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  1. heya variables here's the test map. player is Harkonnen. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR EXISTING "dune2000.exe" and enjoy the test map, but read on in this thread if you want details on how everything works n stuff EX SAMPLE.zip as usual, unpack the zip to your d2k directory. the subfolders in the zip should have subfolders there to merge with edit: Kipp kindly tested this mission the prior version of this mission. what's new since then? buncha stuff, but the biggest deal for balance is 'repeat queueing.' anyway, here's his run on hard mode: full map image: if you run into any problems starting up, you're probably missing some other file, i guess. make sure you have either the 1.3 mission launcher or dunemaster full package. related threads: I'm told the test map is kinda difficult, so maybe play on easy mode. there's a high eco w/ early defense build order in the mission """briefing.""" don't forget to build Mining Rigs on spots where they're buildable (you'll see Atreides rigs there) and use MCV repacking to build factories or turrets closer to the enemy, keeping your Harvesters safe in an area in front of your initial base location. good luck anyway, why are variables cool? details on some of the new stuff below: we've been discussing this shit around the Landsraad server on Discord, so drop by if you want more whatever that's all for now, go test the map already xD edit: more advancements in manipulating the game behaviors have been achieved. also, i ported some Dune 2 units over to d2k. new details under the final spoiler there, below the dotted line near the bottom. many thanks to those who have already tested! good luck if you give it another go sometime
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