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  1. Hey old timers! I was going through some of my old bookmarks in Chrome and saw Fed2k Discussion as a link and I just had to visit. I remember this forum being one of my daily visits back in the early 2000's. Nice to see the forum still up and running after all these years. Great work Gobalopper!
  2. I remembered my fondness for this forum and had to see it again. Great job Gob keeping it going all these years! Every other forum I have been a member of back in the early 2000's has pretty much disappeared. Happy super belated birthday(s) to Edric O
  3. April 26th-27th sounds good to me. I will put those dates on my calendar.
  4. Sorry I missed the planned weekend to play Emperor. Maybe we should plan out a month or so to give some more old timers time to plan to join in? I would be definitely down to playing with some forum members.
  5. That would be the most brute force method. I like the way you think Gryphon :)
  6. It's great to see you again too Edric O. My interests lately is XBox 360 gaming related. I picked up an XBox 360 back in 2009 and have really got back into console gaming because of it. I have not played many games on my PC lately other than Civilization 4 and 5 and every once in a while get games off of the "Good Old Games" website. I will have to boot up Emperor some time this weekend for some nostalgia :) I am not much into discussing politics since those type of discussions can get quite involved and in the end people are going to think what they are going to think regardless of any arguments you make. Still it is fun to read those types of discussions from time to time.
  7. It has been a while since my last visit. I like the new forum layout. This forum has always been a favorite of mine. Glad to see the site still up even if it is not as active as is used to be. I miss the old days on this forum when Doc Nyar, Gryphon, and others would help people with their game related issues. Emperor Battle for Dune is still one of my favorite RTS games of all time. I hope everyone is doing well.
  8. My wife and kids have taken over my gaming PC or I would. The laptop I use has a crappy video card in it. It's not meant for gaming. When I do play games now it's more on the Wii or XBox 360.
  9. Hey Nyar! I miss the old days on these boards when I too was a Landsraad member. I just swung by the www.gameheaven.nl/forum and perused the old Landsraad board. That sure brought back some fun memories ;). I am glad to see both dune2k and Gameheaven still running after all these years. I take special pride in being part of starting Gameheaven with Doc, Gryphon, and Timenn. Who would think a game like Emperor Battle for Dune would bring together so many cool technical people like ourselves :) Man I want to install Battlefield 1942 now and find a teamspeak server :D
  10. Nice to see an old familiar face :)
  11. Sorry for the super late response. If you are just learning the basics of Linux then any version will do. There is only so much you can learn at home though. The really tricky stuff you can usually only learn through OJT. I started learning Unix on SunOS 4.2 and Solaris 2.5. All that I had learned there helped me with Linux. I think the big things to learn now is how to make Linux work as a file server with Windows machines so knowing how to setup Samba is probably real important. Setting up shared accounts on Domains is probably another big thing to know. I am a programmer so I really don't know what is super big in Linux IT, but I have worked on systems that use Linux/Unix and these are the things I see the admins doing. Good luck with the new carreer!
  12. I stop by every so often. Nice to see the site is still here. I would have to say that Gobalopper and this site is one of the main reasons that I really got into forum discussions in the first place so I hope this site stays online for a really long time. As we say in The Village "Be seeing you!"
  13. Unless you are in the market for a brand new computer or have really new hardware there is no real reason to upgrade to Vista yet. Actually it is really best to wait a year or 2 to let MS work all the bugs out of their latest OS.
  14. I will say in all the CS classes I took in college I never had an assignment like this one and that is why I gave such a simple answer. Based on the little information that was provided by the student my example would meet the 10 nested loops part of the assignment. I guess you could add the 10 Dimensional arrays (I am assuming 2 dimensions) 10 Single arrays, 10 string conversions(toupper, tolower etc..) to my example to handle all the work at once. Really when an instructor is vague like this how can he/she expect anything useful at all. All it sounds like to me is that the instructor wants the student to become familiar with these very basic programming concepts. This is one area where the student really should make sure he understands what the instructor is trying to teach and not look for examples online. You can't be a good programmer without learning how to solve problems yourself. Sure everyone looks at examples for new concepts, but the programmer needs to able to apply this information to the specific task at hand.
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