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  1. Hey guys, it's been awhile. If many people still come here, I thought I'd do a bit of shameless self promotion and drop the link to my blog, which details the adventure of fighting Ebola in Liberia. https://africanplatypus.wordpress.com/
  2. Picked this up at the local record store in the soundtrack section. Had to get it. It sounds quite amazing with a bunch of bass on the opening theme.
  3. Well, shouldn't we put some folks in charge of updating news and such? I mean, were still here. We still care obviously.
  4. The front page directs to a weirdly edited version of duneiverse. No new news has been posted in years (there has been news, books ect) What's going on?
  5. Here's the link to part 1 of 2. Enjoy. The Spice Must Flow.
  6. The Sugar must flow. http://io9.com/5816396/the-story-of-dune-recreated-with-gummi-worms//all
  7. Very interesting. I would love to have some of these. They do look very influenced by Lynch's dune. http://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/scifi/dunes-1997-card-game-chock-full-gorgeous.html
  8. Like a hipster. I loved zombies, before it was cool. This forum can attest to that. Honestly though, it depends on the writing, its a little over saturated at this point. I'm still a fan though. More of a fan of the slow zombies than the fast ones. It's just the fear that anyone you love can turn into a monster, your friends, family. That we are all monsters, just waiting for a bite to turn us. Turn us, or let us free.
  9. Mmmhmm, something about my IWW local fighting off zombies or something. Metaphors galore as Socialism triumphs over the evil of wage slavery. and decomposition.
  10. Hmm, wild car time. http://maidantranslations.com/2014/03/17/turkey-under-ottoman-empire-treaty-with-catherine-the-great-if-crimea-declares-independence-it-returns-to-turkey/
  11. http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/03/the-messy-misunderstood-glory-of-david-lynchs-em-dune-em/284316/ Interesting article. Your take?
  12. Ello everyone! Good to see the existance of some aspect of the community still around. I think a lot of it has to with the main page not really working and all the links being rather dead. If we fix that up, I think it will go a ways to help the site. I normally get my dune related news from http://www.reddit.com/r/dune Which has a good community of around 3,500 folks. We can probably snag some news from over there to throw on the front page.
  13. I'm normally on reddit for the most part. Lurking on reddit.com/r/chibears /rdune /rscifi /politics /writing and existing. I have around 230 days left in the US army reserves before my 8 year contract is up. I'm a nurse and finishing up my ASN (got my LPN from the army) so, just sort of doing that. Not very exciting. Also working out and getting in shape, I'm not the scrawny 120 pound kid I was when I joined here. Come a long way actually. I more often then not go by Rebellious Platypus these days as to go with my platypus tattoo. Exatreides and exatreide is my old old name...from another time. A time of fan fiction and political plunder here. Sigh those were the days.
  14. Just found this on Reddit, thought I would share. http://imgur.com/a/6y8PIhttp://imgur.com/a/6y8PI
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