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  1. I'm probably going for the greyed out option. But its fundamentally different from what I had so it will take some time to make it work.
  2. true. I have recently merged some lists, so it reduces the amount of tabs. I am still researching what would fit nicely for upgrading. I didnt really like Dune2k's approach. I think deciding where to put which icon is open for debate (relatively easy to change). The only thing I am not sure of yet is how to deal with upgrades. Ie, some games show the icons you can build, but disabled because you require an upgrade. Sometimes, clicking on that icon will cause the upgrade to be executed. Then again, this is not always the case for non-lineair upgrade paths (cause confusion because of
  3. I'm looking forward to this movie. Didn't like the music in the trailer (even though I like the song from Pink Floyd, it didnt feel right in this trailer for me). Love the design of the sandworm (I also thought I had seen it before, @Caid Ivik found the picture, nice! ), also the scale is way better. All in all, the movie still feels a bit flat, as in the color palette is a bit grayish, but it could be just the style (no deal breaker anyway). Hope the baron Harkonnen is not a lunatic as in the David Lynch movie. I liked the baron in the miniseries better. Sardauker white... som
  4. Working on sidebar: So the idea is to have the minimap at the top right. The building list icons which where at the left are at the top. Considering to merge a few of them into one. Ie, the troopers/units can be merged. (even air?) While playing I thought it would be nice to have shortkeys to access these lists and move around the building list with WSAD perhaps? Oh well. The upgrade button is still at the top left, but perhaps this can be done smarter. Ie its a lot of ground to travel (mouse-wise). Unsure there.
  5. Both zooming and mouse scrolling issues are finished now. Next up is redoing the sidebar.
  6. Most issues have been tackled with zoomed drawing. Works nice now. I also added dragged mouse-scrolling. No picture this time.
  7. I can't predict the future, but I hope the Dune community stays healthy and I hope that the dune2k forums become more popular again. And yes, it will be still online in 2029 😉 Because if for some reason the plug has to be pulled, someone has to call me... so I can prevent that from happening!
  8. Redid logic for drawing with friend of mine. Made some progress, still a lot to do (see GH ticket). But here a screenshot to show how it looks now:
  9. To be honest, unsure. But I believe the prices where based on the original Dune 2. I added a feature request on Github for switching between a Dune 2 and D2TM mode, so I can change the balancing but also keep the dune 2 campaign/feel.
  10. Despite how it looks, yesterday evening I concluded the rendering is wrong. But working on that. When I got something new to show I'll post it here.
  11. I was on a holiday and worked from time to time on a zooming feature. Ie, where you can zoom in/out on the battle field using your scroll wheel. I found it a quite neat feature in C&C Remastered (and in the Golden Path dune remake). I had to dive into real old rendering code, and I really had to restrain myself from rewriting stuff (pitfal!). The result so far is that I can zoom, but rendering is far from perfect. It also is unstable. Hence, see this github ticket: https://github.com/stefanhendriks/Dune-II---The-Maker/issues/65 Screenshots:
  12. I understand. I think the sidebar could need a overhaul anyway, looking at more modern RTS's.
  13. I'm unsure when to offer that feature. Like, should this be just a setting? Or based on a certain resolution? Doubling would make it double pixelated (so less sharp).
  14. Lets just say you made a fair point and I gave it some thought. About playtesting, thx. I'm not sure yet how often I'd release a version or how to go about playtesting in general. But if there is a version, I'd report back here.
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