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  1. Because I have many Dune2000 folds and I don't know which ones I have updated Yes I'm doing new maps but I need some "sparks" to enlight me
  2. Problem solved! I overwrite the file and it's done!
  3. No no no your explanation is quite useful! Thanks a lot
  4. Why cannot I run the program... I double clicked either run.bat or runGUI.bat and nothing showed up....
  5. Hey I have a small question... I put a stealth raider on the map but when I start the game there is nothing. This time I didn't install any moded files. Did I miss anything?
  6. Emmmm... Good joke Actually I'm running out of ideas....
  7. I was back to China to stay with my parents and friends for a while. What is Discord?
  8. this shows better By the way, I don't know how to quote one line to reply ...
  9. The deviation mission: After you capture one vehicle, you need to send it to repair pad immediately; that's what carryalls use for! When it reaches the repair pad, you can try using hotkey "S" to stop it ON one of the four points of the pad, then it won't transfer, unless you move it or the repair pad is destroyed! the four points are (let's see if I can draw something ):
  10. I will play the whole campaign again and match your comments with missions one by one
  11. Well, for making new maps, I've already tried, but find it takes too much time to draw one map, even with 64*64 BTW now I'm stuck in my new mission because I can't think of anything new. It takes more time to think than to draw
  12. Hey bro! Can you convert a few songs for me, please? I really want to add some music to my campaign. Thanks! Cm_blast told me you successfully converted some music using 32-bit windows, but I don't know Spanish
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