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  1. thomas

    California Fires

    I go to school in san diego (UCSD actually), and the fires didn't really affect us, 'cept that the air quality was crap, and the campus was closed for a week btw, it's good to be back :-)
  2. no, he used to play pro soccer until he screwed up his ankle.
  3. my spanish teacher was in fifa 95, no joke.
  4. In the US, our basketball teams are 80-90% black, but less than 1% of all players in the NBA aren't american. You don't need to be of a certain ethnicity to be a citizen of a country. And what Materazzi got was well deserved, Zidane didn't shame himself.
  5. BLue submarine 6 hellsing record of loddess war patlabor gundam 0083: stardust memory (this is one is really good, 13 ep. series) anything by miyazaki
  6. well, of the films I've seen thin theaters this year, it tops them all. Then again, I've only seen maybe 5-6
  7. glad to see a metal band win (are they really metal? I've never heard any of their music). I do wish Sweden had entered a metal band like In Flames or Arch Enemy (though, angela gossow is german).
  8. illegal immigrants don't put that much of a strain on the US. I line in freaking LA, I'm a minority (well caucasion, but that's minority status in LA). From what I've seen, teh strain on schools is from the budget cuts made to education, and the rise in prices is from people migrating from the midwest/east coast to california. mexico is a horrible place to live, the none tourist cities are really, really bad and the government is pretty damn corrupt too. I'll post statistics later, but no job I would want to do is "stolen" by illegal immigrants. Infact, all of the jobs that are being stolen are by people who came here legally on tempory work permits known as H-1Bs and H-2Bs. Oh, and watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhEl6HdfqWM
  9. Lucky number Sleven: outstanding, I loved this movie. It's by far the best I've seen this year, and the writing/dialogue is especially good.
  10. my synopsis of F.E.A.R. (on interval 7 now): excellent graphics, excellent and innovative gameplay (takes bullet time to a new level), and excellent story line. *SPOILERS if you haven't seen the intro, haha* the "guy that eats people" is paxton fettel, he does this to gain their memories, NOT to sustain his ability to control the clones. The little girl is not the ghost of the people he eats, she's a completely different character, and her name is Alma. Alma is what freed paxton fettel, and yes, fettel does have control over a clone army. *SPOILERS if you haven't gotten past level 2* Also, there's a really good reason for sending you, a new recruit, to kill fettel, and they DO send other troops, they just tend to be killed off very quickly (ie. teh delta team in the first level). *ULTIMATE SPOILERS* seriously, don't read unless you've beaten the game or are too scared to finish it. [hide]you and fettel are the children of the little girl, alma. However, you were a failure in the project because you didn't possess paxton's psychic abilities, which is what the head of the project wanted. However, you have the ability to block out Alma, and effectively make yourself invisible to her, which is why she can't control you and scour your mind like she has done to fettel. You also have super good reflexes, which is another reason why they sent you[/hide]
  11. thomas

    The Easter Thread

    gonna spend the night at my ex-girlfriend's/best friend's house, proabably gonna watch a few chick flicks, nothing special.
  12. thomas


    18 this june :-
  13. I did, read my post! I mentioned the "gob getting married" one!!!
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