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  1. https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/scuk_secure/jsp/getinvolved/directdebits.jsp
  2. This game consumes j00r soul ;D
  3. Happy new year people :)
  4. Ice_Cube

    Battlefield 2

    Strange...I have a lower system than that and mine runs fine on medium settings (a few on high) ... 64AMD 3000+ 1024RAM and only one 6600GT (PCI exp.) You need to sort your system out :P
  5. Actually Ken, thats not quite true.. You all had us fooled when you posted the photo of you as a hamster ;)
  6. Ice_Cube


    Confirmation of the number of people killed on the bus may take some time due to the fact that not much will be left to identify considering the circumstances (although I think an official figue has been released now) Dante, please don't joke in this thread, if you want to do that take it elsewhere. I'm surprised gob has not deleted KaL's post. This is a family forum for the whole world and it is completely out of order.
  7. No point in starting another thread: Can the game BattleField 2 ever be played with a playable framerate on a laptop? If so...how much is this going to cost?
  8. Hey, its nice to see the baltic states getting along ;D
  9. If you like trance you'll like it even better.... :P
  10. Well photoshop uses a hell of a lot of CPU power too so its not necessarily your graphics card ... and > 70 degrees C is a problem. Ok, the heatsink is the big metal thing with a fan that sits above your CPU too keep it cool. Thermal paste is available at nearly every PC store, and instructions on the packaging are pretty clear. If you ask a tech guy who works at the store they should be able to give pretty good advice (not so useful if you order over the net). http://sysopt.earthweb.com/paste.html That gives a fairly technical description of what thermal paste is. http://www.neoseeker.com/Hardware/faqs/kb/5,61.html Gives a fairly straight forward guide Obviously if you are really unsure then try another option as there is a possibillity of complications when re-applying the thermal paste.... A tempoury solution is to run the PC with an external fan...but thats not a very good long term idea.
  11. Try putting a fresh coat of thermal paste between the CPU and the heat sink, this tends to degrade over time and may fix your CPU overheating problems.
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