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    Sometimes I heard opinion from mission creators, that the Sandworm (8th) player/side cannot be used as a regular side with working AI that acts its role in a mission, because even if you configure valid and active AI for this side in .MIS file, this will not work. Therefore you can only use separate 6 AIs in a mission + 1 side you play as + Sandworm just for... yeah, sandworm. However, yesterday I just tried this, I mean configuring a Practice AI for Sandworm side, and not surprisingly, it worked. The Sandworm player acted just as a regular side with working AI. What I also noticed, that the sandworms (placed on a map) dit not start moving and acting at all. So probably activating AI would deactivate sandworms. Which is a trade-off. But still, if you do not want to have sandworms in your map (in some specific tilesets it even does not make sense to have them) you can utilize Sandworm side and have 7 different working AIs in your missions. Could you please comment on this and confirm if I'm right? I did not examine all existing custom missions whether Sandworm was used there with AI, but I'm curious. And in case this has been just a misconception for all the time, then I probably opened new possibilities for all of you.
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    I installed Emperor Battle For Dune on my PC (Windows 10 64 bit), patched it to 1.09, then followed every single tutorial here how to make my game to NOT need CD, but when I chose campaign - keeps asking me "Insert disk". I still keep the 4 ISO files - If I move them to the game directory - will that help? As I said - I tried every tutorial here step by step, but nothing helped. Tried also all kind of No-CD FIX - again nothing. Cracks doesn't help. What should I do with the ISO files?
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