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  1. Don't think anyone's found a way thus far.
  2. I think you're unlikely to find anything we didn't already know back in the day. Good luck with your project(s), though!
  3. Version 2


    AI Patch.
  4. Version 3.1


    Guild Wars.
  5. 123 downloads

  6. 372 downloads

    In the Destroyer's Grip.
  7. 129 downloads

    Part 1 of the 2 part set of INI editing concerning the Rules.txt file.
  8. You can't. In the past we got around the limit by overwriting unused and incidental units. This ultimately may compromise the functionality of campaign maps, though.
  9. Hello chaps, I've been having a few problems ever since putting this newish rig together. 1. Sometimes on start-up the graphics appear corrupted (before windows boots), with lines running across the screen. When it reaches the windows start-up, the screen simply goes black and the computer must be manually restarted. Resetting the computer before windows begins loading (either by the reset button or ctrl-alt-del) always fixes the graphics corruption and allows the computer to boot normally. 2. Sometimes the computer seems to freeze up. The cursor still functions, etc, but no new programmes can
  10. Nice idea, Atom, but perhaps we want to minimise the potential for people to go out-of-sync? AI patches will obviously result in that if everyone doesn't have the same version. I might see about putting together a new patch with my old edits -- the extra zoom, altered minimap for better visibility, that kind of thing. I don't think many people use that old modification any more, so perhaps an update is in order. There are also some old files knocking about on my computer from the old add-on I attempted with new game modes (such as Yak Attack, capturable buildings on maps a la Generals, that ki
  11. Can you be more specific? You want to be able to build crates in-game or something, as if they were units?
  12. Sniper -- have you ever actually played online?
  13. I'm on Win7 64 bit with dual cores (AMD). I've used both an ATI Radeon and an on-board NVIDIA chipset -- both without incident. Try disabling things from your NVIDIA control panel (things like vsync). Also, what settings are you running the game on? Does it happen irrespective of whether it's on High/Low gfx settings?
  14. I'm not entirely sure how serial distribution works, but I wouldn't dismiss the chance that a key generator somewhere has managed to generate the same serial number that came with your CDs. If you find you're still getting the bad password problem, then it probably is because your serial is in use. Let us know how it goes, either way.
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