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  1. Unfortunately I do not have time these days (working full time and gotta do my taxes). Solving riddles like this is like a game within a game, so keep at it for the joy of victory when you sort it.
  2. Right, so I added diesel demand. Did I say something about passenger decline? I do vaguely recall connecting car deliveries to pax decline, so maybe I experimented with negative "boosters". I know I thought about such, but it has been too many years, and I can't remember what I did
  3. In my world (the US History map + my modded exe), passengers decline after WWII, becoming scarce but not impossible after the 707 announcement. Mail completely disappears after the 1966 Post Office announcement. Troops also disappear about that time. I think most of those effects are in either my map or the vanilla game, not my mods to the exe. Try running a few years off the clock. See if there is a wave of passengers about once every two years.
  4. And I'm still here, checking daily. Scan the forums since 2009 (sadly not as many threads as one might fear). Be careful to distinguish between scenario-building versus modding. The in-game editor enables scenario-building; hex-editors enable (soft-hack)modding.
  5. The if-then effect you describe looks like one map's event, not a global program feature. Can you go back and tell us exactly where you saw the diesel-pax decline. documented? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Win-ME? Wow, I thought that went out with disco and platform-shoes. Yes, music can be switched. It also has its own volume slider. Explore the settings. I don't recall exactly, but it might be in a sub-dialog under the main settings. If you were a power-user in the past, you could have messed with the folder names to disable music or point to a custom directory.
  7. I contacted Phil multiple times, and he couldn't help. I contacted TakeTwo (not Firaxis), and they claimed that Sid Meyer (Firaxis) bought the whole kit & kaboodle before making Sid Meyer's "Railroads". Firaxis told me that they got only RT3, not RT2. If PopTop didn't keep any source code to RT2, then it has been lost. It may sit on an optical disk in a landfill somewhere, but it's unlikely it will ever be found. To recreate the game, somebody will need to reinvent it from the ground up. I didn't, because lacked the skills. Now I'm working a 7-6 job again, so I don't have the time either.
  8. You want to click on the staff tab and PM Gobalopper.
  9. I love happy endings
  10. I too was worried about Gwizz. Din't know he was on that recently. I'd guess he was born in the 40s but lied about the date (why would a game board deserve the truth?). Thanks for the report on which port slot recovers -- that's useful. Act on it if the autos are your cash source.
  11. There's a port demand fix thread around here somewhere, but I think the tech involves hex-editing of a saved game just after it starts. There may be a partial workaround too: IIRC, the top trade at a port has demand recovery, and the other three are nerfed. If you edit a map, you can put the trade most needed recovery (a sale for sure) in the top slot. Good to see you back
  12. Sigh, so not easy to decompile, especially since there's probably some assembly linked in there too. I wonder if a copy of the original source-code (and resources etc) even exists anymore. I think it was lost somewhere in the ownership changes between RRT3 and Sid Meier's Railroads.
  13. Lua coding is also useful for modding SimCity 4, which is still perhaps the best of the series (better than its immediate successor, SimCity 2013 anyway).
  14. Yes: Check carefully for any other buildings within your station's service radius that can demand iron or coal. For some ranges of years, that includes houses because towns demand coal. You might need to place a new depot so that it can only deliver to the steel mill.
  15. That Albany diagonal is interesting because your placement is legal for the central track. Now that you've made it possible for the near track too, it's not obvious which track it is serving. Another wild idea: By scrambling (or renaming) the stations, we might induce computer companies to build differently. It would be nice if the AI always used large terminals in order to encompass more houses. It's station placement is rarely precise enough to make good use of tiny depots.
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