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  1. He is actually still planning on building it. I guess his favourite pokemon is mr. Mime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVN17U3Vg34 Seems it is impossible these days to get them directly in the screen.
  2. Old topics like these, about trump are hilarious. To bad that this one is a short one.
  3. I see their misunderstanding. But each game actually has their own engine. Completely build from scratch. Very unlikely compared to how Blizzard used the WC3 engine for SC2, but upgraded it.
  4. Why are you going to try this. When the people out there already have the solution by using the engine in C&C3? There are dune2, dune2000 and EbfD mods out there in C&C3. By the sound of it. It is easier to do just that. And you have better models/graphics as a bonus too.
  5. Maybe you can apply some funky colours instead I wonder if any one on this forum would like to be updated about my idea's. It's ehm... different these days with the rules. I did some "study" on game mechanics. A 15 year itch? I thought that my 5 year itch was long.
  6. Spectral, what happened to your avatar? So, you are still into programming I see.
  7. Expect to do updates, after you released the "final" version. The smaller the team that worked on the app, the more updates that you need in total, and thus exponential per worker. And every new addition will also trigger a series of new updates. So, be prepared for that as well.
  8. It has been a month on this one. So relatively speaking, it is still fresh on this board. Any progress? At least your project is moving again in public. I kept mine in the shadows for discouraging reasons.
  9. Maybe the US will be converted into a big company.
  10. If you pay close attention, you also notice this in mission 8. But 9 is indeed the same map over and over again.
  11. Curious as to what choice you are going to make, regarding the harvesters first choice of harvest. The thick spice and immediately the thin spice under it? Or complete random? Or the thick spice only first and return later for the thin spice? Or....?
  12. I don't think they are much interested. But perhaps they can hint me on how to design railroad tracks that have multiple trains riding on them. While the stations are doomed to be 2 (loading docks) or 1 (UNloading dock). I can't expand the unloading dock in any direction. Not only due to houses, but also due to the last misshaped terrain and some roads that are needed for the 300 trucks that get pass by every 3 minutes or so.I got several places that allows for 3 trains to wait. I got 6 riding. There isn't much room any more to change things. And it is the only railroad in the whole map. The town started with 77 people, and grew to over 30.000. (Talking about inbreeding) Something like this: http://users.skynet.be/klaasdc/openttd/screen2.png But then on a 64x64 map Now, why only 64x64 you might ask? Well, the 512 x 512, requires map reading too. But the map reading on the iphone is the same as zooming out at a maximum. I actually got lost. 256 x 256 might be doable. But I thought, lets do the smallest possible map. Just to see what happens. One lesson learned, plan ahead. Next time, I place dummy railroad tracks around the town. For when the size increases sufficiently, 50 years later. The only increase in economy is that all factories increased their production. I wonder if this is due to the fact that there are houses build right next to the factories. Or that this is a simple effect over time. The only place that didn't get better was the corn field. From 18 to 40. While other places like fruit went from 60 to 360.
  13. Well, economy related things? I assume you keep it the same as Dune2 in many regards? But I am hoping for some upgrades. Although, what I hated about Dune2 was the cheap Refinery. It had the storage of a silo, an harvester, and the refining ability. An harvester and silo together was already $50 higher than the refinery itself. I think that the refining process should be costing just as much as the silo property. Thus the Refinery itself would cost 300. And you pay 300 extra for the harvester. A total of 600 is what I think would be best for an Refinery. And of course only 50% repair costs compared to other structures. If possible, I would like to see another harvester take the journey towards a refinery, when an harvester is already in. However, it would stand waiting just outside the refinery. I don't like the fact that the Original keeps them in the field. With all risks intended. In C&C they already return to a refinery, while the refinery is busy. This also means that it would be neat if a carryall also places the harvester close to an refinery. And of course, afterwards, back on a (or the) field. Last, I like the spice balooms in Dune2000, returning all the time. However, the ammount was overkill. If you do something similar. Please keep it to a minimum to 1 or 2 per player, maybe a 5th to conquer first. And even better, maybe a counter on the balooms, that they will return only a few times. Another option is to have them being created by the sandworms. The ammount in the baloom would be less than the units eaten. A sandworm creates a baloom after a random amount of time, after having its fill. Maybe the sandworm returns to the baloom in regular basis, to get spice in stock. Of course, sandworms themselves create just a little bit of spice every minute. So, not only will a baloom kill an unit by stepping on it. The sandworm might have it as a territory. Yet, in the end, the other fields that are safe are gone. And players need to fight over the dangerous fields. Sandworms should return on a regular basis. Hmmm, shoot the baloom, and the units around will take damage? This was, just throwing out some idea's
  14. Curious. 50 for 1, 150 for 3 infantry? Is the group literly 3 times stronger? 1000 for an refinery. Happy to see, that it is increased. But why 1000? What is the logic behind it? How much will an harvester be worth? From 300 to? How much a silo? From 150 to? And how much the refining process? From -50 to? Everything seems to be building at the same speed. I bet it is your next step to change it. If I may advice: relate this to the cost. So that later on, all you need to do is change the costs of something. And the build speed is adjusted automatically. Further, put the prices above or below the pictures. Not on the pictures. Or make it a pop up if you hoover long enough over the picture?
  15. Never knew that it actually started with railroad tycoon. I am aware of the Transport Tycoon website. Since here is only for the RT series, I simply will shut up about it.