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  1. jeffryfisher

    Are diesel locomotives useless?

    Each hex-editor program is different, so you'll need to teach yourself 😮 I haven't been inside the RRT2 exe for several years now, so I have no plans to go back in. I am pursuing other projects now.
  2. jeffryfisher

    Are diesel locomotives useless?

    The game probably makes track electrification too cheap (for both the upgrade and for maintenance), hence the easy rush from steam to electric. In reality, electric is probably only economically viable in dense urban clusters like in Western Europe, central Japan and America's NE corridor. The game also makes the GG-1 too powerful, taking the best stats from the end of its run, inflating those, and offering them starting in 1935. The 1935 version wasn't nearly as powerful or reliable. Something like that also happened with the F9 diesel. I have no idea why it got the power and speed the game gave it (my mod pegs it back to what I've read about it). However, the GG-1 is not available on all maps. In fact, electrics need not be available on all maps. Something to try tactically: Haul your passengers with diesels, and haul freight with electrics. Then be careful about which tracks and stations receive electricity. This could segregate your fast versus slow trains (keep the slow freight off of your express lines).
  3. jeffryfisher

    Historical RT2 Mod

    Oh yes, the managers. You might enjoy reading the thread where we discussed them. Siemens was what hooked me: He helps with electrics, but his salary was so low that he appeared only early when he couldn't do much. By raising his salary to the top-tier, he appears later when he can be very valuable. Going forward, I think your patches to the GoG executable will be very valuable since GoG is still selling the game (and the CD is becoming obsolete).
  4. jeffryfisher

    Unofficial Patch 1.57ddh

    Very cool! If you could also change the introduction dates on military factories, loads and cars, then they could appear in time to be used in the Civil War. Then players could use your patch in place of mine (doing without my other meddling). If you look at my spreadsheets, the red values are things I changed.
  5. Almost impossible that GoG hacked the EXE to patch the demand bugs. I don't have the GoG version, so I can't even lookup its number.
  6. If I recall correctly, the US History zip includes a modded version of the v1.56 exe, which is the last patch of the RT2 Platinum CD exe. It requires the CD to run. If you run US History without the modded exe, then the military loads won't exist at the time of the Civil War, so the race to deliver most wartime loads won't be very interesting. However, that's just one set of events among hundreds. The map should still play well I think.
  7. jeffryfisher

    Cascadia by Nick Bennett

    That's not meaningful. The real reason that trains don't collide at a one-point diagonal crossing is that they never share a map cell.
  8. jeffryfisher

    Cascadia by Nick Bennett

    Like chess bishops on different colored diagonals, those trains ignore each other. OTOH, if they'd crossed so that they actually shared a tile, then congestion would wreck both lines.
  9. jeffryfisher

    Problem revising Grosetania map

    Deja vu... Remember that if you mandate two or more human players, then the map will only show in the multi-player list.
  10. jeffryfisher

    Grand Prix

    Increased rating (reputation) is good for a player looking to buy rights. The higher rating means that a territory will demand less bribe money to let you in. Be aware that there are two types of rights: Track-building and train-running. You almost always need both. You can see what rights each company has by calling up the company report and going back to the map tab. There are three map types to choose from.
  11. jeffryfisher

    Manager question

    I don't think managers are on a schedule. Instead, they become available according to their salaries and a company's earnings or profits.
  12. jeffryfisher

    Merger question

    I think so, yes. The AI is too stupid to manage complex industry. It seems to just pick up whatever it finds in its stations and then dumps it somewhere.
  13. jeffryfisher

    Merger question

    That's it. It's an option for the player like start year and difficulty settings. The name is misleading. Liquidation happens at year-end if a company's "book value" has fallen below zero. A company can declare bankruptcy many times before book value hits bottom, and each will discharge half of its debts. However, a company in a death spiral will eventually hit zero book before it can declare again (I think the cool-down is 5 years). Beware however: When a company's track is ripped out, it may cut gaps in yours (if you ever crossed it). You should be saving your game just before each year-end anyway. If a liquidation rips out track, roll-back to your December save and carefully walk all of that track (and stations) making notes of track-breaks and opportunities. You might even spot a train that is in danger of vanishing with the track. If you can stop it before it enters the danger zone, do so. If not, then note its route & cargo (and pray that the deletion does not cause file corruption).
  14. jeffryfisher

    How do i make my own maps?

    If you accidentally make two human players mandatory, then the revised map will only show up when you ask to start a multi-player game. To get it to show in the single-player list, go back into the editor and make sure that all but one human player is optional.
  15. jeffryfisher

    Merger question

    Computer-run companies cheat. Their engines don't need water or maintenance (so if you use their track, don't count on getting any). They also ignore demand, being able to deliver anything anywhere for simple-economy payoffs. The main reason to merge a computer-company with yours is to remove an obstacle to expansion. A secondary reason (if you own most of the stock) could be to drop a huge wad of cash into your own pocket. For the most part however, computer-companies are trash. The best thing to do with them is drive them out of business (with the remove-track option selected)