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    • @Striking Drekavac Having checked the fix I mentioned on three separate Windows 10 machines now, I can confirm I haven't had a single crash in 3 weeks.  The one time I forgot to quit from the initial launch, and start up using the separate application though, my game crashed within minutes, as if to emphasise I had the right solution. Happily, however, I've got my Windows 7 PC fixed, and it's running more smoothly than any Win 10 machine I've ever touched.
    • You can tell that I was so done with the campaign that they are not even in the correct order and I totally forgot to translate the title of the missions. The first screenshot, the mission browser it's a good adition. In a campaign with so many mods used it's really nice having a quick look at which specific modded folder and text.uib I am using for the whole campaign withouth needing me to open all the missions individually.
    • Good suggestion, I'm not against, but I'm afraid I'm not able to do this. I'm not having the original resources to get tiberium graphics from. I made the Red Alert tilesets with use of EdWin HighRes (https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2644-edwin-map-editor-patches-high-resolution-patch-and-more/) and taking screenshots from it directly. I don't have Tiberian Dawn game or editor where I could do the same (maybe I could try search for that, but didn't attempt yet). Other option is to take tiberium graphics from existing BLOXTD tileset, but unfortunately the color brightness there is different and the tiberium tiles would look completely off next to other ground tiles. Maybe you could do that if you can and find a good way.
    • Hello all, hope you're all going well this year during the hard times. I'm back again and have some good new stuff for you: Another update for D2kEditor! This time it's relatively minor update (with nothing new related to structures editor and DATA.R16 entries manipulating as I promised last time), but still I'm bringing you a few useful and handy new features that are definitely worth it! There are important changes in loading of tilesets (loading tilesets from Mods folder is now supported, as well as using a tileset without having its configuration ini file), addition of debug window, improving built-in mission launcher to provide good overview of your missions, and important improvements in tile attribtes editor, and a few more. See complete changelog below! Download: D2kEditorv2.0pre4.7z Changelog: Fixed: Units were not counted to 1000 structures limit check Added: Debug window. Accessible from Help menu. It will show some internal values, most importantly paths to currently loaded files (configuration, graphics) to easily track which modded files are used. Added: Support for loading tileset (.R16) and tileatr (.BIN) files from CustomCampaignData Mods folder. You can for example easily load a map with older version of tileset. Added: Editor is now able to load tileset graphics even if you are missing tileset configuration .ini file. Added: Editor now checks for compatibility of tileset configuration .ini files. If ini file has older format (made for older version of editor), editor will show a warning. Added: Extended "Remap tiles" feature to support remapping of special values as well. You can use [Remap_Specials] section in remap ini file in same way as [Remap_Tiles]. Added: Extended the built-in mission launcher to show a table with mission details (name, author, campaign and mods folder, tileset name etc) to make easy overview of your mission settings. You can select columns you want. Menu item renamed to "Mission browser". Added: Many improvements to Tile attributes editor so you can manage your custom tileset much easier. - Added owner side markers (side color) on tiles with "Occupied by..." and "Concrete" attribute - Draw editor attribute markers (a small square in the middle) for each attribute separately - You can give custom names to editor attributes to better understand the meaning of each attribute - Added "Hide not-marked tiles" option, so you can filter tiles much easier - Added "Hover text" option, so you can see which attributes a tile has by just moving mouse cursor over it Changed: The way how "Unassign .mis file" option and unchecking "Use mission .ini file..." checkbox behaves. When you save the map, it will delete .MIS/.ini file from disk. Changed: Lot of source code refactoring! Some screens: Mission Browser / Launcher showing details about your missions: Debug window in action, showing you what files are loaded from which folders: Improved Tile attributes editor: And like before, I would like to provide updated tileset configuration ini files for the most important tilesets, so that you can properly use those tilesets in this new version of editor (if you do not use the up to date version, editor will warn you). Heighliner, Warcraft 2 snowy, Dune 2 Retro, and Geidi Prime are included. Ini files included in my Red Alert tilesets release are already up to date. Here you go: tilesets.7z Next main goals (in order to finalize version 2.0): - Add support for DATA.R16 entries manipulation, so that you can genuinely add new buildings and units into game - Add support for overwriting game files with files from Mods folder before launching a mission (testing map), replicating new Feda's Mission Launcher behavior I hope I will manage it soon, thanks for your support and keeping me motivated!  
    • -Updated: The Launcher (part of the "War of the Landsraad" campaigns) now have his own line, for people looking specifically for the tool. So "Dune 2000 Mission Launcher 1.2" line added - By Feda  -Added Campaign: Coalition of Nobles - By Cm_Blast. -Added Campaign: New Fremen missions - By Player. -Added Tileset: All Red Alert Tilesets - By Klofkac. -Addew Tileset: Vanilla tilesets (recolor - less orange) - By Blob.
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