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  1. See here for the blog post. Which has a changelog. Full change-log can be found here
  2. I don't check this place very often, but it looks like this question is answered at the wiki, see: https://github.com/stefanhendriks/Dune-II---The-Maker/wiki
  3. Hi all, well this thread is surely very old... I haven't forgotten about your efforts; you might have noticed I've been working on D2TM quite steadily for past 1,5 year now. I am now working on a Credits screen and try to mention everyone. If I forget someone, please let me know and I'll update that list of people I have. Keep an eye for the next version (0.7.0) and you'll see what I mean
  4. Thats a shame, does anyone else know? Same goes for @Timenn ?
  5. Also a Fed2K meeting some day? Would be awesome!
  6. why do I notice this thread only now? I was wondering if @nemafakeiis still around? (or how to contact him, @MrFlibble do you know?).
  7. @Fedayginthanks for your response! If you want to support monthly you can do that via Ko-fi (also supports Paypal I think). You have good suggestions, I also saw such suggestions on Discord so they certainly are requested by more people. I think eventually it comes down to making the buttons configurable. Combined with a proper options menu so you can change that easily. Do check the github issues, as I collect *all* these ideas/bugs/features/etc there. Also drop your suggestions at Discord so I don't miss them and they can be discussed further.
  8. This time it only took 9 months 😉 Read all about it here (incl download link). Thanks to all those who supported me and who motivated me to pick this up again!
  9. If you're talking about "has spent 20 years every day on the game up till this point". Absolutely does not apply. We all know that is not true. In fact, I told the dude who interviewed me. Elaborated about other side projects (distractions), basically a 10 year gap (dune2themaker4j happening, etc). But alas it didnt make it in the article. If you just look at the start date and compare that with today. Well you could say it has been going on for 20+ years now. 🤷‍♂️ It feels like a hobby for sure sometimes 😉
  10. I have been interviewed. Although 90% of my answers have not been shown... https://geekculture.co/dune-2-superfan-spends-20-years-remaking-cult-classic-pc-game/ oh well
  11. Version 0.6.0 has been released! Yay! https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/2021/09/11/version-0-6-0-released-🎉/
  12. Yes that is a goal that is in the back of my mind. In fact, thats also a reason why I want it to be able to mod-friendly as well.
  13. stefanhendriks


    I had to hear them and you're right. The MT32 recordings I have sound different.
  14. I have published a 45+ minutes playtest on Youtube with the latest (WIP) version : https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/2021/08/15/playtest-skirmish-ai/
  15. haha, I wouldn't dare to tell you about that. My post was for the generic audience 😉 I guess we have enough info here then.
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