0 , now working on 0.6.0. (still no release date though). Next up: Super Weapons, and more improvements. See github for details.
  15. An ambitious project indeed! I am not sure if the game engine supports higher res images. But then again I am no expert in D2K. How would you go about doing the unit/structures? Are you going to enhance them in a specific way? Or really recreate them? What would be the approach?
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