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  1. The idea is awesome. Now we need combat tanks fighting with ogre's
  2. Take a look here please: https://gruntmods.com/
  3. So.... any progress on this? Because South Park suddenly made an episode about spice... Seems their opinion about it is, shit. Watch on your own risk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FxlgEAFZPM
  4. My Ordos 8, part 2, shows an harkonnen soldier at the end. This soldier is bugged. Can anyone take a look at it? And tell me if this bug is known?
  5. In Ordos 8. I will be having a godlike Harkonnen soldier as opponent. Luckily, the soldier decided to show mercy to me, by not shooting or attacking my base. Proly next week on my Youtube channel
  6. I am already at Ordos mission 4. I play rather, different than others. So, if you like to watch, and have perhaps suggestions on how to do the Harkonnen different. Please let me know. I plan on doing perhaps trooper squads only on Harkonnen 4. Which is, where they still are relatively usefull.
  7. I can't recall much, except for that A4 mission. I too played that way the first time. As for Ordos, there is one mission where you have to gather 15,000 resources. Simply sell structures once you know you can make it to 15,000. Another Ordos mission is where you get units through a starport. You have a lot of walls in that mission. Which can be sold.
  8. And this is what makes RTS fun. You can do something unexpected and completely different than what the developers might have intended.
  9. Hey everyone! Or for those that are still active on this forum. I have begun uploading video's of Dune 2 onto Youtube. If you like, please go take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zShYirn1B7A&list=PLAUTj6CqIj0Y1rzsmeHOl0XEdWMCcDSpM Leave a comment if you will. Then it doesn't feel meaningless to me
  10. The only thing that I disliked in Dune2. My nuke misses, while the ai always hit. The only thing that I disliked in Dune2000. The money felt infinite. Especially in practise mode.
  11. Regarding Discord. What happened to the one of cncnet? I seem to be kicked out of it? Or something?
  12. Well, I played Dune 2 and Red Alert. I didn't get stuck in the early missions. Except Harkonnen 5, for 20 minutes. I discovered that the Radar was a different building. And voila, Missile tanks, 20 minutes later than planned. Harkonnen 7, I expected Ornithopters. The manual said that I could use Missile tanks besides of Missile Turrets. I was surprised at that. So I planned to have both asap. Focusing on the building first. I did not know how much defences I needed. So I had to play that mission 3 times before figuring out the most optimal defence and anti air rush. Can't recall, but one of the missions expects you to destroy fremen sietches. I did scouted one, but didn't see it. Because I didn't recognise it. Lol. I expected buildings to be honest. At that time, I never played Dune. In all campaigns, I mostly used Combat Tanks. And I abused the imbalances that every Westwood/EA game had to offer. But also discovered the new imbalances pretty soon.
  13. Squish... Although, the AI doesn't do that. The damage on the other hand is relatively low. Health * Damage = kinda the total score for one unit in combat. Go, and compare those two.
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