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  1. Oh my god. You guys are still around! :O
  2. gunner154


    We need a token of your trust, so that we can be sure of you not lying. On a more serious note, congrats!
  3. The new forum layout causes a lot of lag for me. I guess it's IE7 though.
  4. Alien Swarm is now out. Free game by Valve (based on the UT2k mod). http://store.steampowered.com/app/630/
  5. This. I think I can safely say I win this thread.
  6. gunner154

    Starcraft 2

    I've never particularly cared about Starcraft 2 but this read is just... hilarious. GG SC2
  7. Happy birthday ex. For how long have you been an ex-Atreides, might I ask? ;D
  8. LOL?I've just finished my first year in university... and the next semester is starting in August. Meanwhile, yeehaw!
  9. For the record, Firestorm Over Kronus, a Dawn of War modification for Dark Crusade (not Soulstorm, yet), is currently at version 3.5. Version 3.6 will be out soon with improved AI, bugfixes and more updated models. It features extra units from the various tabletop codices, and is balanced according to tabletop. Visuals are also greatly improved overall as newer, high-quality (and accurate) models are made by the team for the game.
  10. I'm pretty sure Fallout is a video game, not music ;)
  11. He could be using reverse-reverse psychology, so the joke could be that it is really a joke when he said it was not a joke when everyone thought it to be a joke... Never mind me ;D Congratulations Edric O 8)
  12. Complete with the picture of Feyd (the one with the purple shirt with orange hair?) from the first Dune game...
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