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  1. After a few wtf moments in that one video. The game starts to become....over generic. Even Dune 2, despite having a weak ai for attacks, is much more interesting. Sorry to say, but I feel they failed in some important departments now.
  2. I thought, lets listen to this one:
  3. Like 18 to 19 minutes into the video. And I had my first WTF"!!! THATS NEW!!" moment.
  4. Ok you lads. Here is a bigger video. It starts a bit silly. But he is going to play the game.
  5. Not sure about the mission specifics. But if your spice income is stable (no field depletion). You have a defence that has an easy way of being repaired. And your storage keeps increasing. You got yourself a job well done.
  6. There is still a cave somewhere. or... The fremen you seek is stealthed.
  7. The smugglers start in the polar region... Sounds familiar.
  8. I still remember asking here what the deal was with the MH plane. That never got solved. But the media over there is entirely different than over here. Some Russians blame my country. Some from Ukraine blame my country. Some seem to be happy, no matter which country they are from. And some from both countries don't even know what is happening any more. It is one big confusing chaos.
  9. Not sure. But don't the Harkonnen look like the Atreides in regards of squad compositions? I suspect that they are copies, and only the graphics differ. What do you think?
  10. I googled for the website... but.... Make sure the old website is gone? It still contains mistakes. I see that the new website has gained cool features. Like images that are mono coloured. Yet get the original colour when the mouse is hovering over. That is cool! As for the new website, there are some little suggestions I have: - It contains some spelling errors: walktrus should be walkthroughs - The advice on the game speed to increase Sonic Tank range. Doesn't work on several versions. Perhaps Nyerguds can tell you which versions help here. The mobile version of Dune 2 as example, doesn't have that bug. - Maybe the mobile spice blooms factor is interesting for players. It can go up to 3.5 times that of the original value. Might as well add that. - by placing these buildings with a foundation: by placing these buildings without a foundation: Cheers, X3M
  11. I see that a base is upgradable. Just like in the mobile version of C&C. That saddens me a bit. Then I see the various types of infantry. And their descriptions. I like the Rangers. They are exactly like how I had my Rangers (same name too) in my personal board game. A simple somewhat faster and longer range version of the riflemen..... Oh, the troopers are melee units. Ok I simply had more steps then. Not sure about the RPS system of the game and if there are clear differences in body and weapon mechanics. But the Wardens look like good fodder or meat units. I hope this holds true. Because different infantry that have the same weapon type and armor type. Yet having different value's on them. Make micromanagment in squad design very interesting. I hope this holds true. Hmmmm, only infantry so far. Let's wait and see. The game sure looks and feels unique.
  12. They got my attention now!! And I like the fact that Atreides is going to be green. Afterall, green is the opposite of red. Let's keep our fingers crossed this project doesn't fall. I like the graphical details. And the fact they approach more of an animated style as well.
  13. Game: Dune 2000 Version? Any mods? Faction and mission? How does it dissappear? Blown up, fades out, taken over and sold?? So many questions that need to be answered here...
  14. PS. Those who play for free. Are at roughly 50% progress compared to "pay to win" players. But more importantly, training battles are completely free. And can be done with anyone.
  15. These last 3 years, I have playing the same RTS game on the mobile over and over again. And if you have a decent mobile. Then you too can play this game. As of Christmas 2021, a new update has introduced the heroes. New players will have no trouble having these heroes level up at the intended levels. In order to receive a bit more rewards than others. You can link your account to mine, by downloading it here: https://aow3.gear-games.com/?referrer=appmetrica_tracking_id%3D169878688668608468%26ym_tracking_id%3D9244786356244504827 Take a look to see if you like the game. There are plenty of single player missions, 50 for each faction so far. The first 6 are really tutorial (aimed at the americans, kek) And if you don't like it. Let me know in the game. You will automatically understand how, once you have played the game.
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