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  1. Atreides APC + engineers > ? ? ? > Profit
  2. Can anyone help me with an email address, i need to talk to RA (about the emp server).
  3. Atreides ... the good guys ::) honorable,noble and all that other stuff :)
  4. i did get a feeling to play a few, but i have lost my disks. Maybe if i find somewhere to download emp ill play once in a while.
  5. Well im more of Buddist then if anything. We all have certain interests and hobbies, one of mine is to read about "God" , the universe, how we became to be ... etc. In the end, everyone will just accquire information and will choose what parts they find best for them to belive and base theyre views upon it. My view on how Christians define the World and "God" ...is rather unhealty . In the modern World ... the way people come up with such redicolous theories to support theyre world view (example Creationism). Its like people are putting together a Puzzle of many little pieces and some people force a wrong piece where it clearly shouldnt be, yet they say "It Fits" . The strict following of the Bible ... The Bible is just a book, one of wich origin i highly doubt is what Christians belive it to be. IMO "Bible" was originally a good story book with maybe some good philosophical ideas about our life, BUT through the ages its been interpretated by sooooo many various people that its originally message was long lost. Same about Jesus Christ, i belive such man walked this Earth, but rather he was a great scholar, an enlightened person, whos existance has been misinterpretated over the ages to our Savior and all that comes with it. But hey Guns ! :) I never ment to attack anyone with what ive said and i like you nonetheless of youre religious beliefs and views. Youre a good guy and i respect you :)
  6. First, i am more of a spiritual kind and not a religious person Second, i do belive in "God" , but what one means by God ... varies alot, what i think about God is very different from what a religious christian means by God Gods Moral Authority ... In my opinion, the christians have misunderstood what "God" is and my biggest beef is that they belive there is this allpowerful being who created all this , who is morally PERFECT !!!! And , get this now, he made it so that humans (made in the image of HIM ) are this bad grooked bunch and need to redeem themselves so they could be with him otherwise they are punished in hell of eternal suffering ........ i mean thats just LOL , seriously the Alpha and the Omega , the Origin of everything, the MORAL PERFECTNESS .... acts like a bully who had a tough childhood and is having hes vengenace upon us ???? Think about it for a second and realize, just how redicolous it sounds ... People .... Make Love - not War
  7. Harkonnen Inkvines are the only real annoyance to a Mino March, well it wasnt really in the old days when it wasnt taboo to use Guild. I had SardGuild as subhouses and NIAB's mowed all the Inkvines down with ezzz, but if you play without Guild and youre Ally isnt ordos to give you a Fac for lazertanks you can get annoyed by the Inkvines.
  8. Elsi, i agree with DelugeD here. Emp, or any other game for that matter is nothing compared to youre life. A wife or a woman is >>>>> any game . You have to let go of it and play every now and then when u get a chance not the other way around, that you live youre life every now and then. Im sure you can get new Emp fom ebay or download it from net, but think, you have to manage youre time and most importantly to live youre life. Now if you did not like the girl and delibarately wanted to get rid of her, then i guess it worked (but if she was about to be youre wife then things couldnt have gotten that far without realizeing if youd want her to be youre wife) After its all said and done, i hope everything works out for you Elsi !!
  9. Yep, still have it somewhere. A brownish colored shirt with a Emperor logo infront and Fremen Sniper on the back :)
  10. I have the OST, i won it back in the starting of emperor where there was Devs vs The PLayers evenings. However i dont think im gonna bother uploading it :( I hope someone else will though
  11. Hey guys! So im planing on buying new computer (well parts and then construct the thingy) and i wanted to ask about videocards. Well im definately going for ATI, and right now i think ill get X850XT, by the time i start buying the parts (DecembreJanuary) they are pretty low prices by then. But ive heard some "Crossfire" Thingy and Special Motherboards for it. Now as i understand the Crossfire is with 2 VideoCards, im not gonna buy 2 videocards. So i wanted to ask if i need to get a "Special" motherboard for the X850XT ? or can i just buy a regular one with a PCI-E slot and all is good ?
  12. Atreides are the Powerhouse. Sure, they require a different gameplay as opposed to Ordos or Harkonnen, but they are not weak by any means. Atreides are more defencive, atleast at start, but every minute the game lasts longer the scales start to tilt towards Atreides player, until u are faceing a heavy Mino March with a crapload of Support with them.
  13. Harkdawg

    Vanguard: SoH

    Well, you are in US and im in EU, dunno if we can play on same server
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