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  1. wow, I didn't go that deep. Thanks for the explanation! My missions need the strong Fremen soldiers so they need Luminar's Fremen Binary.
  2. I downloaded the binary 3 years ago, so it should be a very old version. Yes, my campaign doesn' t include side Ix and Fremen, but when I started create my campaign my Dune2000 had already installed the binary, so I continued to use it. The most important feature is the binary strongly strenthen the soldier Fremen.
  3. Hi, guys! I originally wanted to upload all my missions, but found adding information to the MissionLauncher using D2kEditorv12 took much time. So this is the first part, Atreides missions. Please read ReadMe text first. Enjoy! ***** I found Cm_blast's Smuggler's campaign (the 4 mini ones posted long ago) very difficult. Are my mission too easy? Glory_Awaits_AT_By MattBaker.zip
  4. I played the 4 mini missions, they were too hard for me haha. I really don't like using the infantries
  5. MattBaker

    An Error

    Thank you. I noticed and modified some terrain, hope it won't occur again!
  6. MattBaker

    An Error

    I got an error when I'm testing my map. It shows below. I modified a few things but I still cannot find what causes the error. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  7. MattBaker

    What is Dummy Condition?

    Thanks a lot ! Already on it!
  8. MattBaker

    What is Dummy Condition?

    WOW that's awesome thanks a lot!
  9. MattBaker

    What is Dummy Condition?

    Hi, professionals, What is Dummy Condition in the mission editor? How to edit it? I never use it but I see it in many missions... Thanks!
  10. MattBaker

    How to edit Briefing?

    Thanks bro! I use the mission selector panel in D2k, so I need to add a Mission Launcher in it... Guess I have more work to do
  11. MattBaker

    How to edit Briefing?

    Oh, yes I found it! But I'm still use the previous version. I use the mission selector panel in D2k, so I need to add a Mission Launcher in it... Guess I have more work to do Dune2000 is the FIRST computer game I played, in 1998. I really love it! Glad to see others players still playing this game!
  12. MattBaker

    How to edit Briefing?

    Does someone know how to edit the Briefing of every mission? Thanks. I finished a couple of missions but don't know how to type in the briefing. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys! This package is my revised official campaigns part 2 - HK(Mission 7 - 9) & AT(Mission 1 - 5). If you like my style, you will enjoy this part 2! BTW if you don't play part 1 yet, here's the link: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26914-%E3%80%90released%E3%80%91-revised-official-campaigns-of-hk/ Please read the Readme and Briefing .txt first. If you have installed the mission select mode from [aKa]FedaYkin @2012 and the Fremen's improvements files from Luminar, just copy and paste the files in the Missions folder to your Dune 2000 Missions folder. Please leave some comments after playing! Thank you! 2- revised Campaigns.zip
  14. MattBaker

    [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Never mind! I add your file into trust section. By the way, I have just played 7 AT missions and a few of them were hard and I had some fun! Great job!