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  1. EWS

    TV companies suck

    I have heard completly different. Although I am not a BSG watcher, I have been told by those who are that the ending is a completly and utter load of tosh. On the other hand, this weeks Lost was awesome.
  2. That's where they ate the babies isn't it?
  3. What was this.... Landsraad?
  4. EWS

    TV companies suck

    Oh dear God I love Lost and I am so peeved I am going to miss the end of the season.
  5. At the moment I am in Leidschiendam just outside Den Haag doing training. I will not be living here permanently, just for the training. Although my office is here in Holland I will mainly be working off shore.
  6. So then, pretty much everyone on here knows that I have recently started a full time job after graduating from University. The job is in an industry that is involved heavily in something that is pretty much booming and both simultaneously pissing people off and keeping people happy - that is, the Oil Industry. I'm working for a company called FUGRO a Dutch company with offices all over the world. There is no point in me going into great detail about the company, it isn't really very interesting for the majority of everyone, and if you want to know, then all the information is on their site.
  7. So I graduate tomorrow - I really am becoming an old timer. Then I start my job on the 20th - off destroying the world I am afraid. I'm making the big bucks whilst doing it though! Haha
  8. And I am still pissed that I wasn't invited. Grrr. Anyway, second bottle of beer in tonight during the football. Might end up finishing a 6 pack of Carslberg, we shall see. I have my graduation at 11am tomorrow, and I have to be up at 7am, so beer probably shouldn't be drunk!
  9. EWS

    Funniest posts

    Wheres Nuclear Man??
  10. I am currently wasted. Damn, too much wine. HARRHARRHR Yes, that night with DK was awesome - was amazing. He promisd ot buy me 360, he liedd. ARRR I AM A PIRATE
  11. EWS

    Funniest posts

    I'm guessing there is no chance of getting that topic back?
  12. EWS

    Funniest posts

    As a golden oldie, I DEMAND that the thread be re-instated in all it's glory.
  13. EWS

    Funniest posts

    If you saw the absolute kicking we gave the guy you would know.
  14. EWS

    Strange Sketch

    Phenomenal work by me :D
  15. EWS

    Funniest posts

    That was the one. I wonder if he ever got his books published.
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