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  1. i had that problem when working on someones 95 machine. put in a windows cd (i used 98) and while it goes through the pre-installation steps it should get to a point where it says repairing registry, after that cancel installation and it should work. and this will not make any harmful changes to your computer.
  2. use the repair function of the xp cd, that should fix her.
  3. i was reading in TIME magazine about some of the iraqi rebel groups, one of the groups was called the fedayeen and they also went on to say that there was an execution squad called the death commandos or something like that, this led me to believe the fedaykin were based off of this group, howerver, the article also said the iraqi fedayeen was established in 1995, so maybe the name borrowing is the other way around. if anyone could shed some light on this matter, id be grateful.
  4. i dont think you should be allowed around computers anymore
  5. right click - arrange icons - uncheck auto arrange
  6. could you explain what those last five commands do?
  7. i think intsalling wma8 will overwrite the currently installed codec, worth a shot
  8. do you have a bunch of system processes running, or maybe kazaa, kazaa will drain your cpu.
  9. doesnt sound like hes using xp or 2000, so that wouldnt apply
  10. rutherford conducted the experiment btw
  11. aye, that happens to me all the time too.
  12. ya id go with the ga-7vax or vaxp i just have the vax, and its quite good, 6 channel sound is nice, i just use 4 channels, and i love it. priced for under $90, maybe even under $80.
  13. run msconfig, turn it off under the startup tab i believe
  14. and for processor id go with a 2100 ($89, what i have) or a 2400 ($125) they are the most economical considering the ones right above them. also from pricewatch.com i forget what chipset the k3a is, but if you could, id go for the 8rda /8rda+ the first is $88 and the plus is $122 they have nforce2 chipsets. ive never used one of those boards, but thats what i ordered for the computer im building for my friend. also the giga-byte ga-7vax is a good board, its what i have, its stable, 6-channel sound, onboard LAN, usb 2.0, and 8x agp
  15. ive had this problem, just delete the user name and make a new one, you can even transfer over the whole folder in docs and settigns for that user.
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