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  1. My friend, I took Greeks as an example with no special reason, I'm sorry if you were offended in any way by that.
  2. Nope. Like Germany,France, Thailand, China, Morocco(I can go on but I'm not sure I remember most of the countries in the world). The only difference is that we are dealing with Israel. That's the way our world works, if you want to change it go ahead...
  3. No problem, but this is the way the world works. That's my point, Israel isn't perfect but don't blame it for all the problems in the world, we have been balmed for too many during History.
  4. No country is on the bridge of losing its identity, when someday let's say 100 million Italians would like to immigrate to Thailand I can assure you that almost all Thai including the government would strongly resist. As I said before it's easy to criticize someone else when you are not in his position. I repeat, I didn't say that we need to take some ethnic acts to preserve anything but also we don't need to take ethnic acts to do the opposite. No one is banishing anybody or such, there is a legal immigration to Israel not only for Jews like everywhere else in the world. Israel is a secular state with equal rights for all. It's exactly the same in every country, if you have a problem with self definition then maybe you're right but you need to change the world, not Israel. The parties you mentioned are against immigrants, even legal immigrants because they are of different nationality, it's absolutely different. If Israel will lose it Jewish majority because Israeli Arabs will have more babies or because of legal immigration then there is nothing wrong with that. Accepting millions of Palestinians or Greeks or whatsoever in one day is madness.
  5. You are criticizing Israel for wanting to maintain its ethnical majority? Name one country that doesn
  6. I think it's an utopian idea, the whole point of this conflict is that Israelis want to live in Israel and Palestinians want to live in Palestine, it's not about life quality. Besides, call me racist but I don't support the idea that the only jewish state in the world will lose it jewish majority.
  7. And if this woman wasn't your wife but the robber is about to shoot your wife standing near him and many more wives, fathers and children? You see not every situation has a solution in which both sides win but it's very convenient to critisize someone else behind a keyboard.
  8. We can't retreat from missiles, can't we?
  9. Yes, but then again that is not what I said. This particular robber is firing on everybody - on the police and the people around RIGHT NOW.
  10. That was not what I said, I gave you a certain situation. So basically you say let the robber kill 100 policemen just don't let the woman die, great logic man.
  11. If a robber holds a woman and shoots towards a policeman. The policemen should die or shoot back(trying not to kill the woman of course)?
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