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  1. I'm unsure when to offer that feature. Like, should this be just a setting? Or based on a certain resolution? Doubling would make it double pixelated (so less sharp).
  2. Lets just say you made a fair point and I gave it some thought. About playtesting, thx. I'm not sure yet how often I'd release a version or how to go about playtesting in general. But if there is a version, I'd report back here.
  3. I guess this is the more appropriate place to report a bit of progress. Long story short, revamping the original C++ project, finishing it has priority. Made a bit of progress: and: See also github: https://github.com/stefanhendriks/Dune-II---The-Maker/issues/59
  4. I worked on some issues, mostly getting things back to a stable state. So now the game runs on multiple resolutions (as where the unstable WIPS, but now it is stable πŸ˜‰ ). Also, the Skirmish menu is flexible. Here some screenshots of the C++ project: And skirmish menu:
  5. no probs, I should have visited sooner (and paid more attention to this...). Whenever it is available it might be interesting... if you happen to notice plz let me know (you can e-mail me at stefan[at]fundynamic[dot]com)
  6. I'm doing fine, thanks! How are you? Perhaps take this to something like Skype/etc? (or email, stefan [at] fundynamic [dot] com still works πŸ˜‰ )
  7. @Nahoo too bad I only read this now πŸ˜• I would have been interested. When going to duneii.com now it shows..well I don't even know what I am looking at
  8. You’re right. Thats why I wont announce anything until there is some result to show. and announcing is perhaps even a bit too much. Just a notitification of a new release should do (at the beginning atleast)
  9. In terms of completion you're correct. The Allegro version is by far the most feature complete. (Although you could argue the version I had on my arrakis (download) page also is quite far.) But you have caught my attention... In fact, it is a sad track record to see so many rewrites and none of them completed. I counted them today and I came up with a total of 6. Although back in the day it made sense, (much free time, and learning new things) nowadays I would never consider to rewrite. Heck, even in my professional career as Software Engineer I advice mostly against rewrites... That being said, I spent some time today to go through the source code and found WIP 337 (which is further than DEMO 4.0 I believe) and got it compiling on my machine. I have made sure the master branch on Github points to the WIP 337 version now. So basically there will be 2 repos then, the Allegro one and the Java one. Its nice to have it back to a state where you can play/do stuff and improve from there. The big overhaul (refactoring) i started on those WIP versions where too much. (a lesson I already learned, but d2tm tends to stay behind several years). It would be nice to deliver a completed version at some point, although I am not sure how many people would play it anyway. (also considering the many other clones out there), but who knows. I mostly do this for fun anyway. Regardless, it is nice of you to remind me and care for its progress. Its motivating, even if the message might be a bit hard to hear (though you're right).
  10. I understand how you feel. In fact I tried this a few times (working on the Allegro version). However, I found it in such a state that I had to revert quite a bit of commits to get to a working DEMO 4.5 state. The Java attempt is taking much longer, yes, and its hard to build such a game with the time constraints given. Then again, I haven't given up yet. (although development pace is a crawl). The demo looks a lot more complete, which is true. Most noticeably it misses the options menu.
  11. Sounds awesome to me. I also have Ignite and such a keyboard. The only thing I made was a short remake of the Dune 2 intro (I believe it is linked somewhere on this forum). The downside is that Ignite does not allow to change tempo during the song. Nevertheless it is cool to create music with that, it is pretty intuitive.
  12. funny that I read it now 7 years later. I just recently figured this out myself But awesome that it works, I thought it had to do with EMS support (or lack of somehow).
  13. Worked on the sidebar a bit: http://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/ What do you think?
  14. Little update. I am in the middle of moving over (to a new home). So I have been surrounded by a lot of stuff in the past few months (a few months to go). I made a prototype for Indienamic - which used the d2tm engine and some other hacked stuff. After some reflection I found I didn't have that much fun with it as just working on the Dune game. So I decided to just focus my time on that (and not both, as I have to merge features in both engines). Recently I worked on a feature to show tooltips in the sidebar. More to do, more to come.
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