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What do you look like?

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No, my foot was firmly planted on what I thought was pavement (it wasn't sliding or anything). So I proceeded to get out and once my weight shifted my foot slipped as it was on ice. And yes I was drunk. :(

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Well I am homo sapien, not really happy right now, and I don't smoke. So you got 2/3 wrong.

Way to try and send a thread to the dungeon. (I hope not)

I didn't mean homosexual by "gay". I meant happy. :D Homosapiens are happy when they have cigarettes!
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Oh people, it's not necessary to throw this thread into dungeon. It's good to stop while nothing serious has been done....

And all you people can't look like O RLY owls.

...The following picture isn't exactly me, but my girlfriend.


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