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  1. I've heard Navajo Nation is pretty badly hit. I was in Kayenta for a day last year on a trip to Monument Valley, such a beautiful part of the world.
  2. That's interesting, because there's definitely been a rise in antisemitism here in the UK but that's come from the far-Left, which until recently had control over the main opposition party here - the Labour Party. They're actually under investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission here in the UK over their antisemitism, and some of the initial findings are quite grim. Incidentally, the only other UK party to be investigated by them was the national socialist BNP - some of their elected local government officials have actually joined the Labour Party. Definitely agree about the rise in partisanship - it is getting ridiculous, even over the most trivial matters. I do find it weird in a way because I've always been surrounded by friends with diverse political opinions, and always got on with each other, primarily on the basis that we all ultimately want the same things, we just have different views on how to get there. These days however there seem to be so many people who just refuse to even be civil to people with different viewpoints.
  3. I've barely done any gaming recently, last game I really played was the latest Wolfenstein game. Tempted to get Doom Eternal, and if I get a new laptop will probably get either Football Manager or Hearts of Iron...either one of those will undoubtedly take up far too much of my time!
  4. Welcome back, the name definitely rings a bell. Quite a few old posters have been checking in recently - must be all that extra time on our hands at the moment.
  5. I joined in 2001 so not too many before me! Just had a quick look through some of the posts on ones I didn't recognise and one was a name change, the others were just obviously not as memorable as Edric and the rest! Looking back through my old posts, I realise that I never actually completed any of my Emperor mods...sloppy! Not sure if you saw my post in the Frank Herbert's Dune sub-forum, but it appears that someone leaked that finished but unreleased GBA game in the end!
  6. Last series I watched to completion was Power on Netflix, which ended earlier this year. I'm now trying to finish Breaking Bad after taking a break from it after an Arizona Uber driver gave the ending away, One series of that left now, then moving on to Better Call Saul.
  7. I'm glad so many of the top posters have checked in now and again - although I have to be honest, there's a fair few names on that list I don't recognise (assuming some of them have changed names). I know that most of those posters were driven here primarily by the Dune games, but hopefully all the news about a new Dune movie will get some of them back here,
  8. I have a feeling that Dune will take off in a big way after the first new movie is released... and we can say we were there first. I do hope we can breathe some new life into this forum. Was hoping @Edric O would start logging in daily 😉
  9. Bump... So it turns out the game really was pretty much finished - and the ROM was leaked. If anyone has a GBA emulator (used to have one on my old phone), then you can now download and play the game.
  10. What part isn't working? Are they not showing up in the sidebar? Might be easier to post the relevant ArtIni/Rules entries?
  11. I take it that the old galleries we used to choose our profile pictures are no longer in existence? I have a feeling the site might start to get a bit busier this year in the run up to the new film.
  12. Have you tried looking back through old mods? I know at least one of them solved this problem.
  13. I've been working from home for a month now. Although I definitely miss the office atmosphere, I have enjoyed zero commuting, and having a lot more flexibility with my working hours. Trying to look for the positives!
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