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  1. To add what DukeLeto said, if you wait a couple of months, some motherboards that use AMD will soon be able to use the full potental of the 64 bit processor. In other words, it will be really fast. Intel wont be able to keep up. Also the AMD processor is cheaper than Intels.
  2. Well whats wrong? Are you bombarded by units after units, or do you always run out of cash, or do you just want to know how to build faster? BTW whats your building strat?
  3. The world will end when all the nations launch their nukes at each other and create a nuclear winter. www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/end.php Or it will end when the sun blows up. Or aliens will enslave the human race. Or an astroid will smash the earth. Or the anti-christ will kill us all. OR GOB WILL EAT US ALL!!!!! I really dont care when it will end. It will end when it ends.
  4. I can't beleve there ain't a Dune Convention expecially how popular the books and games are.
  5. Is their anything such as a Dune convention and if yes then were is it located and whats in it?
  6. I have a pritty tuff question that I just thought of. Between what years did the ministries associate with? (What year in the 1st dune book did FH start with and about what year did he finish with?)
  7. That is if mankind dosn't exterminate itself ;D The more people their are the more problems that will arise. Might have to put trust in a type of fate.
  8. Thats because it is the only substance in the universe and everyone wanted it. ;)
  9. I can draw and make pictures but only free hand. And I cant use my computer for nothing. :'( So really I can only give luck. Good luck ;)
  10. It was kinda funny how I found out. I was at golf practice. I had one of the worst days ever (wont go into detail >:(). Before we were going to go back to school, someone came up to me and said plains crashed into the WTC. I blew it off like it was nothing. When I got to school I found out what really happened, I couldn't beleve it. :O That whole day was just whaching CNN on TV.
  11. What is the Zabulon conquest? And what was the Golden Age of Earth?
  12. Then shouldnt the guild know all of the universe?
  13. Ok, does it say how many planets that are known? ::)
  14. Does it ever say the "size" of the known universe?
  15. Hears a good question for you TMA, what are all of the houses in the dune universe? I know the main ones of Atreides, Harkonnen, Cereano(Sards house), Ix, Tilaxu, Fremen, and Guild but what are the others and could you explain their house. Thanks.
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