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  1. Sounds awesome to me. I also have Ignite and such a keyboard. The only thing I made was a short remake of the Dune 2 intro (I believe it is linked somewhere on this forum). The downside is that Ignite does not allow to change tempo during the song. Nevertheless it is cool to create music with that, it is pretty intuitive.
  2. funny that I read it now 7 years later. I just recently figured this out myself But awesome that it works, I thought it had to do with EMS support (or lack of somehow).
  3. Worked on the sidebar a bit: http://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/ What do you think?
  4. Little update. I am in the middle of moving over (to a new home). So I have been surrounded by a lot of stuff in the past few months (a few months to go). I made a prototype for Indienamic - which used the d2tm engine and some other hacked stuff. After some reflection I found I didn't have that much fun with it as just working on the Dune game. So I decided to just focus my time on that (and not both, as I have to merge features in both engines). Recently I worked on a feature to show tooltips in the sidebar. More to do, more to come.
  5. A heads up from here. Lots of things happened: - I bootstrapped an Indie Game Development company: Indienamic - I've finished up Harvesting, added Power Resource and Minimap into the game. (latest feature was built by a friend of mine, during a week of focus I've called the Incubator Week). I'll post about progress on Indienamic, but in case someone goes to the dune2themaker4j website I'll post a heads up there as well
  6. Thanks all, the funny thing, in practice (today) i still work on the dune2themaker4j repo. Probably will do that for the first months, so when my first version is ready. Probably d2tm is also a lot more complete! 2 birds with one stone ;-)
  7. General notice, in case you have missed it. I have publicly announced I am working on my own RTS, starting this week for real. This means, I have reversed the order of things. I continue building on dune2themaker4j (the engine), but I will focus on making my own commercial game. However, I do use dune 2 as a means (a template/graphics stub, etc). So expect, especially in the beginning, to see a lot of 'dune 2' progress. I have sat down with my family and acquired some time for my own to chase my dream of writing my own games and try to make a living out of it. My most recent blog post talks about how I intent to make a minimum playable game, and how I think it will be feasible to get it done around november. I will communicate about its progress pro-actively, with a minimum of 1 blog per 2 weeks about its progress. I also share all struggles I encounter, from graphics, sounds, marketing, publishing, etc. If you want to support me during this, you can do that via various ways. From talking to your friends about this, liking stuff, etc. You can also support me on Patreon. If you have any questions, just reply to this thread, or on patreon, or twitter, or anything else you can reach out to me!
  8. To be honest, I haven't given that subject much thought. Most ideas still center around base building, economics and politics. I like simplicity for combat mechanics, but that is also because I don't want the game to be micro heavy.
  9. awesome. Yeah the new version should be capable of high resolutions. I tried it for fun on a 4K monitor, looked very tiny haha. To cope with that I want to have zooming (like you have with The Golden Path).
  10. Update: I have worked on harvesting logic. Its starting to look like something now. Still very crude though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2RYnTNRllg&feature=youtu.be
  11. Yes there are various possibilities. For me, I just wanted to make some music now
  12. I may be very late to this party, but... I listen to Dune2k music quite a lot. However, I got those from the original Dune2k audio files and I believe they where all mono and compressed. However, I found this on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv9SI8IEqNc it is from the Playstation version and as far as I can tell these are higher quality (stereo) files. Can someone verify? And if it is correct, does someone have/know to find these higher quality music files?
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