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  1. X3M

    Dune II: The Neural Upscale

    No problem, keep me updated. It looks like fun. That medium tank in the first picture, has a weird looking cannon. But those (darker) rocks, now they really look like rocks. I though they where bushes or something in the oldest versions. Unless,... they are bushes. It looks good! But needs some cleaning, here and there I think. Seems yet another forum that I never knew of. But seeing that Plokite Wolf is active there. I will only lurk.
  2. Community feedback? Some pretend to know a lot about the games. That is the trap that EA has set up for itself. Asking a crowd that contains 99 percent opinions, has no use. It was better to lurk around first and ask who the players respect the most in terms of gameplay and such. I would for example, point towards Ferret and Nyerguds. They are respected and respectful. Also helpful and know the code. Nyerguds is THE man regarding this. Even Gruntlord would be a viable source in this matter. Since he is THE man regarding Dune2k. Sure, they can ask me for an opinion too. But it will always remain an opinion. Also my opinion; they could have asked certain questions without telling who they are. Simply a so called new guy, seeking advice in terms of. "What if I where to remaster this game?"
  3. X3M

    D2k Background Music/Sounds

    What if you don't try to re-create. But simply make your own version of the songs? Hitting the limits of the program, even if it means that the song is different at some or most parts. It is how remixes are made as well. See if you can mimic parts of a song, then put them together that fits. Instead of putting together to try to mimic that part of the song. I dunno if I explained that properly though.
  4. X3M

    Dune II: The Neural Upscale

    The missile tank looks a bit weirder now. But overall, it looks more smoothly. Have you some more images. Like how the tanks look like in mentat? Or like how they look like in the heavy factory selection menu?
  5. X3M

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    There can't be hard numbers on this. Not in that world of board games. I would never call it evidence. It is just people shouting things. See the link in the first post. Failures are mostly hidden. One can only see successes. Unless you buy a failure copy.
  6. X3M

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    https://www.bgdf.com/ Go ask there if you don't believe me. There you find people who actually try and even succeed (halfway is a success too!) I might still be too optimistic about the numbers. Simply ask "I have an idea for a board game. But what do I have to do to bring my board game from A to Z?" Oh right. You need to be someone more professional to be allowed. Or at least show the intentions.
  7. X3M

    D2k Background Music/Sounds

    Maybe you can do something with slower and higher record speeds?
  8. X3M

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    30,000 usd equals 1,000 copies. It is the turning point for a medium board game of medium quality. But depending on experience in making board games, target audience, theme etc. I'd say that only 1 out of 10 makes it that far into the 1,000 copies. Now decrease the chance by a factor 10 while only doubling the number of copies. I think you can tell by now that a game like MtG is a godlike success. Most board games are usually made by just 1 person. Or 2 people who thought of a game together and made it a bit more professional. Then a play test is done several times. By itself, friends, family, blind play test by normal players, perhaps by professionals. Who then sometimes hire an artist. For all the pictures. Who also might hire someone to check on the manual for correct rules, grammar etc. Who also sometimes outsource a game factory (for printing the board, cards, pieces etc.)
  9. Yes. But then the theme is mostly post apocalyptic. That triggered a bit of enthusiasm on the BGDF. I asked that question because I had to think of a theme first before moving on. That project is on halt for now for mechanical reasons. Number of pieces versus RPS effects is the main issue. Thank you for asking.
  10. I think they are planning a bit more than just graphics. There are discussions going on, on cncnet and other c&c forums. My greatest hope is that they work a bit on the balance of the games. There are some aspects that ruin the game for single AND multiplayer IMHO.
  11. X3M

    D2k Background Music/Sounds

    All of them. Obviously Great to see a friend, still at work, still alive. Under Construction has always been my favourite.
  12. X3M

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    I don't know if it is true about the renaissance. What I am sure of is that you need to sell at least 1,000 copies to get in the profit zone. If not, more. It also depends on the components, quality and quantity, that a board game designer wants to add to the game. The weight of the boxes. The shipping. And of course the right game with the right target audience. It is better to only follow up after the audience has gotten wider. It is already small for the films etc. All together, it needs very careful planning and creating. Also, testing etc. I have yet to see test requests on this game. There are several stages to this. And if they are not followed sufficiently, things will go haywire at the end.
  13. X3M

    Art of War 3

    Any one familiar with the game? Interested in sharing experiences? Even if you think it sucks. I am all ears I for one, am enjoying it right now. Unlike PvZ2, I will stop with the game when it gets too much pay to win for my taste. Other than that, it too has a good single player game. But also upgrades for units like in C&C Rivals. At first meaningless, but if you encounter someone without upgrades. Let's just say that RPS doesn't matter much at that point too. The big difference between Rivals and AoW3? AoW3 is a real RTS game. They still force you a bit to play a bit online. But the first few are obviously AI that you play against. You can still go back to the single player campaing whenever you like. Gaining money and gold by grinding. Eventually, you should be able to get all upgrades and missions. I have yet to test this though. Another big plus is that it doesn't whine about you playing the game. Also, commercials are a choice. Not a forced upon thy.
  14. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    No problem. I did write it down a bit weird after all. In other news. I got myself a new Iphone. My saved games are gone. But the game is not. So I started with the Atreides. I discovered that mission 5 gives me soooooooooo much more points than mission 6 and 7. All 3 missions, I build only 1 refinery and watches the slaughter. After roughly 2 hours I ended the mission. But the scores are very weird. 5>7>6. I mean, I almost reached 1000 points in mission 5. Only 700 in 6 and about 850 in 7. Weird huh? But as said before, I suspect that the score system is bugged in my version. I checked some notes of you Nyerguds. And compared them to the game. Counted units etc. It's totally different.
  15. X3M

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    That 600 is based on your 800 for the refinery. I know that the helipad is 300. Refinery is 600. True that I put both comments in the same alinea.