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  1. Regarding Hunters/Sandworms, I read these and would say if, like me, you are hungry for more information on the Dune universe, and willing to accept different writing styles, then I would say read them, and enjoy what there is to discover. In fact I hold the same thoughts on The Butlerian Jihad trilogy and indeed the 3 original prequels. I must confess that Paul of Dune and Winds of Dune have somewhat let me down though. Especially Winds of Dune. If this is the direction the writing will take, I'm not sure I necessarily need more. I have the basic background of the Bene Gesserit origin
  2. I have just read all through this thread and there are so many familiar names! Its nice to see you're all still around :D I haven't posted here for so many years, I don't even know how many. It must be at least 5. I wonder if anyone remembers me though... hmmm ... Amy x
  3. I have been happily collecting the Dune books for many years now, and keep buying the new "inquels" or whatever they are called, and decided (as I was under the impression Winds of Dune would be the end of it, that there would be no more and I could get a nice full picture now) to start that The Butlerian Jihad and read my way through in the correct order or events. I know, everyone hates the BH/KJA books. But I just love to know the details and what happened/ what was supposed to have happened and what ties everything together. I am now just finishing Dune Messiah again and about to start
  4. I read The Jesus Incedent, The White Plague, The Dragon in the Sea and The Green Brain. I like the Green Brain probably best, or maybe The Jesus Incedent.
  5. ... like I had found something truly special. Note: I was right.
  6. That tshirt has just made my day... awesome. :D
  7. Before i say anything... please don't think me another newbie strolling in to make blithe comments... I'm not new, but I will admit my postings are now a loooong time between (nothing personal, just a severe lack of internet access over the past couple of years) Anyway.. I've read all the sequels and prequels and while I agree they are not in the same league as Franks writing , (of course, thats what drew us all here, a love for Franks writing), I am grateful for the books. As a stand alone they may not be anything magnificent, but for adding depth and understanding I love them. I love to kn
  8. ohhhh kay. yes, you are right about the genetics that makes sense and i did actually already know that in the back of my mind.. so yes. thank you!! i got too involved in being confused to think about it sensibly!! xx
  9. Hi all, I hope you are well. Now forgive me if I'm being stupid here, but I'm currently readin Hunters of Dune. It's alright.. not amazing by a long stretch yet. But I came across something that I can't get straight in my head and if you havent read it, it doesn't really *spoil* it, but nonetheless you could class it as a sort of spoiler.. but anyway, I'll get on with my question. Sheeana has someone in her Other Memory talking about jihad and when she asks who it is, the voice identifies itself as Serena Butler. Now, correct me if I'm wrong please because this is doing my head in a little..
  10. i bought it in the sale in hmv.... but that was quite a while ago. i dont know where you'd need to look now if they dont have it anymore.... sorry hun!
  11. Dune Chapterhouse: Dune Soul Catcher Heretics of Dune The White Plague Non Dune stuff.... I enjoyed The Green Brain and Soul Catcher. I think I like Soul Catcher best non-Dune. Currently reading The White Plague, which is very good. I've been scouring second hand book shops and have managed to get hold of The Jesus Incedent and The Dragon in the Sea too, which I was quite chuffed with, but I haven't read these yet.
  12. disenchanted by my chemical romance
  13. Chani

    Who are you?

    i was gonna just write stuff, but hell now i've started i dunno.. so i'll use your format :) Name: Amy Age: 26 Status: Still Single... Kids: none Work: I work for a large multi national telecommunications company. Pastimes: music music music. reading, movies, my friends. Music currently listening to the new My Chemical Romance album. love Turbonegro, Mondo Generator, Kyuss, Biffy Clyro, David Ford, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, CKY, Queens of the Stone Age. (secret vice: robbie williams) I am learning Arabic, and aim to also learn Hebrew. I live in the UK. I feel like I am being dragged uncer
  14. 23 by jimmy eat world makes my heart hurt. so does hallalujah by jeff buckley and song for the road by david ford. but they're not technically sad... they just make *me* sad. cancer by my chemical romance is a sad song, it made me cry on the first listen..
  15. some of you probably already know about this... i've made some awesome friends over my sporadic postings over the years, some of whom i still get to talk to, but others who i don't, and i know i havent been around lately to give me rights to ask for help... but i do still love you all very much.... and well... i'll paste my plea: As you may or may not know I am going on the Vodafone Trek Morocco for the National Autistic Society. It is a week long trek through the anti-atlas mountains in morocco, we will be camping each night after trekking around 7 hours a day up to altitudes of 2800m. I hav
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