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  1. Can you compare with other emulators? Maybe it is the emulator.
  2. If it is the dos/mac hybrid release...Maybe it is not as well. How can one be 100% certain?
  3. Here is a list of what the game needs: https://www.classicdosgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1339 VGA 320x200x256c games And a 13???
  4. It looks like it is using the wrong colour palette. I remember that WC2 had a configuration program. Which I mainly used for fiddling with the sound driver. Perhaps your version has it too. If so, check if you can find anything in it for the colour palette. I suspect you went looking here: http://en.nuqneh.com/blog/game/lets-run-the-original-warcraft-on-a-modern-computer
  5. X3M

    Art of War 3

    Anyone interested could try this link on their mobile: https://redirect.appmetrica.yandex.com/serve/169878688668608468?recruiter_id=1118283928 Your account gets linked to mine. And I can guide you through the game.
  6. I know. http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/n64/ It is the closest thing indeed. Even though, constant crashing on my mobile phone. I managed to play 2 missions before I got tired of save+loading/min. I gave up on it. Still should try one more time on the pc though.
  7. This is drooling material, to say the least. I always wondered why no one was making 3D versions of the oldest games. Even Tiberian Dawn is made with other engines. But all have lost the original feeling of the original game. This 3D Dune game however does keep the feeling of the original game.
  8. If it has not been mentioned before. Make sure that all open places are reachable by ground. Great work though!!
  9. Sounds like a great intro to a 5 minute music. Keep the original of 1 minute. But see if you can attach fitting music to it that builds on the intro. Like a second melody on top of the first, or something like that.
  10. X3M

    Entity drums

  11. No problem, keep me updated. It looks like fun. That medium tank in the first picture, has a weird looking cannon. But those (darker) rocks, now they really look like rocks. I though they where bushes or something in the oldest versions. Unless,... they are bushes. It looks good! But needs some cleaning, here and there I think. Seems yet another forum that I never knew of. But seeing that Plokite Wolf is active there. I will only lurk.
  12. Community feedback? Some pretend to know a lot about the games. That is the trap that EA has set up for itself. Asking a crowd that contains 99 percent opinions, has no use. It was better to lurk around first and ask who the players respect the most in terms of gameplay and such. I would for example, point towards Ferret and Nyerguds. They are respected and respectful. Also helpful and know the code. Nyerguds is THE man regarding this. Even Gruntlord would be a viable source in this matter. Since he is THE man regarding Dune2k. Sure, they can ask me for an opinion too. But it will always remain an opinion. Also my opinion; they could have asked certain questions without telling who they are. Simply a so called new guy, seeking advice in terms of. "What if I where to remaster this game?"
  13. What if you don't try to re-create. But simply make your own version of the songs? Hitting the limits of the program, even if it means that the song is different at some or most parts. It is how remixes are made as well. See if you can mimic parts of a song, then put them together that fits. Instead of putting together to try to mimic that part of the song. I dunno if I explained that properly though.
  14. The missile tank looks a bit weirder now. But overall, it looks more smoothly. Have you some more images. Like how the tanks look like in mentat? Or like how they look like in the heavy factory selection menu?
  15. There can't be hard numbers on this. Not in that world of board games. I would never call it evidence. It is just people shouting things. See the link in the first post. Failures are mostly hidden. One can only see successes. Unless you buy a failure copy.
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