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  1. Who still plays?? Aint been here for a minute, wanna c if any of my old homies still play.
  2. LOL u know i still got that same POS
  3. thx guys hopefully ill stop by for a game... im sure it will be working now...
  4. ok but when i try to log on it times out...that wasnt happening b4 ???
  5. everything is the same... now i cant even log onto WOL tho... so all im supposed to do is download it, extract it, run it and run emperor?? whats going on then??
  6. im having trouble figuring out how to play on the new server... i downloaded it and then ran it but now what??
  7. i need some good stuff that i can use for reasons to LOWER the drinking age to 18... not stuff that is against alcohol... it needs to support lowering the age .... plz help me !!
  8. ^^Thank you, i will check those out tonight.... but yes, ive used google and searched for lots of things... just havent found the right stuff. it's either a non-credible website or information supporting the opposite side.
  9. alright glad to get some replies... but im still stuck.... i ended up skipping english that day so i could turn it in when we return from winter break. I HAVE TO HAVE credible sources for this debate. I have lots of arguements from sites i've found, but they lack the credibility i need. I'm lookin for government websites, articles from well known un biased magazines etc... You do know that America has a huge problem with drinking in excessive amounts compared to other countries where the legal drinking age is lower. Also, there are a lot of countries with a ower drinking age that score higher educationally than the US does. infact, the US is usually ranked towards the middle or bottom like 15/40 or soemthing... There's actually a lot of arguements out there... like the one Inoculator stated... anyways, thx for any help that's offered, appreciate it
  10. I'm doing a debate in english(due tomorrow) and i need to find some credible sources that i can quote. Im debating to lower the drinking age to 18. I can not seem to find any good sources, what im looking for is an article. i was lookin along the lines of "if youre able to get married,vote and serve in the military at 18 then you should be able to drink at 18"... anything would be appreciated...
  11. alright thanks. what type of games does it record? like custom 1 vs 1 matches or qm .. and are there a lot of people usin the ladder?
  12. alright thank you Ace... i just got it so all i do is download it and then what?
  13. LOL i come here every once and a while to c whats going on and i see the same shit... LOL!!!!!!! wow Nav i cannot believe youre still hear and you still act the same. I mean WOW, its true, you DONT have a life.Good to see youre still reigning on top of those competitive ladders and comin out on top of all those thousands of vets..wow, you SHOULD be proud of yourself. give yourself a pat on the back mr numba 1 atreides gangsta... you deserve it ;) NAVAROS IS A PIMP ;D lol
  14. yeah that would be easy... gzakiller@yahoo.com thx for the help guyz...
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