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"Do you have a good connection?"


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If I ever move, one thing I'll probably miss is my internet connection. Check out my internet connection speed on the bottom of this chart:

Connection Type Connection Speed Faster Providers In Your Area

28.8 Kbps Dial-up 28.8k

33.6 Kbps Dial-up 33.6k

53.3 Kbps Dial-up 56k

64 Kbps ISDN 64k

128 Kbps ISDN 128k

384 Kbps DSL 384k

768 Kbps DSL 768k

1500 Kbps DSL 1.5MB

2100.9 Kbps 2100.9 kbps


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One thing I have noticed with my cable modem recently is that my up speed is now the same as my down speed so I now get:

1.5 Mbits up

1.5 Mbits down

I have not tryed playing online with these speeds yet, but I should be able to play a no lag game with another broadband player. I will have to try it tonight :) .

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Years ago I was at 2400 baud. Now that was sloooooow. :)

I had a 2400 baud modem on my old 386 25Mhz machine. All I could get to back then were Bulletin Boards that you had to dial into via Procomm plus and they all had different interfaces. They used to cap the amount of time you could spend online per week (or month can't remember). I would download game demos like Wofenstein 3D and Doom and the files were like less than 1MB and it would take a couple of hours to download. I started hearing about the internet back in 1995, but there weren't any providers in South Carolina back then that I could afford ($30 a month) and my machine could not handle the graphically intensive web browsers of the time. You needed a 486 for the World Wide Web. I was in envy of people who had 14.4K modems back then. Oh well we all have sucky connections sometime in our lives.

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I recently moved to another part of the country, and had to say goodby to my 8MB connection. Fortunately my current provider isn't only slower but cheaper to ;D [ still have the fiber optical cables that run though my home at that time . ... ]

For the times I went to school there I owned an account that had access to, no .. almost had access to the backbone locted in Rotterdam. Pretty fast sometimes ;)

Now, when I go to school or work I just have to settle for an government payed fiberoptic network or few MB's :-

At home I settle for 3 vs 1 MB and a second connection at 2 vs 2. Both bundled in a multi WAN router. [ or however those darned things are called, second one is mostly for backup purposes though .. ]

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