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  1. X3M

    How about making a dune cardgame?

    This forum is good as dead. If you want to make a card game and seek advice. Try this website: https://www.bgdf.com/ Create an account. Which includes introducing yourself to the website admin(s). Await approval of your account. Introduce yourself on that website of who you are, what you normally do. And mention that you are new in game design. And after all that you can tell your idea. Some people there are real professionals. I used to work on a RTS board game. And got pretty far with their help. But the bottom line is. You have to do it all by yourself. Good luck! And maybe I see you there popping up.
  2. I never expected to get an answer. I was still pondering on making a Dune board game. But we are used to the houses as mentioned in dune2/dune2k and emperor battle for dune. The board game would be limited to a number of "races". 4 or 6 races, due to cutting out excess material. But that was back then. Plans have completely changed by now. Chances are very low that the theme is going to be Dune. But thanks any way for the answer!
  3. pm the guy about this? Perhaps he has his email linked and can get the info he needed.
  4. So, I was discussing this with some friends. But they don't really know Dune. We have the Atreides, Ordos, Harkonnen and Corrino. Then we have the most important sub house, is the Fremen. But who comes next? Who is the next most important sub house that adds fuel to the war fire? And should Ordos be replaced by one of the original houses?
  5. X3M

    E:BFD Windows 10 Help

    It seems that some time ago. A patch for Windows 7 came out. And that disabled this game again. Going try to reinstall it. But if it fails. I declare the game dead in my eye's.
  6. Who else here would like to see something like that? And is any one ok with it being turn based instead of simultaneously? I am aiming to make a super simple variant. But I am unsure which game will be close.
  7. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    Question 24 on this site provides information. https://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/564691-dune-ii-the-building-of-a-dynasty/faqs/1521 I lost units (harvesters) on purpose. But also had a lot of harvesters. Not only that, but the mission timer was at 1:30 at the beginning. And I am now at 2:30 with the last report. The optimum was at 2:00. So, that is not a good way to go. Only if you NEED the spice, you can do this. But if you NEED the points. Go and stop at that 3k mark that I have as a safe point. Don't launch the orni's. But instead wait until the enemy runs out of steam. Then attack and leave the refineries. To bad that the harvesters are going to be dropped at random locations. Unless I build rocket turrets at the enemies base. Hmmmm. I think that should be my next experiment. Reload the beginning. And simply try that. PS. The provided link contains a lot of little mistakes as well. I wonder how trustworthy it is.
  8. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    Then you must mean $600 as speed. To bad that helipads are GDI related only, and only in later missions. With my experiments on Dune2. I got into a little bit of a problem. I managed to reach 1149 points, and going on with that AND sacrificing harvesters. My last score was only 1123 points. What is going on here? Is the time penalty increasing? Or is the AI getting slower? Does losing units also cost points? If so, then sacrificing harvesters is a bad way to go Searching for useful links. I do have reached about 65 units already. And it is getting harder to get additional harvesters. The sacrifice of harvesters is slowed down by having to much units. So, if I want to gain greater heights with this, I need to have absolutely no other units except of those that I get at the start of a mission. Next time, no extra units. Also no ornithopters ready to launch. Simply a heavy factory that pushes out extra harvesters. That way, relying on the Starport is less and less slow. But the score is the problem, if this doesn't get fixed. It has no use "cheating". Still, getting from 900 to almost 1150 is a lot.
  9. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    I prepared mission O-7 By planning ahead, I once again discover new things. That might or might not be known to this community. All Rocket Turrets, starting Harkonnen units, the CY and WOR's have been removed. I have the second island to the right as well, filled with slabs. The removing of all key structures was been done by borrowed devastators. I also tested the +1 to the north range. Actually, in the right angle, you have +2 range. I noticed how the devastator was shooting the rocket turret at a range of 7! I used some math as well to make sure. Could it be that the turret exit of the devastator is used instead? Or is it because it was an aim to north west in an angle of about 45-30 degrees towards west (10:30 - 11 o'clock) So you have several factors working together to get +2 range? I hope someone can test this too, just to back up my claim. Because it sounds so absurd. 