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Dune Jokes


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I'm a navigator and I'm OK,

I warp all night and I warp all day!

He's a navigator and he's OK,

He warps all night and he warps all day!

I breath in spice,

I rapidly evolve,

I don't go to the lavatory (Eeugh!)

On Wednesdays I go shopping, and have Spice Melange for tea!

He's a navigator and he's OK,

He warps all night and he warps all day!

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So what if they are a little cheesy?  Its free expression of our skills or lack of...

Anyhow about your signature evilbaronatreides, the part about Tipper Gore.  I would almost believe that.

She was coming to my school for a town meeting during the campaign season and my ride forgot me the day before Tipper was to arrive.  So there I am on the phone calling my ride to come and get me, with the Secret Service flanking me on each side.  Do you know what it is like to have the most well known bodygaurds in the US thinking you have possibly planeted a bomb for tommorow?  It isn't fun, being searched by them is not fun.  Being questioned by them is not fun, and having them bring in the dogs while you are afraid of dogs, is not fun.  Anyhow, next day Tipper arrived when my ride was running late.  She brushed by me without a glance even as the Secret Service shoved me out of my spot to overlook the parking lot, just because they could see the entire parking lot from it.  This time they just watched me until I left when my ride got there, finally thinking I was no threat.

SO Tipper Gore, the no soul thing, it may be true, it may not be.  Anyhow for another joke.

Q: Why did the Ornithopter cross the dune?

A: TO get away from the pursuing ones.

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Microsoft has been revived thanks to Ix and Ordos has created computers and operating systems to compete with that of Ix.  One person reads the software inventory in the smuggler's warehouse.

He stares at the two and asks a smuggler,

"Which operating system should I get?  Ordos or DOS?"

*groans at own pun*

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