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  1. The life under lockdown is getting very tedious. Have been working from home for about a month now. Maybe time to finally watch the Dune Messiah miniseries.
  2. Only one kid here! (hello to all BTW!)
  3. Jason Momoa has just signed up too! Josh Brolin and Rebecca Ferguson already on board.
  4. I'm hoping it will be a lot more than just a remake. Will be the first PC game I've bought in years, that's for sure.
  5. Just catching up on old topics. Most surveys I've seen showed that immigration wasn't the overriding concern of people voting to leave - certainly wasn't a factor in my vote to leave. For me it came down to the fact that the EU is beyond any meaningful reform because there is so much self-interest within the EU bureaucracy to maintain the status quo. Whilst an ever closer union may be preferable and desirable for some countries, it won't work for all 28 which is what we've seen over the last few years, leading to huge levels of unemployment in certain €Z countries. If you think we're making a mess of Brexit, just watch what happens when they try to plug the gap of our contributions. EU is heading for a massive fall unless it can start reforming and allow countries like UK (amongst others) to have looser relationships with it rather than force everyone down the same path. In essence, I support free trade and open borders, not endless bureaucracy, harmonised taxation, and a unified military. Oh and Dante, John Cleese voted for Brexit I believe 😉
  6. On the basis that he is recreating the original novel (I've not seen anything different?), who would be your actors? Is it wrong that I think Kyle Maclachan could play Leto? Jared Leto as Feyd Rautha? Tom Hardy as Duncan Idaho? Idris Elba as Gurney Halleck?
  7. Maybe this site will have a renaissance with a new movie on the horizon. I'm trying to pop in at least once a year!
  8. Apparently I didn't log in last year...shocking!
  9. That's not saying much though, given the inactivity throughout the forum.
  10. Yes it does, but I don't think there is enough activity to warrant making changes,
  11. I take it you are the same Spicy who was banned back in the day? From Egypt I believe? I haven't seen many of the old Emperor players around these days.
  12. Dunenewt

    A new Dune game

    You say its easy to make, but who actually knows how to make it? This kind of game has been proposed many times in the past (most notably Dune Generations) but no-one has ever actually made one.
  13. Here's an update of who is going where: http://europedecides.eu/2014/06/whos-going-where-tracking-the-musical-chairs-in-the-european-parliament/ It will be interesting to see if Beppe Grillo's M5S joins EFD. Would certainly make the group seem more moderate. ECR is an odd incoherent bunch - some of their MEPs are libertarians/classical liberals such as Dan Hannan, others are right-wing populists like the Danish People's Party, whilst the Finns Party is almost left-wing in many of its beliefs. ECR has just become a vehicle for the Tories to try to deny as much power/funding to UKIP as possible. I am surprised that Germany's Free Voters have joined the liberals.
  14. Not sure when I'll be available to play online, but should be soon. Where are you living these days?
  15. Did anyone actually buy this?
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