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  1. I moved it into public because I felt it became more 'mature' relatively speaking, and also it is a motivator to keep going. About progress. I have been sick for a while (still not entirely better). Also we have a bunch of holidays - so I did only a few maintenance things like keeping dependencies up to date. The state machine has been untouched since last post. I do sketch some ideas (on paper) how to deal with "Harvester returning to refinery and dumping spice", but its not in code (and thus not seen). Thx for asking though!
  2. Don't feel guilty. I think the C++/SFML thing was a little bit too much to learn next to my full-time job and such. Doing Java (and perhaps Kotlin soon) is way closer to my comfort zone (as in I can be very productive in a short time). The C++ project really looked nice, its pretty well documentend and I think anyone can just pick it up and work on it. Too bad it is in a too early state. But who knows, Java is easy to learn (relatively) and you can get up to speed very fast with how I set up the project. Literally you just need Java and Maven and you're set.
  3. To answer that, look at this file: TLDR: It is just random. Prefering 'thicker' spice would make sense, which would basically mean I need to order the list of candidates and such and perhaps pick randomly one of those. Even better would be to prefer those who are easily reachable, ie, the unit does not need to turn around and such to optimize its harvesting.
  4. @X3M, does not sound hard to do (make harvester move to refinery although it is already occupied by harvester). Makes sense too. I am working on the harvesting logic and finally introduced a State Machine. This means refactoring some stuff, but that goes along pretty well since the code is not that complicated (and I have been working on it regularly so my mental model of it is sharp enough). Anyway, here is work in progress in an animated gif
  5. Hi, Just to make clear, I did not do anything balance wise yet. So do not take the costs/building speeds etc too literally That said, for demo purposes I reduce the build speeds because else you might wait a bit. If you are curious, look at the INI file and see the buildTime property (these are in seconds). There is no silo/storage feature yet. (thx for reminding, just created the issue at github). Also the rendering of prices is very blunt (like you said, it is on the pictures, which is ugly). I want to improve the sidebar logic further (created another issue for that). Perhaps you have some ideas about economy related things? Let me know, it is my focus for Alpha #4!
  6. Started on Alpha #4 and also merged a new feature. Concept of money!
  7. Today is a good day. I released Alpha #3! I also announced D2TM 4J on the website. If you want to see a bit in action (you can download it as well though): Here is a link to the video at youtube Alpha #3 release announcement at website
  8. And its reaching a conclusion code-wise. So I put a video up! ->
  9. Progress on building units and spawning them goes well. See: for more information, especially the screenshot:
  10. I'll reply more in-depth tomorrow. Just want to let you know I reached a little milestone again - I finished up the primitive building of stuff. As a ritual: it gets merged in Github and I make a little demo @ youtube: Oh, and I was actually pretty proud on a unit test I could write:
  11. What I remember from D2k is that troopers could get on 'rocky' terrain that tanks could not pass, from there you could have basically 5 troopers gunning down tanks pretty quick. In dune 2 though the troopers where useless. For fun I tried to win only with troopers, but it seemed like impossible. Very slow movement and rocket turrets will kill them too fast. And damage dealt by troopers is way too weak. Taking over structures was a neat idea, I still like that. I don't like this 'engineer' unit that is in other Westwood games - as if one person could just take a whole building. From a game mechanic it is cool though. I always got a bit nervous when an engineer got into my base. Then again, I think if you could achieve the same with all infantry units... that would make you want to defend against infantry way more. C&C/Dune 2 always was being praised about the Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanism. But I don't feel its like that at all. There are just a bunch of Rocks (Siege tanks/Devastator) that obliterate the others. What would be a good balance then? To me, infantry would be one of the sides. Infantry -> Tanks -> Light units -> Infantry ? something like that?
  12. oh wow, I totally forgot I already got those parts implemented as well... I like how C&C handles infantry. With Dune 2 the 1 or 3 soldiers (infantry) are fixed units, as in the sprites basically have 3 soldiers or 1. I like the C&C approach better, but it is a bit more complicated regarding occupation of cells/tiles. Balance wise, I think infantry should play a more prominent role. I find in Dune 2 that infantry is useless very soon. In dune 2000 the rocket infantry was actually very good against tanks and such. I liked that quite a bit. So when I will build my own 'infantry' thing, I will probably make them stronger and also try to make them more versatile.
  13. which video do you mean? I can't remember having implemented infantry yet. (I do have trikes, quads and combat tanks). I tend to make it into my own vision. There are already enough 'loyal' dune 2 clones :-)
  14. small step forward again: it is now only possible to build stuff from the CONSTYARD (hard-coded for now) + it takes actually time to build things:
  15. haha indeed. Those are very nice. Well, I'll play around with this. Let you know when something new is happening