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What do you look like?


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Well.. I'll post a couple pics...

The first is Ninja Jew. I guess It needs some explanation... Medic training was very boring sometimes, so we had to fill the boredom with creative ways to entertain ourselves. PVT. Tracy and I would use our gator necks as ninja masks go around the bays, scaring people. And generally being Ninjas, he was from Malaysia, and would be the Asian Ninja... and I being one of two jews in my bay, would be... that. Ha

The second is me and my ex from AIT match. Which was alot of fun while it lasted, but graduation day comes and people say good bye. 



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That is what I use them for.

Not sure having handlebars on yourself is the right way to do it...

By the way, are you sure you're in Vietnam?

Ex - zombie-fighting terrorist-destroying soldier-ninja awakens! You skinny bastard, haha.

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