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  1. Well, I can see that I need to read up on the Warhammer universe because I never even heard of Warhammer until I saw this game previewed. It looks awesome, though, and I really like how FINALLY an RTS creator sees how ridiculous it is that ten soldiers with regular machine guns can actually kill a tank (C&C Generals and Red Alert 2 come to mind).
  2. Here's the best article I have found on Warhammer 40K: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/wh40kdawnofwar/preview_6105142.html
  3. Here's the best article I have found on Warhammer 40K: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/wh40kdawnofwar/preview_6105142.html Note: I will also post this in the other post that is more extensive.
  4. It's coming. Just a couple more weeks I think. C&C Generals/Zero Hour is about to lose a bunch of players.
  5. :) Awesome. Your post is filled with great stuff. I'll stop writing to this one and write to yours! Thanks.
  6. :) Guys, I haven't been here for awhile. Hello to my friends and former clanmates who still read this forum. I just wanted to provide a link to the next great Sci-Fi RTS game, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. If we can't have Dune 3, this game looks like the next best thing. Check it out: http://games.bigpond.com/pc/previews/?id=2497321&pageid=1
  7. :) Hi, Gzakiller. Long time. I don't play Emperor anymore because WOL is dead. I play Generals now, and I'm waiting for Warhammer 40K to come out this Fall. I still really miss Emperor, though. It's still the best RTS ever made.
  8. Hey, nice to see you too, Ace. :) You are still one of my Emperor idols, even though I haven't played the game in a long, long time. I sure wish you were playing Generals, because your micro skills would be awesome there, too.
  9. :) Yes, Brennq, YOU can stop virtually all rushes because YOU are one of the best Emperor players ever. My point is that people like me, who don't get to play as often as some of you great players, or who aren't quite as talented at micro, hotkeys, etc., find Atreides the most difficult house for fending off a rush. Sure, turrets are great IF you can place them in the right place at the right time; otherwise, you better be damned efficient. The best players ARE, while the rest of us ARE NOT. Nav could never do it either, because despite all his bragging he never became good enough to stop top players' rushes, hence his constant harping on the 3-minute "rule."
  10. Nice post, Harkdawg. Nav, Emprworm WAS one of the best TEAM players in the game.
  11. Actually, you are always at center ring like a circus clown. We can hardly look at anything else because you bring so much attention on yourself! Well, at least you have always been good for a laugh, Nav. Later, and thanks for the fun. :)
  12. hahahaha :) HaHaHaHa ;D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  13. I agree with Nav. I never used any of these stupid units, with the exception of the ornithopter. If I was clearly winning the game I might have purchased a few ornis, but they just weren't worth it in a competitive game. As for the sonic tank, it has not good use against a good player. Spend your money on Fedaykin instead.
  14. ??? I recently had to reformat my hard drive. Since reinstalling Emperor, I can't even log in to play online. How do I get to the new server, XWIS?
  15. Taqwa11

    Call of Duty

    I have Call of Duty. :) I haven't tried it in multiplayer, but I've finished all the USA missions, and I'm on the British missions. Awesome game. In some ways it is better than MOHAA, especially in the way your squadmates actually help you and fight effectively by your side. On the other hand, that beach mission in MOHAA is a real classic that will stand the test of time. I recommend Call of Duty to everyone who likes a great FPS game. The only FPS game I would recommend more highly is the No One Lives Forever series. If you have the money, get both. NOLF and NOLF2 are cheap right now, and they are fantastic too.
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