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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msSc7Mv0QHY Great to play, when one leaves the game midway. The video in the last post, has been removed. Shrugs.
  2. Well, since last week. I started playing the last update. Lets see how far I get this time. I always choose the Dessert template. And reduce the number of sandstone by 15. It turns those pyramids in towers. No need to dig down. Simply dig forward. Lucky me, the game lags less. In fact, I can have 16 chunks field of vision. But only when I am playing flatland. Still cool though, seeing the pyramid tower in the distance. Yet still needing to walk for a minute. But here is the thing: - Villagers are different - Certain items cannot be obtained any more directly. Where I usually traded books. This is impossible, unless I trade paper first. Or I have to upgrade a book with emeralds. This is not worthy the investment, since the return value for books themselves is much lower. Unless I have like "a lot" ready. And they, the librarian simply refuses after receiving like 100 or so? No more book trading! I have to stick with hay stacks now. Luckily, potatoes and carrots are valid items as well. Giving me a choice on which to trade or eat. Then there is even threads and zombie meat. Both can be traded as well. Wool cannot be traded any more, since they only want white wool. The villages have black wool for lampposts. Storage is now hard to obtain. An ender chest always provided 75% more storage. From 36 to 63 slots. For an ender chest that you keep as a backpack, you need 8 obsidian and an eye of ender. Plus, for picking it up, a pickaxe with silk touch. And this is where things get complicated. You cannot get an eye of ender any more. By trading with priests. First you need to trade a couple of times with a priest. Then you get an ender pearl. To get this ender pearl turned into an eye of ender. I need blaze rods. So, time to go to the nether I guess. But how? We need to light an nether portal. I can't get flints any more. Let alone flint and steel. Villagers wont provide me either. And gravel is nowhere to be found. Thus we need to do a trick to get to the nether. First you need wood and obsidian. A bucket of lava is needed as well. Wood can be obtained by tree branches in chests. And grow them of course. There are video's on youtube showing how to activate an nether portal. Simply construct one, then place the lave right next to it on the ground. Making a little dam to keep it flooding is needed of course. Then place the wood right above the lava. After a time, it will catch fire and light the portal. When going into the nether, you need to pick a village to construct the portal. This is your forward base. Which can provide additional food. And also provide the resources for torches. Also de-construct a church or two. This provides cobblestone for building a wall around your nether portal in the nether. Just in case you spawn in the middle of ghasts and stuff. I got lucky, I spawned right into a fortress. And after a while, found me some blazes. All I need to do now is return to the overworld. And get me that eye of ender. I need to travel to the next village. And please a priest there, enough. So that he will want to sell me an ender pearl. Once I do that, I have myself an ender chest. I already have the diamond pickaxe with silk touch. In total, it costed me about 11 km travelling. Could make a big swoop back to 0 x 0 and find the ender portal. If one exists in dessert templates. I guess, I need to check in creative mode. If there is none. I wont be needing mass ender pearls etc. Nor will I be able to fight the dragon. 1 blaze rod and one ender pearl is all I need. Then I will simply continue the journey like always. With my newly acquired backpack. Throwing away the rest of my obsidian. The only next goal would be, getting a diamond armor set. Which would provide me protection against creepers. With only 8 diamonds, I wont get far though.
  3. Wow, is that C&C system even intended to be that way? With the old Dune2 version, I too experienced having negative credits, once I reached beyond 2^( 16-1) I think that he first in 2^16th configuration is 0 credits. But I don't know if it is depending on either bits, bytes, or hex. Nyerguds, is it possible to place an CY just outside of the map? Yet still counts as the primary CY for the triggers?
  4. In C&C the loadout fills all storage of the ai. No doubt that in dune2 something similar might happen. That reminds me. Why is the armor concrete not used there?
  5. Ah, in that case, he is doomed. Since from time to time. He will be repairing his HF as well. He has no power. Now, the only question remains. Is killing Fremen counted towards my score? Since I have 16 Palaces on that map. I can spam Fremen and kill them
  6. I noticed that the emperor can still build units in the last mission. Without having a refinery or silo's. But I wonder how long the emperor can do this. Does he have infinite money? If so, I can abuse this for an even higher score. I got a saved game, where only his factory remains. It got destroyed once, so the Fremen (and my one and only orni) are ignoring it. All other things are dead. And it seems that none of the houses receives reinforcements around my base, at this point. My current score there is 2899, with almost 6 hours of playing that mission. PS. Does killing your own fremen count as score too? In case the Siege Tank output is slower than the time * negative score?
  7. He is actually still planning on building it. I guess his favourite pokemon is mr. Mime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVN17U3Vg34 Seems it is impossible these days to get them directly in the screen.
  8. Old topics like these, about trump are hilarious. To bad that this one is a short one.
  9. I see their misunderstanding. But each game actually has their own engine. Completely build from scratch. Very unlikely compared to how Blizzard used the WC3 engine for SC2, but upgraded it.
  10. Why are you going to try this. When the people out there already have the solution by using the engine in C&C3? There are dune2, dune2000 and EbfD mods out there in C&C3. By the sound of it. It is easier to do just that. And you have better models/graphics as a bonus too.
  11. Maybe you can apply some funky colours instead I wonder if any one on this forum would like to be updated about my idea's. It's ehm... different these days with the rules. I did some "study" on game mechanics. A 15 year itch? I thought that my 5 year itch was long.
  12. Spectral, what happened to your avatar? So, you are still into programming I see.
  13. Expect to do updates, after you released the "final" version. The smaller the team that worked on the app, the more updates that you need in total, and thus exponential per worker. And every new addition will also trigger a series of new updates. So, be prepared for that as well.
  14. It has been a month on this one. So relatively speaking, it is still fresh on this board. Any progress? At least your project is moving again in public. I kept mine in the shadows for discouraging reasons.
  15. Maybe the US will be converted into a big company.