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  1. X3M

    The Covid Thread

    Indeed. Too much weird stuff going on, with this one.
  2. Ah yes, Happy New Year to all!
  3. X3M


    Hahahaha. So I am not the only one who discovered BarkHan. I for one will probably buy it, if it is not too costly. I am also in their discord.
  4. X3M


    Can't believe no one is talking about this game. And it has been a while since I looked at it. Here is my video. You can get the demo on steam. 1 misison to play. It is very hard. Of course I abuse some "features" But I think they are doing great.
  5. I certainly hope so. It has more of the Dune atmosphere than Barkhan. It looks like a good rival. But they need to hurry up. Barkhan is still developing at an alarming rate. And will be out earliest februari 2023.
  6. I think there was no attention for the guy. So I understand that he stopped working on it. Also, I have the impression he did it all by himself. Meaning that the project would be extremely slow. And 1 man projects often get stuck at things that they have trouble with. Something that is covered in a team.
  7. Here is part 2 of a first run of someone who is used to these kind of games (is my guess) He got a victory. And seems to know a lot already. To be honest, not a game for me, who is only interested in "classic" RTS games. You really only have infantry squads. But also have to do a lot of politics.
  8. After a few wtf moments in that one video. The game starts to become....over generic. Even Dune 2, despite having a weak ai for attacks, is much more interesting. Sorry to say, but I feel they failed in some important departments now.
  9. I thought, lets listen to this one:
  10. Like 18 to 19 minutes into the video. And I had my first WTF"!!! THATS NEW!!" moment.
  11. Ok you lads. Here is a bigger video. It starts a bit silly. But he is going to play the game.
  12. Not sure about the mission specifics. But if your spice income is stable (no field depletion). You have a defence that has an easy way of being repaired. And your storage keeps increasing. You got yourself a job well done.
  13. There is still a cave somewhere. or... The fremen you seek is stealthed.
  14. The smugglers start in the polar region... Sounds familiar.
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