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  1. Really? The screenshots I had seen of this (There were some from the rooftop at the beginning, and some from the prison level) were really well-done.
  2. Nice! Looks very promising. I remember trying to find the music from the Dick Tracy NES game for the longest time when I was little. And here it is, interestingly enough, composed by George A. Sanger, A.K.A. "The Fat Man" who did the music from The 7th Guest.
  3. How disappointing. I was really looking forward to this.
  4. In the latest episode of South Park, S15A13 "A History Channel Thanksgiving" a character says "He who controls the stuffing controls the universe".
  5. Hmm... not a bad idea. I haven't read Dune in a long time, myself.
  6. Added House Corrino: http://vanguard3000.deviantart.com/art/Corrino-Flag-258462439 MrFlibble: I've been thinking lately of giving that one an update. I still like it, but I have another, more fluid symbol idea. Still working on that damned Ixian one though. I don't really want to do the Vernius Helices...
  7. I have a few ideas for an Ixian flag, but none of them are looking as good on screen as in my head. I definitely want to cover the Corrino crest. Maybe I'll throw in a little Ordos action for the gamers out there. ;)
  8. House Atreides http://vanguard3000.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2g9nia Made this one in high school, too long ago for me to rationally think about. I may end up fixing this up a bit. House Harkonnen http://vanguard3000.deviantart.com/art/Harkonnen-Banner-252866648?q=gallery%3Avanguard3000&qo=0 Made this the other day, also beyond reliable memory for me. House Corrino http://vanguard3000.deviantart.com/art/Corrino-Flag-258462439 Any suggestions for what I should do next?
  9. I love that quote. Totally awesome. Go with that. Also, add more monocles.
  10. Vanguard3000

    Dune Anime

    I think it's be very cool to see. Anime has some stylistic conventions pretty much unheard of in other types of film, which would allow for a very fresh look. Visually, I think it would have tons of potential. However, I find characters in a lot of animes tend to get mashed into a mere few broad archetypes (or at least, the archetypes are much more obvious in anime than other media), and I would not want to see that happen with Dune's characters.
  11. Vanguard3000


    Those are the best hats, though. Don't talk smack about 24 toques! Congrats!
  12. Yeah, we rent tuxes and sell suits. You drove by my store and didn't come in? That hurts, man. Also, why back in the O-dot?
  13. Yeah, by car, of which I have none.
  14. Indeed it has. Why is that? Oh yes, you live far, far away.
  15. Whether good or bad, I always find it interesting to see someone's take on the story, particularly with regards to visuals, costume/set design, etc. So on that note, I find this news unfortunate. But I'll always have my DVD of the David Lynch version...
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