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  1. hello all, it has been a long tije, anyone, remember me, was not that active. like the ranks below the names! groeten
  2. I do not think they would do that if that was'nt in the notes besides, They were notes for book 7 (as statet in the first house book and on) They were notes from frak and also for the prequels. But if you want to make questions like that I have a better one: Where any notes at all? or did they make it up?
  3. Tako

    Language Thread

    Dutch, English, German, Little France, some Latin (mostly potherbs)
  4. I'd like to add to anathema's reply If I may, The dutch government is ruled (more or less) by the cabinet, the prime minister and his Vice Pm's and the ministers of different departments such as Defence, economy affairs, national affairs, forrain affairs, finance etc etc. The Pm's duty's are almost identical to the ones of the UK They are chosen by there political party's to take on these post, the party's get chosen by the people (that's me among others) and the ones whit the most votes get the most seats in the second chamber There are 150 seats there and the cabinet must be a coalition that
  5. [hide] Paul only let Shaddam keep 1 legion of sardaukar, as was stated in the book, what could he possibly do whit that? [/hide]
  6. Siona is no decendent of Leto (II) , he did not have any children because of him changing sandworm etc. His "children" ehere the ofspring from Ghanima an Farad'n as I recall
  7. As I stated before, I liked the books but we are talking about comparing the prequels to the original work of FH. This is not really possible, its like compairing shakespear with readers digest So the prequels where nice but I do not really want to compare them end.
  8. How about Margot Fenring and feyd's daughter ? the heir Harkonnen?
  9. Tako

    Road to Dune

    got it liked it, read it all spice planet was fun, If you are die-hard dune fan you can see the characters that are going te be in DUNE. The extra chapters are fun to, they give you a little more insight into the world of FH
  10. Well I finished it a while ago and have to say it is better than the prequels but it is still no FH, Liked it and that is all, Liked!
  11. Tako

    10 years of FED2k?

    10 years? , if there's a party and lots of booze I'll be there, forget the party, just give me a drink ;D
  12. Tako

    Who are you?

    I do but its hard to type that down :- anyho age: 24 proffesion: Well I work at a High-school right know, teaching music and drama. Beside that I tutor children in Mens an Maatschappij, ehm that's Men (and Women) en society, It include's History, geography, english, Dutch, Social sudies, German etc. Politics, left (green) Religion, Well you might say I'm some sort of a religieos Humanist, I believe there is something greater, a force that drives us all, but I cannot difine what that is. I do not believe there is an afterlife. That is why I believe we all have to do our bit here. I believe ther
  13. Well Dune (book 1) is still on my top list and god emperor outside Dune the God-makers (is that the same as the heaven makers?)
  14. I want the dutch version that is....
  15. Tako

    Who are you?

    I am no-one I was not here you did not see mee * flaps his hands like a B-movie karatakit*
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