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  1. AI player observations for map/scenario builders

    Ummm... My name is Jeffry, and you may call me Jeff.
  2. AI player observations for map/scenario builders

    Looks like it should work for all companies (each company once). BTW, the Metra box is marked.
  3. AI player observations for map/scenario builders

    OK -- I don't see any bonuses or penalties given to human players or companies. I do see a cash grant to computer companies. It looks as if every company-start will grant $100k to every computer company. If you allowed a large number of companies, the early-bird AI would get a lot of grants. I have edited your cash grant so that only the new company gets it. See how I test for a company variable being zero (the default) and then set that variable as I give the grant. This stops early companies from being triggered when later companies start. Cheryls Valley(test2).zip
  4. AI player observations for map/scenario builders

    I don't think that's right. There are several ways to trigger the same event multiple times and/or affect multiple companies. If you give me a specific example, I can show you how it's done. EDIT: The OP has been corrected.
  5. My Map Revision Philosophy

    Indeed you have! :o
  6. Upload limit?

    Indeed, there's a total size limit. If you hunt around in your settings etc, you can see a list of all your files. If any can be cleaned up, then you can free some space. You might also replace the largest with zipped versions. I'm not a moderator, but if you PM Gobbalopper (see staff tab), then he might be able to increase your quota (or transfer ownership of some maps). PS: Zipping is good.
  7. How is metra different?

    Because metra is within a city instead of between cities, I think the time-scale is different (hours of the day instead of months in a year). Also, I think the economy is simplified to just three types of loads (no conversions like in the advanced regular game). I've never played metra, so I don't know any more.
  8. No Cars Available for Engines

    Did you give them any weight in any of your towns and econ regions? I've never seen a Geocore. Should they even show up on a non-Metra map? You should go into the allowed industries list in the editor and just turn them off. Then start a new game on the map.
  9. No Cars Available for Engines

    You messed up the settings on your map. I'd give more details, but you didn't share any.
  10. No Cars Available for Engines

    Yeah, you stumbled into "Metra", which is for city-scale maps with commuters and local freight. I'm glad you found your way out of that. Post again if you run into any more trouble.
  11. Handy editor spreadsheets

    I have a managers spreadsheet, but I use it to guide my editing in the EXE file (changing the managers' stats). For instance, I have made Siemens one of the most expensive managers so that he will show up later in the game when electric engines matter. I don't think I've ever tinkered with player tendencies, but I think I noted their table location within the v1.56 EXE file.
  12. Cargo demand level missing

    Post here again if you have a relapse. Try to recall exactly what you were doing before the glitch.
  13. Cargo demand level missing

    I think that demand level is part of the advanced economy. If you play at Easy difficulty, then you won't see it. When starting the map, choose the hardest difficulty.
  14. economy question

    Aha... You refer to the average economic growth rate for a map. For most maps, the starting dates are close enough together that such tension is not a problem. I suppose you could write an event trigger or two based on start year that would give an occasional boost to late-starting games or drag early starting games so that they converge a little. You should also ask yourself how wide a range of start years you really need.
  15. economy question

    Economic level affects several game elements, including cargo production, freight revenues, stock prices and town growth. Since other events and managers can affect things like cargo production and freight revenues directly, the exact effects of an economic step can vary. These then interact in complex ways to produce the economy, so a percentage can't be reckoned. There are five economic levels from depression (0) to boom (4). Each event moves it one or more steps unless it would go past the minimum or maximum. The game engine also sometimes moves the economy in March and September.