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  1. Regarding Discord. What happened to the one of cncnet? I seem to be kicked out of it? Or something?
  2. Well, I played Dune 2 and Red Alert. I didn't get stuck in the early missions. Except Harkonnen 5, for 20 minutes. I discovered that the Radar was a different building. And voila, Missile tanks, 20 minutes later than planned. Harkonnen 7, I expected Ornithopters. The manual said that I could use Missile tanks besides of Missile Turrets. I was surprised at that. So I planned to have both asap. Focusing on the building first. I did not know how much defences I needed. So I had to play that mission 3 times before figuring out the most optimal defence and anti air rush. Can't recall, but one of the missions expects you to destroy fremen sietches. I did scouted one, but didn't see it. Because I didn't recognise it. Lol. I expected buildings to be honest. At that time, I never played Dune. In all campaigns, I mostly used Combat Tanks. And I abused the imbalances that every Westwood/EA game had to offer. But also discovered the new imbalances pretty soon.
  3. Squish... Although, the AI doesn't do that. The damage on the other hand is relatively low. Health * Damage = kinda the total score for one unit in combat. Go, and compare those two.
  4. Sim base building Sim base building means, that you make a base just for the looks instead of practise. Just like how the AI has been designed. This goes very easy in C&C TD, TS, RA and RA2. It is even possible with WC2 in multiplayer (or the map editor, I did that much more). Point given is that walls are necessary to make it more like an AI base. Warzone2100 and AoW3 allows this, SIM base building, as well. Prisoners When walls are involved. You can make a prison for certain units. These are often simple mini-gunners or rifle men. Blooms Never knew about the blooms being different. But it makes sense. I guess the biggest maps had like a super long time. Perhaps add 10 pops every higher tier of bloom? I never saw them disappearing on the map that I played.
  5. I tried to Sim Base once. No fun if you can't close from all sides. I tried to empty the Spice on a big map. Of course I failed. Bad game design from my point of view. Reached 200.000.000 credits after a while. The AI? Got a couple of units imprisoned. I tried to empty the Spice on a small map. Same story. I have experimented on having forces on all the fields in order to kill any Harvester and Carryall. Simply not attacking the bases. Eventually the AI gave up, lolz.
  6. It is great and all that people work on Dune2 projects. But I hardly see any of them being finished. I guess that this "openra" version is the best so far.
  7. Why asking if the question/answer is in the quote?
  8. You posted a long time ago on this forum as well? I remembered that you did a lot back then in a short time. But maybe it was another forum?? I can't recall tbh.
  9. My Sonic Tank would be either like the original. Weak when alone. Indeed defeated by 3 Quads. But strong when in a massive group. But I also like the one shot, kill version of EbfD. Long range is a pre. A lot of splash is a pre. PS. Atreides have a little bit of stealth in EbfD. And I guess, you could count the Fremen (dune2000)? Even if they are not really a part of the Atreides. Atreides have more stealth than the Harkonnen for sure.
  10. O wow, you are back. Welcome back Dr.Kran. Your old Youtube channel got lost? Because I can only see your new one.
  11. X3M

    AoW3 Global Conflict

    Meanwhile... I am doing this...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba2BwpzUFBQ If you know the game and would like to see my adventures. Simply subscribe. If anyone likes to try the game (mobile game). By becomming a recruit, I can send crates. Use the following link on your Phone: https://redirect.appmetrica.yandex.com/serve/169878688668608468?recruiter_id=1118283928 Please enjoy the video.
  12. Can you compare with other emulators? Maybe it is the emulator.
  13. If it is the dos/mac hybrid release...Maybe it is not as well. How can one be 100% certain?
  14. Here is a list of what the game needs: https://www.classicdosgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1339 VGA 320x200x256c games And a 13???
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