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  1. Dune II played on a real MT-32

    Ahhhh, good memories from this version.
  2. Dune II micro is balanced?

    c&c score is linked to the mission number. The maximum is 100 times the mission number. Not only that, but doing an entire mission with only one combat unit will increase the score by another 100. I once finished GDI 14 with only the mammoth, resulting in giving me 1500 as final score. Dune 2000 follows the c&c example. I think that Dune 2 score, when calculated right. Is one of the fairest scores out there. Getting points for making kills and harvesting spice. Losing points for the mission time.
  3. Dune II micro is balanced?

    I don't know for sure either.
  4. Dune II micro is balanced?

    I suspect that the score system on the cellphone version is bugged/glitch or whatever you want to call it. While I was happy at first by reaching such a score. It is obvious that it is calculated wrong. I mean, I also can reach a score of only 28 while playing the second Harkonnen mission for just 10 minutes or so. And I often make more kills with Harkonnen then with Atreides in mission 9. Yet the Atreides have a whopping +1000 score. That makes no sense at all. Ruler of Arrakis, see them in my list? Those go to a score of 1399 I think. 1400 and onwards gives you Emperor. The title Emperor is not linked by defeating mission 9. As you can see, I got it at mission 8 as well. I don't know how much the titles hold true, compared to the original. Nyerguds knows, I think. The special thing that you did was killing more then 300 units in that mission. It is easy to reach those score if you snipe out all CY and Palaces. Then they will send unit after unit after unit. Simply take about half of all the spice. And let them have the rest, so that they keep sending. They need to send more points than you loose by time. I don't know exactly, but you need to manage to let them send tanks and infantry only. Vehicles are annoying, since they actually manage to hurt you. And palace powers are the same. A wall of RT and the AI wanting to get your Heavy Factory all the way in the back is how you roll on mission 9. Mission 8 has less spice. Waaaaaay less. In short, I am not that good either. I know where to snipe and sit things out. And the cellphone game is bugged in score calculations.
  5. Dune II micro is balanced?

    With atreides. 2 hours and about 15 minutes. I incapitated them as fast as possible though, didn't notice how long it took though. I went with only to do small attacks with the quads where the fremen went. I supported in a way. Just make sure the cy and palaces are dead. Ordos was ridiculous hard in the beginning. At least 3 hours. Although, raiders made the strike teams faster. I can't tell for sure. But it felt like the raider campaign in level 9 went faster. With ordos, I had no fremen meat. After striking down the cy and palaces. I needed to camp and rely on RT and massive hogging of spice. Saboteurs where used to strike down RT. I only had 3 palaces. If you are going to try this too. Let me know how it went. I played on my cellphone. Here you can easily command a group of 10-15.
  6. Dune II micro is balanced?

    I finished playing the game with only Quads. I also did the same with Atreides and Ordos. Where Quads where the play at first. But then I took one step backwards. Trikes/Raiders. It felt a bit harder at first. But knowing where to strike, no real differences where felt. Although, I did use some Palaces with the Atreides and Harkonnen. But none the less, going for the simple vehicles, saves up a lot of spice. And having a Starport first helps a lot as well. Make that first rush towards their CY, and you are good to go. I don't know if TaxOwlbear is reading this. But doing 1 campaign (no 3 times 1 map etc., just choose 1 house and do 1 mission each level), doing 1 campaign with only squads of quads and occasionally some palace power. I think, that is a decent challenge. Your only trouble would be the last 3 missions, when dealing with sonic's and palaces. Just remember, locate the CY (knowledge is allowed) and swarm in on any RT of Refinery. Eventually, the enemy will be out of resources and dries to death.
  7. You might find more activity on cncnet. But in overall, this place is pretty darn abandoned to my feel. Some lurk around here, from time to time. Give it a month or two. If you are addressing someone's topic or post, please use their name. And give a link to that topic. Saves them time searching or pondering if it was them you where talking too. I for starters, have no idea what you are talking about. There are several smart people on this forum, talking about each others mods or files or whatever they discovered, tested or created. Simply point, and things get done more easily. PM is also an option. Great though that you are a Strategy fan. (Not to confuse with RTS?) Which Strategy are you talking about, aside of Dune 2? (Not to confuse with Dune?)
  8. Dune 2 Project 3D

