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  1. Just keep in mind. People often only care about results. Announcing that you make something will not really get the attention. Announcing that you made somethng will. I had the same thing going with my board game. Never had an end result for anyone here. Simply did my playing with a couple of friends. That's it. But even that died off. As soon as you pause your project, it is actually dead. That is how I see a project these days.
  2. That is indeed waaay to obvious.
  3. Not in the top 20, lol. I wonder where I fit in... The total list of members, seems to be gone. Or am I watching in the wrong area, is it somewhere, still to be found?
  4. Man, it would have been so awesome if there could indeed be like 16, or even 32 players in a single retro RTS game. With huge ass maps. But there aren't...
  5. I am kinda interested in the DG Voodoo. I have some issue's with KKnD. The sides are being cut off. All other games work fine so far.
  6. Also, don't adjust the resolution. To fix that problem, you need to re-instal.
  7. Don't use the NO CD Follow this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5Yu7Re2Cok&t=136s If it still doesn't work. I don't know either. I am a well known idiot here for not understanding these things. But I actually am playing the game right now. All thanks for you asking that question
  8. Same pictures, but subtle changes. Nice work! I am curious if it is all done. To get my hands on this version. This is how a remaster should look like
  9. The idea is awesome. Now we need combat tanks fighting with ogre's
  10. Take a look here please: https://gruntmods.com/
  11. So.... any progress on this? Because South Park suddenly made an episode about spice... Seems their opinion about it is, shit. Watch on your own risk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FxlgEAFZPM
  12. My Ordos 8, part 2, shows an harkonnen soldier at the end. This soldier is bugged. Can anyone take a look at it? And tell me if this bug is known?
  13. In Ordos 8. I will be having a godlike Harkonnen soldier as opponent. Luckily, the soldier decided to show mercy to me, by not shooting or attacking my base. Proly next week on my Youtube channel
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