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  1. Hi guys. Has it been almost 2 years already? Whew, 10 posts in the last 3 years... you don't need to lock yourself in your room in order to beat my postcount :S Maybe I will hurt your feelings, ahum:P : [hide]I'm surprised this site is still reasonably active:S[/hide] Oh well, what happened so far? Graduated highschool... tried to get accepted in medicine, failed uptil now. Long story short: the entrance procedure to certain popular studies is messed up here in holland and I got to be one of those extra unlucky souls. I really want to study medicine but that just hasn't been possible uptil now so I study pharmacy for the moment, hmmm... I guess I don't have anything special to say, that's why maybe I'm a big lurker ;) [hide] On another forum that I read thoroughly everyday I have a whopping 4 posts / year postrate wooo [/hide]
  2. Wahhh, I live there :O
  3. I hope you guys don't really believe that muslims will constitute the majority of the dutch population in a few generations ::) :O
  4. Happy birthday ex :)
  5. Might be a bit difficult to set up but it offers everything you'd possibly need with a small website (decent amount of space/bandwidth, PHP support, MySQL and a lot more)
  6. The iPod nano's name...... is ripped off of the zen nano's name. =.=
  7. I have like 100 Kb/s down and 10 Kb/s up. :-
  8. Hey guys, i'm back ;D Maybe 4 weeks in vietnam didn't fry my skin but it sure came close. I uploaded some snapshots at:
  9. Maybe you're mistaking me with lowzeewee, that's the first picture of me @ :)
  10. You might get some minor fixes (like a message when someone logs on WOL telling that there are alternative servers) when everyone sends a complaint to EA's customer service, else they aren't allowed to do anything (i'm quoting someone @ EA customer support)
  11. After playing EE2 for a week I got bored with it. :( It gets extremely repetive after awhile.
  12. I'll be going on vacation for 5 weeks, starting tomorrow and I thought, lets take some before and after shots. I'm sure 5 weeks in Vietnam will fry my skin. (did I surprise you when you saw I was Asian? :P) I'll upload some more pictures when I come back.
  13. The dune2k wizkids are over here ;) : This topic has been moved to Dune 2000 Support. [iurl][/iurl]
  14. The people are only thinking about themselves and don't look at the bigger picture.
  15. I don't think anyone would benifit from the end of the EU.