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  1. Try this: Find the actual campaign map, make a backup copy somewhere, and then load the starting map into the editor. Fix whatever needs fixing, save it, and then start the map all over again (choosing difficulty, economy etc).
  2. Something not well documented in the game is how your company's reputation affects the prices of territory rights purchases. In my experience, the big no-no is bulldozing, including bulldozing your own track. The 2nd negative is having a wreck, which lasts for a year or two. If there's a positive, it is serving your stations well, hauling away all freight and selling it somewhere (anywhere regardless of demand, just don't allow it to rot). When I need to buy territory rights, I buy at the first good opportunity before something can happen to triple the price. If I know that I'll need to buy territory rights in the near future, it limits my track-building (terrain-leveling) tactics by taking away my bulldozer.
  3. You need to find where GoG installed the game. Then look for a maps folder.
  4. Nuts, that's not what I was hoping. Let me look... Wait, I see it in the zip: "EXE Data.ods", 91.2 kb. Go here: forum.dune2k.com/topic/27325-us-history/
  5. The date when canneries accept steel is data inside the exe. It can be edited with a hex editor. I think my US History upload zip has my spreadsheet bundled in with the map and my modded game files. My spreadsheet fits v1.56 of the game.
  6. Agreed; I haven't played this map, so I don't know what grades there are. I just know that the Atlantic has great overall power. Based on other comments, I surmise that there are no routes that avoid 3+% grades. Oh well... If I had built the track, then the Atlantic would have been the runaway best choice.
  7. Those long ocean viaducts represent ferries. True bridges cross rivers, and they (steel and stone) can be double-tracked.
  8. I've never played it, but I'd try the speedy Atlantic and then try to find a route with tolerable grades.
  9. Lesson: Don't issue stock. Issue bonds instead. Two approaches: 1) If your nemesis holds any stocks on margin, then suck the life out of his largest such company until its price is in the toilet. Then launch a "bear raid" by selling short until he gets a margin call, forcing him to sell everything he has. It helps to run down the price of your own company at the same time. Of course, such a warpath is ruinous for everyone. 2) Start a new company from personal cash, owning 100%. Then do a merger with your earlier company, using your majority stake to vote it through. I haven't done one of those from the outside (because I never relinquish 100% ownership after having acquired it), so there may be bumps in the road. Both of these approaches needs the map to allow various actions. If the map doesn't allow a key feature, then you could be stuck.
  10. Indeed, this is the first way that a qualifier will be added to a station name: Only the first "connected" station gets the town/city name by default peripheral stations and later stations get those a those annex names. The pax and mail (and other freight) collected by a station depend on coverage only, not naming. However, if another station covers some of the buildings, then it sees their same loads (loads originate in buildings until picked up). If you sense fewer loads, then a competitor's train may have snuck in and hauled "your" loads away.
  11. Personal cash is subject to interest -- both gains and losses, the rate depending on economic state. Based on your self-described preferences, I knew you would Personal cash is problematic, but corp cash is handled well. Therefore, keep the bulk of your cash in your corp. Ignore the net-worth overflow. That's just a calculation. When the income tax hits in 1916, your personal cash will start down. When the inheritance tax hits, your personal cash will be mostly wiped out.
  12. Personal cash earns interest. Both corporations and individuals are taxed. The Spanish-American War should have generated at least one headline.
  13. I've never heard of that factor before. I wonder where the author got that column name. I also wonder if it could really be something else. Searching through my notes, I think I've found the data table from the EXE file. In v1.56, it's a fixed-length table starting at hex 0x1457E8 that I called the building price table. These "profitability" values appear in a column (12th - 15th bytes) that I was never able to connect with anything in the game. Some experimentation might be in order.
  14. Please define "loads and loads". Is that over 12 full log cars per year, every year? Also, what's the demand factor for logs at the delivery station? If it's greater than 1, then you have work to do. Only if it is zero do you have cause to complain.
  15. If you allow disconnected track builds, then you can use sacrificial track segments to sculpt the terrain. With the right manager, you can even keep the price down.
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