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  1. X3M

    Warcraft II

    Then again... https://www.gog.com/forum/warcraft_ii_battlenet_edition/original_redbook_audio_restored_junk_removed/page1 Who can verify?? And why have these not been put on Youtube or other platforms just yet?
  2. X3M

    Warcraft II

    You know, after 7 years, I had a private message about my Warcraft 2 battlenet edition... Unfortunately, a couple of years ago my previous pc suddenly started acting weird. Some cd's got executed. First it happened with Frozen Throne. Since that cd had a 1 mm thick paintjob, I thought, "well, that was to be expected" But shortly after.... I lost my battlenet edition as well. So, if anyone reads this topic. Hope they read this last post as well. "Things die. Better to accept it in order to move on"
  3. 6 years later... In the meantime I matured more in math regarding RTS games. And to sumarize, most of them have to do with infinities and limit interactions. The 3 main pillars are: - Chain reaction weapnry. Where every hit could trigger another chance to do more damage. O-game is a very good example in this. Where a chance of 50% for each increase of 1 would result in an average of 2 damage on the infinite scale. - The same as the chain reaction. But the chance for the projectile to go through a section of the terrain in combination with infinite range. Would eventually result i
  4. I see my nickname popping up twice... Cool I guess I will suggest some more "mean" tricks soon
  5. X3M

    WC3 OR EBFD?

    Talking about digging up old topics. I choose WC3. I do NOT chooce the remastered WC3. Honestly, I don't even want people to find my corpse right next to that so called depremaster.
  6. If possible, you could add the extra known statistics like health and such??? I hope I don't get your responces in my spambox. I left 3 messages on that website.
  7. Great website. It looks like I can get you some extra strategies.
  8. It was a map called 4 corners, 4 players. Mountains as a cross, 12 thick, so no rocket launcher madness. The buildable area was something like 18x18 and the spice ring would have been 7 thick. Simple and humble I guess. The AI went very bad though.
  9. I did have a map in the past. But I forgot how I created it. And the map itself is gone as well. After all those years, I got several pc's.
  10. This is a board game based on ?the new dune movie? https://www.direwolfdigital.com/dune-imperium/
  11. Best way to capture it is to focus on infantry entirely and start walking. Get that engineer asap. And perhaps (can't recall if you have the money for it) some more infantry units. Once you get that juicy MCV. Deploy it right next to the starport to be able to build asap. Maybe a refinery or 2. Leave newly ordered units at the Starport location. Build turrets at the other base. Get some quads over there to deal with any missile tank. I love that mission, because you also can get siege tanks. (Just like in some versions of Dune2 A5 )
  12. I played a map where tiberium was rare. But there where plenty of tiberium spikes. Simply take them over was the goal. This map was imbalance though, because Nod could easily blow the spikes up that enemies had under control.
  13. In C&C3, not upgraded tech's are still greyed out. If you apply 1 upgrade for all "Barracks". Simply have the infantry squad icon ready. But a grey version of it. It will be replaced with a colour one after the upgrade. If single player missions have less tech to begin with. The icon is replaced with an "absense", or a picture that is supposed to be on the spot of the greyed version. As for the tabs, let's see what C&C3 has to offer: C&C 3 actually has a tab that only contain 2 air units. All vehicles and tanks are together in another tab. The Palace and Silo could be
  14. You can still choose, right? Perhaps you should look at all kind of different RTS. To get inspiration. Dune 2000 is a good start. It has the upgrades and choam in different tabs. Simply sort the units like Dune2000 for easy to find. Red Alert 2 had a double column per tab. Maybe put infantry with vehicles. And the usage of the super weapon with the slabs/turrets/walls. Generals has the super weapon in the screen. With a number of how many you have. I still like the Warcraft 2 approach. Who knows, maybe AoW3 might spark your interest.
  15. I get to vote? Lol. Ok, I think that if you make an editor that does a better job than TibEd. Go for it!!! Who knows what kind of beautiful designs will come from it. Sometimes a different editor (wheter it is better or worse) will open up new options. I used to have 2 editors for Starcraft/Broodwar. Making the layout of the map, after altering other statistics. Most of my maps in those days needed 2 independend editors. I don't know if it is possible with TibEd and your editor. But seeing as how you are actively changing your editor. You can add stuff that others here
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