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  1. jeffryfisher

    Historical RT2 Mod

    Aha! I forgot that I had two threads (one for the map and another for the mod). At some point it became awkward having the files split like that, so I put them all in the other thread: US History Map thread I'll see if I can edit post #1 here to point people in that right direction.
  2. jeffryfisher

    Setting up Multiplayer

    We get this same request once every few years, but if you look back over the archives, I don't think you'll find any success stories. I myself never saw RT2 as a multiplayer game. Better AI would be nice, but I play most of the game with time paused to analyze and plan. Only a bunch of AI players could put up with my delays. When it's time to replace 400+ aging engines, it can take me over an hour spread over separate days (that can be a week+ apart)! However, if you search back through these forums, you can find the others who've asked about MP play. Maybe you can track them down, learn from them and possibly even draw one back into trying again. Good luck!
  3. jeffryfisher

    Historical RT2 Mod

    Which files? The zip in message #1, or something attached to a more recent message? If there's a problem with the site, then @Gobalopper is the one to help.
  4. jeffryfisher

    Scenario Editor Help Needed

    I never created RRs in the editor. You could try simply founding a company and then see if you can change its president to one of the AI's players. BTW, Have you already added AI players to the scenario?
  5. jeffryfisher

    US History

    The map can be played with the Steam version, but some things won't happen. For instance, the Civil War contest to deliver military loads won't be very interesting without weapons and ammo, but there might be troops (can't recall if the original game provided troop cars for them though). I think there's still plenty there that works as intended. I don't think you need any other fixes. After all, this map and its events stand on their own -- There are no other maps involved. And yes, my modded exe is derived from the patched v1.56. You can just swap it (and the lang file) into place: Rename the originals, then copy in mine and rename them to what the originals had been. I recommend doing all that by adding or removing extra extensions to the file names.
  6. jeffryfisher

    The Brenner Pass manager problem?

    The evaluation of "and" elements works left to right, aborting at the first false element (won't even look at what comes after it). For instance, one can test for zero before dividing by a variable, and the division will be avoided when it is zero. For a tiny efficiency gain, something almost always false should be placed ahead of something that could always be true.
  7. jeffryfisher

    Modding the trains

    If you have the disk version of the game patched to version 1.56 (or my mod of that version), then you can use my spreadsheet (EXE Data.ods) to guide you. ODS is a LibreOffice (freeware) format. If you have the Steam version of RRT2, then you have much more work to do to find the data tables deep within the EXE (they're toward the end). However, some text (like engine names) are searchable. Also: The data tables are made of fixed-length records, so just scrolling through in a hex editor you'll see regular patterns of numbers among the zeros to suggest where tables are. It goes without saying that you should make backup copies of files before editing them.
  8. jeffryfisher

    Any small, resource-focused scenarios?

    It's not a small map (actually, it's an entire campaign within one map), but my US History has resource-based events of various kinds. For instance, if you deliver significantly more iron than steel, then a "steel surplus" discounts rail-building cost. Likewise logs-lumber. Sometime in the modern era, the logs-lumber trade ceases to matter, and gravel-cement takes its place. When power-plants start offering waste, then delivering that to dumps proves you've supplied the p-plants, thus lowering electricity fuel costs. There's also an arms-delivery race between northern and southern RRs during the Civil War with a kickback personal cash award to the owner of the winning RR. And more (about 500 events) Speaking of North versus South, the map begins with four possible starts (Canada, North US, South US or Mexico) separated by historical differences in track gauge. Over time, gauge unification and westward expansion allow rights purchases. New states' admissions and free-trade deals eventually grant all access for free, but that takes longer. Buying access early means building best routes. It's possible to connect the Northeast to Cal in the 1850s if you're aggressive. Did I mention there are multiple (diminishing) transcontinental prizes? And by the way, your company must earn a transcontinental prize in order to get silver or better medal on this map -- Just making money won't cut it. And to get gold, you must reach first do silver by a time limit and then carry on another 100+ years to satisfy a personal cash goal in the year 2000. Like I said, not a small map, but the 500+ events make it more than a run-passengers-and-win exercise.
  9. jeffryfisher

    Help weaning off micromanaging

    Also beware of "efficiency" dilemmas: You might think you are perfecting your routes by micro-managing pickups, but if you spam your mainlines with new trains, you could lose more to traffic jams than you gained in your stations. Finally, I enjoy seeing a map evolve over many decades as cities grow and tech advances. If I micro-manage, then that takes too long. If I create too many trains, then the engine-replacement years are too painful. So I give up some business opportunities in order to make the game more entertaining. I know, it's an act of will for anyone with OCD, but I make it happen because I know the payoff.
  10. jeffryfisher

    Improving Goodwill

    I'm unfamiliar with the map. What land rights will you need to buy? You only need goodwill in those regions. I've never been able to understand how wait times affect it (I can get high ratings in regions where I leave all kinds of cargo rotting). What does matter most however is bulldozing. If building a bypass means cutting down trees, then you might do better to postpone it until you've purchased your region rights. Avoid all bulldozing for a few years to see where your goodwill goes.
  11. jeffryfisher

    No maintenance on dead track?

    I find that hard to believe. Perhaps you saw zero engine maintenance?
  12. jeffryfisher

    Stock Split 15:1

    I don't think I've ever gotten a split better than 5-to-1, but that's because I don't do the stock manipulation stuff that other players use. When I split 3- or 4-to-1, it's because my RR actually grew. BTW, My modded text file has new messages for shareholder reactions to financial results. At the extremes... well you should try it out sometime.
  13. jeffryfisher

    Help weaning off micromanaging

    I've only played v1.56 (and self-modded derivatives thereof), so all my notes come from that version. The game definitely has a bug in the map editor where deleting an event causes neighboring events to get their trigger and/or effects crossed up. NEVER do that. I have a note-to-self from maybe ten years ago warning myself to never delete trains, only replace engines. It comes from so long ago that I can't remember what caused me to write that. Maybe it was just that deletions would renumber all higher-numbered trains so that my to-do notes on a game would become confusing (things like "fix T283's route after next delivery" would no longer make sense after it became T279). On my US History map, I typically run 400+ trains from 1880 to present and beyond, so train renumbering alone is enough reason not to delete any. Replacing an engine on a train waiting in a station (or while reversing over a switch) will result in overlapping engine / tender / cars. The train may then become a runaway, speeding along its route without stopping at stations or exchanging cargo. The only escape is to either replace the engine en route (costs $) or give the train only one station with an empty consist (and even then, a folded steam-engine + tender might not be straightened out). The home-grown 1.57 patch fixes some broken internal data. For example, I think it fills in some missing demand recovery parameters for factory inputs that would become zero-demand after first delivery and then never recover. We know how to use hexadecimal editors to fiddle with bytes in many of the data tables within the RT2 EXE file. However, we can't change program logic, so logic errors remain beyond our grasp. If I knew more about decompilation and DLLs, maybe I could write some replacement functions (as someone did for a couple bugs in SimCity 4), but that's a little bit beyond my tool kit.
  14. jeffryfisher

    Help weaning off micromanaging

    That, and once filtered and sorted, I wish I had a way to select a bunch of trains and replace all their engines in one fell swoop. There are some GUI-automation programs (e.g. auto-hotkey) out there that can tie a hotkey to one or more mouse clicks. We had a thread about them a couple years ago. I almost got an engine-replacement script to work, but it had no intelligence. It would just grind through a fixed number of trains replacing engines. Given the RT2 bug that hoses any train whose engine is replaced while in a station, I gave it up. YMMV.