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  1. Hi Ex, long time no see. (think this is also my post after a very long time)
  2. Still someone around that remembers it I see.
  3. Again, nice to see you here to #6. :-) And Edric O, we can always tie him up so can't leave this place so easily this time ;-)
  4. You've seen the new movie, meaning there is a previous version of it? Anyway...besides the obvious differences between a written story and a screenplay I found the film surprisingly entertaining. Al lot of stuff for thought, although I doubt that 114 minutes opened a lot of peoples eyes for those thoughts.
  5. I'm online even more then ever. Both for fun and business. And where, basically everywhere.
  6. The Verge has an article about artwork from Dune by John Schoenherr. You can read it here and the original source link holding nine more works can be found here.
  7. gryphon

    Making of Dune II

    Thanks, it did sound familiar. :-) The old link isn't working anymore. So unless like me you have the magazine in print the new link might come in handy,,,
  8. EDGE Online has a small article about the making of Dune II. For those of you interested in the article you can read it at the link below. http://www.edge-online.com/features/the-making-of-dune-ii/
  9. gryphon

    Happy 2013

    Depending on your region it's to late / early / right on.... For me just over 2 hours until the new year. Due to heavy winds and rain it's not yet sure if we'll have any fireworks over here. For now Happy New Year everyone. :)
  10. You still don't know about the goldfish?
  11. Can you look at, and write down the error code you get while booting Windows normally?
  12. I noticed today that we can still by HP spare-parts for the regular prices. OEM's get first pick in times like these so they probably will have a steady supply and reasonable pricing for a few more months.
  13. Business can be war to. :-) I am going to deploy them in our main office and warehouse. They will be primarily used for our logistic process (unloading and loading trucks, preparing shippings and packages to customers directly). These AP's have to support that even with 2/3 of them disabled. Besides that. I am a network guy and just loved this excuse to buy them. :-) Just waiting on the WLAN controller so I can put them in use. Should be arriving by the end of this week.
  14. Bought a nice little access point. Apparently the UN has held an deployment test recently where the same models have been used to test the emergency roll-out of communication networks in hostile environments. The additional antenna's and WLAN controller will arrive next week. edit: One airport fitted with the additional antenna's. 3 for 2.4GHz en 3 for 5GHz. The delivery date for the controller has been set back to the first week of September. Next to that a nice little stylus for my iPad.
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