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  1. Progress has been continued since 0.5.0 , now working on 0.6.0. (still no release date though). Next up: Super Weapons, and more improvements. See github for details.
  2. An ambitious project indeed! I am not sure if the game engine supports higher res images. But then again I am no expert in D2K. How would you go about doing the unit/structures? Are you going to enhance them in a specific way? Or really recreate them? What would be the approach?
  3. Not sure what you mean? You can reach https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/ and get the latest release from https://github.com/stefanhendriks/Dune-II---The-Maker/releases The latest release is 0.5.0 Do note, this "D2TM Progress" thread is also about features in between, so not all features are available. Ie, the 4 slab feature will be in another version (probably 0.6.0)
  4. Added ability to queue 4 items at a time (ie handy for slabs). Also fixed some graphical stuff, will blog about that later.
  5. thanks! I believe these maps are already included; and I usually test with such maps since the AI has enough space to build a base.
  6. @Rippsblack I know this is a very very very old forum thread, though I did include skirmish maps in 0.5.0 now ( I believe most , if not all are from @Rippsblack)although if @X3M also has some maps I would gladly add them to the new release.
  7. Nice article. And awesome fan made art as well. Too bad they did not refer to any of the Dune clones (to relive the 'old' times) - oh well
  8. Hi Kumul, Thanks! Yes I am happy to work on it as well. Multipayer is no easy feat, but it surely is on my wish list! Can't wait for the Dune (202x) movie!
  9. In fact, I just released it, see
  10. After a long, long time (10+ years!!) after DEMO 4, a new version has been released. Read all about it here (incl download link). Thanks to all those who supported me and who motivated me to pick this up again.
  11. A new version is coming; this year. More news soon.
  12. Worked quite a bit on the sidebar, design and interaction wise. Sneak peek:
  13. Switched hosts and installed new website. The binaries are still there (demo's). I'll put up the 'add-ons' together with the new binaries. Since size does not really matter these days anyway. Benefit of having switched hosts is that the site is now always running under https, the previous hosting party was ... not that good... 😉 url: https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/
  14. I decided to do the C&C 3 way, ie Upgrades in a separate tab/list. Still ways to go; but the upgrades are working. They are also more configurable, so less hard-coding and possibly to move them into a `game.ini` file. Do note, the 'upgrade' list is (for now) at the most right, which has the Const yard hook icon. C&C 3 has it at the left. Also, when clicking on such an icon the map might move around (bug). Also the minimap is broken, so still lots to do before it is considered complete. I have an animated gif this time, hope it works:
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