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  1. I played a map where tiberium was rare. But there where plenty of tiberium spikes. Simply take them over was the goal. This map was imbalance though, because Nod could easily blow the spikes up that enemies had under control.
  2. X3M

    D2TM Progress

    In C&C3, not upgraded tech's are still greyed out. If you apply 1 upgrade for all "Barracks". Simply have the infantry squad icon ready. But a grey version of it. It will be replaced with a colour one after the upgrade. If single player missions have less tech to begin with. The icon is replaced with an "absense", or a picture that is supposed to be on the spot of the greyed version. As for the tabs, let's see what C&C3 has to offer: C&C 3 actually has a tab that only contain 2 air units. All vehicles and tanks are together in another tab. The Palace and Silo could be together with the slabs and turrets and walls in the "defence" tab If a super weapon is ready, an icon in the screen should appear. Infantry have their own tab. All other buildings have their own tab. As for locations of the icon's... you kinda could follow the C&C series in that one as well.
  3. X3M

    D2TM Progress

    You can still choose, right? Perhaps you should look at all kind of different RTS. To get inspiration. Dune 2000 is a good start. It has the upgrades and choam in different tabs. Simply sort the units like Dune2000 for easy to find. Red Alert 2 had a double column per tab. Maybe put infantry with vehicles. And the usage of the super weapon with the slabs/turrets/walls. Generals has the super weapon in the screen. With a number of how many you have. I still like the Warcraft 2 approach. Who knows, maybe AoW3 might spark your interest.
  4. I get to vote? Lol. Ok, I think that if you make an editor that does a better job than TibEd. Go for it!!! Who knows what kind of beautiful designs will come from it. Sometimes a different editor (wheter it is better or worse) will open up new options. I used to have 2 editors for Starcraft/Broodwar. Making the layout of the map, after altering other statistics. Most of my maps in those days needed 2 independend editors. I don't know if it is possible with TibEd and your editor. But seeing as how you are actively changing your editor. You can add stuff that others here request. That is a good idea.
  5. X3M

    D2TM Progress

    Good. Looking forward to more.
  6. I was wondering a bit about some statistics. The Barracks cost 350 and the Radar 500 in the screenshots? Why? Personal feelings about balance?
  7. Well, if it is an option. It would be sufficient. If the resolution becomes to good, the icon's become to small. That is what I am facing with games like Tiberian Sun etc. Having the sidebar being able to double would make up for it...
  8. Looking good so far. But perhaps an option to double the menu sidebar....?
  9. Just keep in mind. People often only care about results. Announcing that you make something will not really get the attention. Announcing that you made somethng will. I had the same thing going with my board game. Never had an end result for anyone here. Simply did my playing with a couple of friends. That's it. But even that died off. As soon as you pause your project, it is actually dead. That is how I see a project these days.
  10. That is indeed waaay to obvious.
  11. Not in the top 20, lol. I wonder where I fit in... The total list of members, seems to be gone. Or am I watching in the wrong area, is it somewhere, still to be found?
  12. Man, it would have been so awesome if there could indeed be like 16, or even 32 players in a single retro RTS game. With huge ass maps. But there aren't...
  13. I am kinda interested in the DG Voodoo. I have some issue's with KKnD. The sides are being cut off. All other games work fine so far.
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