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  1. American Mcgee just released Grimm, which is also touched with his twisted Tim Burton like view. So that's somewhat close.
  2. BTW, Alice was a brilliant game as well, but that one is really old. 2000-2001 I believe.
  3. Hate to disappoint you but it looks really good. I really enjoy the demo, it's fast paced as RA2 and like the o-so-boring TS multiplayer. The controls could be better but are sufficient and most things are nice. It's a good mix of C&C style and more modern styles in RTS. And it's exactly the kind of game that builds on taking your attention away and allowing your enemy to use all the sneaky stuff. The FMVs are fun, I forgot how nice those were.
  4. Nah, don't even remember what is from 2006 and what isn't...
  5. Kinda late no? We're about to finish 2006..... :)
  6. Of course not, but with if those rebels would endlessly attack the US without Mexico stopping them? That's a slightly closer to the case. Both sides remember exactly what they fight for. You're ptaronizing the people in the region as stupid idiots who have been fighting for decades without knowing why anymore. This only exists in silly tales for kids. Hate is an excellent fuel, but it doesn't ignite wars.
  7. There's some stuff about it but its more of a wishful thinking than being true. However only 28 people seem to have died there now. And some things are unexplained about that bombing (The time gap and such). You can however defintely see how a rescue worker posed with a dead baby around 10 times each time for a different news agency. Seemingly with gaps of up to 3 hours between the pictures. But nothing really official supports it, and frankly even if it's false the damage has already been done.
  8. You're welcome to come to Israel and explain Israeli intelligance how to never make a mistake. Shed us with your light based on years of experience in the a military. Until then you should understand Hizbullah isn't walking around with a sign saying "Shoot me" on the roof. You would also be wiser if you knew how to devide 200 to 700. (Rather old numbers) And compare them with similiar wars. I know you think you're brilliant but unless you want to offer a better way to fight an organization which strategy is to hide among civilians, and shoot from civilian houses and territory, which is counting on people in the wide world to complain about one side only because they have little knowledge on the subject and were shown some pictures which makes them think 25% of Beirut was destroyed and not just numerous targets which all/most were housing Hibullah activites. These things are causing the civilian casualties. Not the other way around: http://www.mfa.gov.il/NR/rdonlyres/3703F015-328D-4D9D-A287-C86BD52C7908/0/HizbullahKatyushas.wmv http://www.mfa.gov.il/NR/rdonlyres/B883D7F6-FF7B-4E46-A639-643ED03F477E/0/FiringBehindBuilding.wmv http://www.mfa.gov.il/NR/rdonlyres/0EC08413-7A4C-46D1-AA0E-773B259B318A/0/HizballaUseofcivilianShields.wmv http://www.mfa.gov.il/NR/rdonlyres/11A0342E-ECB3-4F80-A282-D9A853CA48E1/0/qana.wmv http://www.mfa.gov.il/NR/rdonlyres/B43E19CA-B17A-436D-A3F2-9E3F15A6907A/0/MissilesfromHouse.wmv
  9. That's a good dilemma. Anyhow the orders for pilots are to abort attacks if innocents are detected. An innocent BTW doesn't really apply for I have a room in the back with Katyushas, but the pilot would have U-turned if he knew those are the results. The problem is worse when it is a rocket launcher shooting right now from within civilians (The attack from last night was on ammunation I understand) in this case I myself would take the guy down, while going for the minimal colleteral possible for some reasons: I don't view someone who is shielding terrorists as an innocent. According to Geneva conventions its legal and the responsibility is of the side using the innocents as shields. In the end my goal is to save Israelis, prior to saving others.
  10. Ooh, nice. No one said Israel is not responsible. But Hizbullah is more responsible. IAF claims it has videos of rockets being stored in that building. They should officialy comment in a press conference about it in an hour or so. Maybe they'll be kind to share them with us (They're never happy about showing capablities...)
  11. Actually it was Saudi-Arabia who offer 2-3 years ago a concept for an agreement that includes acknoledging of Israel by all arab states. And it also condemned Hizbullah on the start of these events. Most arab-countries have passive hostile relations with us. They have no real interest in fighting with Israel.
  12. You're military scenarios can be quite disconnected from reality. In reality logistics create the biggest stress on a military especially if he is the invading force. And communication sucks, it's not like your average RTS game, you never really know where your units are, and what the hell is happening. That's why mistakes like the UN telling 10 times and easily occur. Because of bas communication between artillery, intelligance and air force. In the same way no country can send 1,000,000 of its people to simply run into the next country and take out all tanks. Even if it will work. (And weapons like artillery can stop on open ground a good deal) it doesn't matter. You'll have 1,000,000 people on that country, without any logistic support, no food no water no shit. In a average army the logistic staff is more than 5 times bigger than the fighting staff. For every one artillery cannon, there are usually 3-4 trucks if you want to keep it supplised to shoot a small part of the time. That's why taking commanders is sufficient to block a military. And that's why superior technology can gap insane amountf of man-power. Today Israel still have a giant technology gap on most of its enemies. And BTW we have peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. And Israel's potential enemies who can drag into fighting are just Iran and Syria nowdays. The rest would really prefer overlook it.
  13. Shit happens (But Irealize that it doesn't make you happy, so welcome to the shitty world where people miss and indetify the wrong targets, just like yesterday an Israeli chopper shot a missle at an Israeli force, so you can now happily blame Israel for killing IDF soldiers indiscrimently... Or you can grow and realize Hizbullah hidtouts don't have a sign on thier roof, and that shit happens and the wrong stuff gets hit. You'll be an idiot to think Israel did it on purpose, since it obviously cannot gain anything from shooting a lebanese civilian or a UN soldier or an ambulance, it can only lose from this happening, so you either just write a lot of crap or honeslt believe all the Israeli military is plain idiot, because that's what is required from someone to shoot himself in the leg on purpose...)
  14. The aformentioned israelis are without a doubt take the prize for being idiots. The translkation is distorted. Nothing special about people starting filiming terror sites in Israel so it seemed natural to them. Picturing yourself with the tower burning in the bacjground is more than untactful but does not make you the planner of it. And if you think the mossad is the best in its field in the world, why would it have such idiots standing in the open having fun in front of the towers? And yes tourists rarely hang around with cameras.... Not very bright. Two israelis died in the towers, removing the idiotic claim about Israel notifying its citizens. There's in fact a full book that descirbes this conspiracy, and I've seen too much shit that contradicts each and every of its claims. Israel BTW did gain from 9/11. No one took seriously the terror threat before that. But listening to this piece of crap is like watching Farenheit 9/11 and thinking that moive is true. I suggest you click all of the sources there and see how much interpretation is needed to create the bigger picture. Every Israeli probably thought at some point that now America will understand us better, that's fair enough and logical to hope that Israel would get some support against the palestinians and the awful year it has been through. But planning it? The fact that identities of all the terrorists are known? Their nationalities? Claiming the Ben-Laden tape connecting him is in fact fake. Which doesn't explain how he knew right on this day to disconnect his satellite phone?
  15. The speeding is about some anti-bunker ammunation that was bought already. Israel simply asked it now insteado f 6 months later.
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