    After 20 years, finally, someone got the right idea. Keep up the good work.
  9. EA fucks it up anyway. I rather see some indie trying. Only if they make it as good as C&C3, I might take a look at it.
  10. I have a lot to tell after those 2 years. But would any one be interested?
  11. [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Alrighty then. I started playing with the Atreides first. In mission 4, you have to go and wack 3 harvesters or 8 silo's. I went for the silo route since you can kinda go around the missile turret. I noticed that fighting opponents is the best way to get to the other side. I eventually went with south-west to south-east, then north-east. And one by one, the tanks went into the base as far as possible from that missile turret. It was a hair breath beating the silo's in my third attempt. Is there any better way in doing that mission? Or have I taken a wrong path?
  12. [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    I started playing these missions. I discovered by accident. That I actually have them on my pc! Now then, where to discuss the strategies? Because I have a question about mission atreides 4. Man!! These missions. You put some thought in them. They are even better in design then several TD or RA missions. Although, they could use some tweaking IMHO. But I should play them all first. I am now at atreides 5.
  13. Negative effects of insufficient power. Just.. some.. idea's. To experiment with if you like. Some games make the effects fluent by having a percentage reduction. In fact, games like TD and RA have this. 80% power? 80% production capabilities. 10% power? 10% production capabilities. Include the option to shut off power to certain structures. And then you have the right to say that some buildings actually stop working entirely without sufficient power. What I have not seen so far is a 2 step disability. The Rocket Turret could stop firing rockets. But still could fire cannons? Then if the power drops lower, these cannons stop as well. Take a look at KKnD. Where you can upgrade your radar. No level is black. Level 1 is the explored terrain. Level 2 is your own units. And level 3 is the enemy as well. With insufficient power, you could go the other way around. Fluent, steps, yes/no. It is up to the designer to decide.
  14. All 45 of them. Here is an overview from word. Not going to share them in detail. Unless asked. I don't know how well they will print. But here is the plan ahead: 1 - Front and Back should overlap. The first 2 pages in grey scale will prove this. 2a - Then maximum settings on dpi:1200, coloured and high definition. Printing Page 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. 2b - See 3a. Also a version of 1200 dpi, coloured and low definition. Sometimes this one is better. Same pages. 3a - Checking text, is it readable on any of the cards? If not, or if the picture is not correct. They need rework. I might skip all the next steps towards number 7. And then get back here. 3b - If all is ready, the whole document will be printed in the correct way. 4 - Plastic layer will be added. Accidents can happen. If so, the 2 pages belonging to the victim paper will need to be reprinted. 5 - Nervously cutting them out. This has to be done manually. Accidents happen. If so, the 2 pages belonging to the victim paper will need to be reprinted, again. And they plastic layer needs to be added, again. 6 - Cuddling them. 7 - Show and tell. To the players that supported me all this time. Do they get the jokes? If not, 8 is at hand. 8 - Chances are that due to balance reasons, some cards need their value or rules changed. In that case. Only these cards will be put in a new document for reprinting. It can even be done with just 1 card. The only expense here is the plastic layer. Thus saving up to 9 cards would be best before doing this.
  15. Dune II micro is balanced?

    I have started a new experiment after concluding with troppers on Harkonen only. First the Harkonen Troopers. Mission 6 was actually doable. Ordos seems to be weak here. And continiuing with troopers shows that a hogging up spice strategy. Is a valid one for all missions. Mission 7 is the same. And after that, nuke camping is all there is to it. I have still to do mission 8 without nuke camping. I wonder how that goes. Again spice hogging? Camping is boring. And killing harvesters is a way of killing time. Bit squishing isn't fun. So I decided to start a quads squads strategy. These things rock! While taking casualities. With 5 harvesters and 5 light factories. Each mission felt 'easy'. There was only one rule. Kill the construction yards before anything else. Hunting harvesters is ok. I am at mission 6 now. And even this mission proves to be easy. Those rocket turrets are eaten away. This is simpler then having to utalise rocket launchers. During my trip towards mission 6, I noticed a bug again. A score of 28 in mission 2. Why? Seems the time is 6 hours. I am sure it was only gathering enough spice to finish the game. Mission 3 even took 11 hours. Odly enough, it took me a lucky 15 minutes with 5 refineries and those 5 light factory spam. Big bug. And it is the opposite on the Atreides missions. I checked. 20 minutes on mission 9? Fat chance. Yet it happened. Resulting in that ridiculous score.