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  1. From X3M The following news had my attention: "Unneeded" sanctions (in my oppinion) have heen taken towards Russia and vice versa, Europe/US. It makes no sense to the "intelligent" people. Today I heared that Russian people are not allowed to use wifi anominously. Why has this been taken into action? ..... Further, Russia keeps blaming Ukraine for shooting down the plane. While the west and east obviously know that it was Russian technology. Only the seperatists had this? Russia continiously tells its people that it was Ukraine. Is it pride? Can't Putin admit it is true. Yet also admit
  2. He's not defending anyone. He's defending a historical fact. People were arrested, imprisoned into transport camps, put on trains to concentration camps (where they ended up in gas chambers) or to labour camps where they were worked/starved to death. The holocaust is accepted as a historical fact by the vast majority of countries. The only countries that deny it, do so because they are hostile to Israel.
  3. Hey Edric, It’s good to hear from you too. I miss our old political arguments. I read your post a couple of weeks ago but didn't have the time to write a lengthy reply then. Then I forgot, sorry. I'll start by mentioning the recent aircraft disaster, almost certainly caused by the separatists - but since that hasn't any bearing on wether or not annexation or seccession itself is justified, I'll leave it at that. The Duma is more extreme on both ends; a telltale sign of a country being a spurious or dysfunctional democracy. The point was; Russia can hardly point fingers at other count
  4. Edric: I know you don’t like Putin and you obviously shouldn’t, being a communist. But even so, I don’t see how you can approve of his present actions even on the grounds that he's the lesser evil. I don’t agree with your assessment of the EU, but it seems pretty clear to me that Russia is far worse from any ideological perspective. The wealth gap is greater in Russia, there’s more cronyism, and as for fascism…there are plenty of politicians in the Russian Duma that are reactionary, conservative and authoritarian; all of whom support Putin. Mind you, I don’t think that ousting Yanukovich
  5. Hey Edric, I thought that you'd be married by now? At least, you announced it about two years ago, going by my PM box. Are you still a commie ;)
  6. Anathema

    Happy 2013

    A belated happy new year ;)
  7. (I originally wrote this post as a reply for the "with only themselves to blame" thread, but that thread was old and this one seems to discuss, in part, the same issue. So some of it is an answer to Edric's last post in that thread) Greece really is different from all the other EMU countries that experience difficuluties now. In Dutch there is a term called "tax morality", by which is meant the willingness of the population to pay taxes to support their public services versus their inclination to dodge them. I don't know if there's an equivalent English term. It would surprise me if there is a
  8. That is pretty fascinating. The mere possibility of a people who can't even distinguish "two" from "three" never even occurred to me. Then again, I remember being suprised a couple of years ago when I read that the discovery/invention of the number zero in India was a huge milestone. Is there any known overlap between mathematics and language neurologically speaking? I vaguely remember reading a paralel between mathematics Oliver Sacks' Seeing Voices (in a footnote I guess); that they're both "formal systems". Most of the book was about deafness and signing language though, and quite interest
  9. I can't answer yes or no on this one. A balance has to be found somewhere in the middle. A fresh graduate from university shouldn't have to take up unschooled work if he can't find a job relevanto his education in the first month after he gets his degree. If he's can't find any work in his field or on his level for an extended period of time however, he should look for interim employment that's below his level of education or maybe not entirely within his field. PS: hi everybody!
  10. I had always assumed that mammals evolved either from ancient reptiles or primitive birds. I learned something today!
  11. Fenring was quite a different character in the original novels, compared to how he's portrayed in the prequels. In the original novels he wasn't evil at all, at least now how I understand the term. He could be a murderer if necessary, but not because he liked the act, but out of loyalty to his Emperor. And in the end, he refused to kill Paul because he respected him and they felt an almost "brotherly" bond to eachother. I do not remember much of Rabban from the prequels; and he wasn't mentioned very often in the original novel. I've always pictured him as someone with no conscience (and little
  12. Maybe he is, I'll take your word for it. All I've seen from him suggests he's an obnoxious loudmouth.
  13. Uhm, what? To my knowledge, the bulk of fish caught in the Mediterranean is exported to non-European countries. This is true at least for tuna, most of wich is shipped to Japan for sushi and whatnot (not kidding). Tuna will probably be extinct in the Mediterranean in a couple of years. The EU does have fishing quota to prevent just that, but all the southern Mediterranean countries flaunt them.
  14. "The final countdown" was locked before I could post; since I have only one thing to say about it I'll post it here: That made me laugh. Even more so because he probably doesn't understand what's wrong with this quotation himself. For how long is he banned?
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