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  1. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I've got a new pc recently with windows vista, I've tried downloading the map editor but when I do and it has downloaded, I double click it and it says it cannot run the program and I should reinstall it. Also on my old pc I can use the map editor but when I try and built the map after making a ramp, base area and entrence it crashes, says something like could not then random symbols and freezes and I have to press X. Strange concidering I've made maps in the past, also, I've never been able to download a fan map sucessfully. Any help? :P
  2. Come on I'm bored and need to get good... but take it easy on me I only started playing online today:P Sorry if posting something like this is against the rules, i did look but couldn't find any
  3. When I deploy an ordos eye in the sky at certain points the game will crash and a construction yard won't turn into an MCV, other signs are when I've built men or machines it says ready for a few seconds before they come out, also explosions, like when I destroy an enemy tank; disappear. If I go back to a point before this started happening in a saved game it works again but this glitch comes back randomly, so far it's only happened on two of my custom maps on skirmish mode. So any ideas?
  4. Also so far it's only happened on the maps I've made. The deploy bit anyway.
  5. Thanks I hope I can get a game up and running soon. Yes two days ago I found I could make maps so I've been doing that and I think something happened so I fiddled with the graphics settings and all my units were upgraded so to speak but I put all the settings back to where they were and my units are still upgraded and since then the deploy crash is happening and no it's only construction yards and eye in the sky, I think it's complex deploys like those as it doesn't happen with a cobra. Also another rare glitch is when I go to place a building it makes the sound but nothing happens, could they be related?
  6. I have been playing emperor battle for dune for the past at least 4 years probably more and i was always bummed that the online mutliplayer doesn't work. But judging from have the posts in here, I'm guessing there's a way. I downloaded XWISC.exe earlier and put in the RA server code thing... no one was there I think, or more likely I got it wrong. So anyone fancy helping me on that front? Also recently while I've been playing single skirmish games when I click the button to self detonate an ix infiltrator or an Ordos eye in the sky or when i try to move a construction yard the game will crash now and then. Any ideas why?
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