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  1. That is awesome Stefan! I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.
  2. If any one wonders if this still is going. Answer is yes. Things have,... become more complicated since the last post. Life. Time. etc. I guess this goes for all. I could explain it all. But it is a waste of time. Better show, instead of telling. Just let me know what you think about these 2 cards. And in the meanwhile, I work on many other cards. Of course I have to mention. These cards are used on pieces that are placed on the board. Like a risk game. But then more complicated. Ahem, see the rest of this topic above in case you forgot Any way, they can be played as interrupt. That means they can save the day. Or ruin it. I certainly need to work on the humour. But board game designers advice me to remove the flavour text altogether if I fail to get a complete set for all the other cards.
  3. What are your idea's on the combat mechanics? Most designers just pull a, "trying it out". Do you have a plan?
  4. Dune 2 Intro music remake

    Depending on the engine etc. I think it is best to consider more possibilities regarding music and sounds. I am sure there are, although I don't know what the programs are called. If you want to make it really cool later on. Each faction their own instruments and theme. Just like in EbfD, WC2, WC3, KKnD. Other games don't really have this. And that includes C&C3
  5. Dune 2 Intro music remake

    That piano is creepy as hell. Keep it. But why go that road of almost using the same sounds? Why not put your own style in it? With the creepy piano.
  6. That will certainly support any artillery weapon that you have in mind for the future.
  7. That one looks so much cooler. And I also noticed the shadow of the missile. It has a neat 3D effect to it.
  8. 2 animations in one, I guess. The outer radius should have one.
  9. You are going to have the damage radius equal to the animation radius, right? But other than that, it looks good in retro style.
  10. If you are seeking stories related to Dune. I think others are better candidates for that. I do have another idea for a story. Sure I can share it. But it is a very unique story. If you want the basics of the story. I could PM you instead.
  11. Those nukes. Refreshing simplicity. I like it. If you are building a new engine. How does it look like? Is it based on circles? Or do you still have the blocky nature. When I see those nukes. It is almost as if, you are going in the circular direction. Meaning, it will be more like Starcraft. Which is a good engine.
  12. Let's Play Dune

    You should realize the risk of watchers that are going to view one of the 3 per mission. Moreso. I think, only mission 4 to 9 are interesting for one house. Watching 9 times the same mission (mission 3) is kinda... boring? I am only going to watch a few interesting missions. One time mission 7, 8 and 9 per house. Including O5, since there you do without rocket launchers. It is a given that you order them in O6. That is what interests me, regarding Dune2. You can still do this with Dune2k. Since some there are truly different. But once you reached EbfD, I suggest doing the obvious choices. And simply cover the parts like subhouses that you don't choose, in the custom games. PS. I love how you play WC2. It truly looks like a blind play
  13. Excellent job on your post. For all I know, there is notching more to add.
  14. You have higher chances of Grunt reacting on cncnet.com This forum is more or less in a coma.
  15. Mission 8 Atriedes is Impossible win

    I know what you mean, but the typo is funny in several ways. I don't know why, but somewhere last year. I stopped making turrets in this game, before I even could get missile tanks.