8 High Tech are ready to launch Orni's for finishing the mission. I tested this and new Quads also fire at my Orni's. Even the devastators try. So far, the orni's are not shot down by them...yet. My losses counter at the safe is still 0. I have about 3k in spice. And 2/3th of all the spice is still available on the map. If you only build a wall of rocket turrets. You don't need much spice any way. I cannot get more harvesters by building more refineries. Apparently this has to do with the flying in carryalls and the 8 orni's that are almost ready. Somehow, I get the feeling that the Harkonnen stop producing when their harvester isn't returning. So I devised a plan to keep them doing so. I like killing devastators and quads (the only 2 units that are build). Since I can have only 1 harvester. I am going to fill it up. And instead of returning, I will blow it up on the map. Seeding the map with extra spice. I serenely hope that the scorched surface will still supply with spice. I think I will look for a couple of places to do this. While my counter for losses is on 0. The counter for kills is on around 130. It gives me about 900 points. I want to return to this mission occasionally for blowing up my own harvesters and keep the enemy sending stuff. Just to see if I can break my 3k score limit. Although, how many devastators and quads do I have to blow up for this? How many points do they supply? I can't find the points in the given link. I'll search this evening. I am sure somewhere is the information that I need.
  10. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    Yeah, I think I immediately tested that. And I concluded that you had a different version seeing as how I did get the money without storage as well. Never reported back on it though to reconfirm. Build Ref, cancel Ref, Build Ref, cancel Ref. etc. That is how I got plenty of cash for the next mission. I finished Ordos 6. I only killed like 130 units. Lost 0. And I used only 1 harvester Offence was 1 missile launcher and 4 raiders. Defence was a wall of 14 rocket turrets at a distance of 10 from the enemy base. With the given link, I think you can guess the map. Reserves where 50 combat tanks for 120 each, such luck Defeated the enemy after only 5 hours apparently. Then I emptied the map with another 30 harvesters. You get them for each refinery, after reaching the 99 limit? Yes, that was all I need. My score was around 950. I suspect a bug again.
  11. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    You guys!!! I have found out that turrets are very weak against a small squad of raiders. That said, the requirement is the death of the CY and all Refineries. So repairs will stop after a while. This test was in mission Ordos 5, where the Harkonnen are down left. It was a cakewalk compared to mission 4. With just 1 harvester, I made a wall of turrets myself and placed my repair bay all the way in the back. Only used some quads to hunt out for enemy Rocket Launchers. The whole map got explored without losses. And all enemy units can be lured by attacking 1 structure and immediately retreat. Easy task for a Raider. You need only 4 raiders (5 if you are using a mouse) for taking out 1 turret (not to confuse with a rocket turret). The Raider that gets attacked by this turret has to immediately retreat again. But 4 Raiders in total is all you need to take out 1 turret. I took them out 1 by 1. Starting with the one at the bottom right. The refinery was already gone. The second turret was the one just south east of the outpost. etc. etc. The last 2 turrets, right above the WOR, where taken out by 2 rocket launchers that I borrowed from the Atreides. PS. What is this? http://tasvideos.org/GameResources/DOS/Dune2.html That website looks awesome.
  12. X3M

    Just 1

    If you where allowed to add just one unit to all 3 houses. Or change 1 unit of a house. What would it be?
  13. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    I see. All on mission 1. Further, I never managed to get 100% efficiency by simply harvesting it all. Later on I heard from Nyerguds, that only Tiberium in refineries and silo's count. But that would go against selling all structures. Either way, both ways didn't work for me. I have been combining 2 tests. Only 1 harvester and only Raiders. Raiders make short work of combat tanks. Almost as if they still have their damage as high as trikes or even quads. But they have so much more speed. And of course less health. They ehm, remind me of something that you see a lot on cncnet.
  14. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    Your gdi 3 score is weird. 90% leadership and 100% efficiency? It is a base mission with harvesters. This means that you should have less efficiency, right?
  15. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    So far, my original C&C95, and Nyerguds version. Have given me "mission number" x (50 x %efficiency + 50 x %leadership) + 100 x "commanding only 1 combat unit". This explains the 700 points in GDI 6. But will also provide any player 1500 points in GDI 14, if played with only the mammoth. I am certain of the GDI points.