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  1. economy question

    Economic level affects several game elements, including cargo production, freight revenues, stock prices and town growth. Since other events and managers can affect things like cargo production and freight revenues directly, the exact effects of an economic step can vary. These then interact in complex ways to produce the economy, so a percentage can't be reckoned. There are five economic levels from depression (0) to boom (4). Each event moves it one or more steps unless it would go past the minimum or maximum. The game engine also sometimes moves the economy in March and September.
  2. The Iron Spike (revised)

    Check the settings for pitfalls such as multi-player (more than one mandatory human) etc.
  3. Limited Track Example

    Presumably the map designer knows what the setting is and can write triggers/effects accordingly.
  4. Hungary (cleaned)

    Curious: Why did you remove the cities? It will take research and talent to replace them (and it can be tedious to work up an integrated economy balancing cities with the map's economic regions).
  5. Hard Times Narrow Guage(needs scenario)

    Editing an event to become a trivial nothing is okay. Besides reducing them to nothingness, I like to mark dead events as multi-player only, which effectively negates them. However, actually deleting an event corrupts the event list (screws up some pointers). Around the point of deletion, multiple events will end up pointing to the same effects. Once an event is corrupted, no known edit can repair it. It must be nullified and marked as forever unusable.
  6. Is it a problem to removeĀ  if the event changed to a blank with all actions and messages cleared and trigger set to false? Also what if they are all at the end of all the ones I revised for the scenario - can then just delete without changing to blank?

  7. Hard Times Narrow Guage(needs scenario)

    Never remove events. The editor has a bug in it that will mess up the linkage between surviving neighbor-events and their effects whenever an event is deleted from the middle of the list.
  8. ourcadia map

    1) Is there a weird character in the filename? 2) Does it have a standard file extension? 3) Do you have so many maps that the editor can't list them all?
  9. Tolnedra(revised)

    Now I recognize the names: These are nations from David Eddings' Belgariad. I've read it (and the Maloreon) twice.
  10. 'Open' Railroad Tycoon II ??

    That's in Minecraft, which is written in Java, which is especially amenable to decompiling. Forge seems to have an understanding with Mojang, who seem to have supplied much of the name deobfuscation gratis to empower the modding community that makes the game so popular (a rather progressive attitude compared to most American game companies). OTOH, I don't even know what language RT2 was written in, and none of the companies involved in its development and distribution will admit to owning any source code or resources. So I don't think we have a snowball's chance of getting anything of RT2's original code, but maybe somebody can surprise me. I'd like to eyeball it if only to learn architecture and technique from it before writing something from scratch (I am unfamiliar with overall game architecture, so I am missing the big picture). As it is, we will probably start from nothing, with only the game's UI to guide imitation. Maybe exploring open-TT's source would be educational. There might even be modules there that we can adapt.
  11. 'Open' Railroad Tycoon II ??

    Isn't C# a compiled language? If so, then it would make multi-platform compatibility more difficult. However, I wouldn't mind adding C# to my resume. But still separate threads, which requires sync care. On the plus side, separate threads means obvious multi-core load balancing. I'll grant that a goal of eventual networking should influence early design toward client-server arch, but it would still be easiest to do a single-player case first so that play-testing can get involved before anyone tackles real MP issues. For anyone involved in development, client-server can be a mind-bender the first time one encounters it. I liken it to the separation of church and state: If you grew up without the separation of decision and rendering, it can be disorienting. For the first-timer then, I'd recommend doing a Minecraft mod or two as exercises (which can also teach Java). I like it: Put the map on one screen while the reports, controls, lists etc share the other. I'm unemployed, which means that I have some time but should be searching for paying work (O-O programming and/or relational DB design).
  12. 'Open' Railroad Tycoon II ??

    I have no graphics lib preference. My first thought is to use whatever Minecraft uses simply because there's a huge batch of decompiled, deobfuscated Minecraft rendering code out there to learn from. However, its (clunky) polygon 3D models with skins might not suit us. As for full 3D versus orthographic, I have no strong preference. As far as I'm concerned, the game's entertainment comes from the business and economic model. I'd be happy even if running trains were abstractly schematic, like a dispatcher's wall-mounted network diagram with blinkin' lights. I must defer to others' judgement when deciding what level of graphics eye-candy will be necessary in this day and age. BTW, Among my wish-list items is a desire to adjust train size according to map scale. On continental maps, I hate having 100-mile long trains clog up my interstate rail net.
  13. 'Open' Railroad Tycoon II ??

    If you want to be cross-platform, then I'd pick Java, which can run on any machine for which a JVM exists. Perhaps, though I'm unsure about the top-down part. A mock-up (proof of concept, however projected) could go a long way without real art. However, we might not need to. I know from watching SimCity 4 modders design 3D models that there are some very talented artists out there. We would just need to find a few who love railroading. Come to think of it, people like that are still adding 3D train sets to SimCity 4...
  14. Want a Guam map

    Unfortunately, Guam is so far removed from RR lore that there's probably nothing to work with. I think that if you want any kind of real terrain, then you'll have to get image software and get over the hump working with PCX. I just looked, and it appears that Guam is only about 20 miles north to south, and maybe 5 wide. That suggests Metra mode for map scale.