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  1. Barely know any of the names posted above I remember harkdawg though, best players imo: Earedil, Cerb3erus, Dplasma, d3k. And of course my old buddy bilbo!
  2. d3m0nger


    In my opinion CS1.6 is more skilled, however Source is much more fun these days. I can't stand those big square pixels in 1.6, that's why I switched to source. The big difference is that source has a screwed up netcode which makes the bullet reg. totally off focus. You just need to know what your rates should be and the server should have the exact same rates, and should be forced on anyone who joins it. That way you can have some nice 1.6 skilled games on source. In the end I prefer source. WOOHOO EDIT: And no you can't play CS:Source if you buy Cs 1.6/half life. Its a totally different game.
  3. Just saw it, C R A P !!
  4. Terran Just look at the one person who was world champion for years, Boxxer (terran) Now its that zerg player, which is in the same clan as boxxer (pantech&curitel) SC is very balanced so its hard to say which race is better, but its definately a race between terran/zerg
  5. Thanks! DVD santa is perfect, Thanks thanks! :D
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a good program that I can use to convert avi and mpeg files to vob (dvd format) so that my dvd player can read it. Thanks in advance -martijn
  7. Warhammer FTW http://www.counterfrag.com/screenshots/warhammer%2040k%20dawn%20of%20war/2.jpg
  8. Warcraft 3 Warhammer 40000 : Dawn of war/Winter assault. Both perfect, if you're more into tanks and heavy battles you should go for Warhammer, if you're looking for a harder, less action more magic game then Warcraft is the RIGHT thing for you :D
  9. This is what life is about :D. Funny thread :D I kinda laughed when I saw your reply :D
  10. There is a better way of saying this. If god can do anything, can he name something that he cant do?, no he cant and therefor he cant do everything. For me this is enough evidence that he cannot exist. If god cant draw a square circle it would mean that he is not allmighty, which would contradict everything God stands for One who is allmighty should be able to do the illogical, a 5 year old can understand this.
  11. Not exactly, as baby seals get beaten to death with a baseball bat instead of getting shot so that the fur doesn't get ruined. I never said humans aren't superior, I just said we shouldn't treat these animals the way we do. Yes we exploit animals, again this is just nature but thats no reason to torture them, even if the end result is the same.
  12. Well there is a difference, first of all they do not suffer as those <dont know the name> and monkeys in the link above suffered. second of all its only natural to kill animals for food, ripping their f*cking skin off for some coat while they're still alive is a totally different thing. Of course this does not change the fact that they indeed suffer, I guess the reason for why it is accepted is either because people dont know about it or dont care.
  13. So we torture them for our 5000 dollar coats?
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