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  1. MaglevForever

    Industry and Locomotive Charts Requested

    Many attachments have been corrupted/lost for some reason. The links in this thread to Hawk's site are not working either. The site is still there, but in 10 years probably the organization changed. Most RT3 players hang out over there. Let's see how long these attachments last. RT3_Locomotive_List_v1.06.zip RT3_Industry_Charts_v1.06.zip
  2. MaglevForever

    Terra Aqueous (tweaked)

    It's not really a secret that I was trying to help out. Diablo, I apologize for not saying something yet, thought about it, no excuse. I only started the map a couple times without noticing a problem, maybe there were some I didn't notice since most towns with hand-placed Steel Mills that are prone to this behavior are near the edge of the map. Really there are only 3 or 4 towns that may "ghost." Just now I restarted a bunch of times and the majority are randomly showing some "ghost" towns with the hand-placed Steel Mills but no houses. I found that changing the city size from "Town" to "City" virtually took the problem away. The bug hasn't been documented well. Still if you want to avoid some potential randomness, better to avoid it. Jeffry, was there another mention, something about a Tire Factory somewhere? I couldn't find it with a search. Also, I was trying to help get the "Set Building Cost" event to work. No success. Do you know anything about it?
  3. MaglevForever

    Tweaked revision South East Asia map

    In order for the condition of highest book value to be relevant, I would suggest adjusting their Dividend Payout / Stock Buyback to None. Stock buybacks limit highest book value for the AI. They will then tend to build stacks of cash. To prevent the player from exploiting these mergers would also need to be turned off. You could go further and select chairmen who are likely to Expand Rails. For example, Cecil Rhodes, James Hill, Charles Crocker, Isambard Brunel, etc. Look in the folder of your RTII install for a file named "Strategy Guide". There's a section called Tycoon Tendencies. The goals for the industry investment and profits are very low @: 3000 and 2000. Perhaps you meant $3000000 investments and $2000000 profits?
  4. MaglevForever

    Revised Israel Map

    I don't check my messages too often but I eventually replied. I reported that I made a mistake. Decreasing train safety by 99% is not 10x normal, but 100x normal breakdown chance. This is the maximum on an exponential type scale - increases very rapidly towards the maximum.
  5. MaglevForever

    Revised Israel Map

    I played it using the F3. Didn't work well during the period 1948-1951, but still got a gold medal. Electric track cost means initial profits would be smaller, but the GG1's Outstanding reliability makes it the only usable engine during the war with Syria. I saw a breakdown chance of 2490.2% with my F3 approaching Jerusalem, it broke down twice going up the hill and two-thirds of my engines crashed. The map adds more than +100% risk to Train Safety when combining the effects of different. After a little investigation it seems that the way this is modeled is that the max can be +99% which equates to about 10x normal. An exponential situation which gets more sensitive to adjustment on approach to the max of +99%. I'm pretty sure the guy who made the map never understood this since he went over the 99% limit. Thought I should mention this info in case you want to correct that or make other adjustments. I have a suggestion to clarify the briefing that you are required to reach $5M profits in a year AFTER you have reached the other goals. It doesn't count if you reach that target before the others. PS. For the record, Train Safety seems to be a map-wide control. I also discovered that if you don't start a company until August 1948, the war events never fire! A bit tempting. Also a cutting through Mount Carmel will pay for itself very quickly.
  6. MaglevForever

    challenging Eastern USA

    Is it worth making a thread to be used as a list to be updated if and when discoveries are made? I would like to know what combinations of effects could be used to improve cornering speeds. Laying straight lines across the map gets boring after awhile.
  7. MaglevForever

    Why no response from Terminal contact email?

    Hi, I'll happily try the revised map.
  8. Yes, the game allows unlimited consecutive successful merger attempts. However, after each unsuccessful attempt there is a "cool off" period of one year in which time no merger attempt can be made. The game enforces this based on the advice of "investment bankers." As long as you have a majority stake in the company in question you aren't chancing the odds for an unsuccessful attempt.
  9. I haven't played the map. I'm not sure the setup was well-thought out either. Looking at the events I can see that you can never expand out of your starting territory. All access rights are awarded at the start of the game. If you or the other players start a new company none of them will be able to do anything useful. Also, when you takeover the AI companies you will never be able to do anything useful with their assets. The premise of rewarding lower speeds is intriguing. The gold medal is only available in the year 2000, no matter how quickly you meet the objectives. It's a survival theme. Which is really a hard thing to pull off for players of different abilities across different difficulty levels. Too easy to make money and it becomes a survival "cruise", which isn't what I look for in a game. The only reliable way I know to disable the players is dirty: gain majority ownership in all companies and then manipulate their companies into bankruptcy oblivion. Care must be taken to leave them with a very low or preferably negative cash balance. I don't like this style of play, but just sharing it as an option. The AI don't tend to do well after about year 30 when they start replacing engines every year, game bug, so you could hope that they bankrupt themselves, but that will depend on the computer revenue setting, and cities are placed so that I suspect it wont always happen. Problem would be that even when their companies are in tatters their personal cash situation will probably be healthy enough to start a new company especially if they were paying dividends. You can do some pure stock market manipulations to personally bankrupt them, such as bear raid as Jeffry suggested, if you have a large enough position in the market that you can take a personal hit. This is more like an off-chance for experienced players. The other chance is that you wait till year 2000, then make the mergers in one month and hope that the AI wont start a new company over the end/beginning of month cycle. Gold Medal fires at beginning of month during year 2000. If you save the game at the end of 1999 so you can go back there's a good chance you will get it in a few attempts.
  10. MaglevForever

    South Africa victory requirements

    There is a bug in the Cape Town connection event which I fixed. See this thread: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27168-south-africa/ Use the fixed version for future plays so you can get a medal.
  11. If there's a limit on track building that fulfills the condition of "cannot build a short-line". And we see the same thing. A random name for company with pure cash. Such companies can be used for personal gain. Short them for a year or two, until their stock price drops since they have no earnings, then merge them for free cash around 50 cents on the dollar. PS. I've been keeping half an eye on Project Automata It's a new game that some guys are trying to make. They failed Kickstarter funding, but I think they are still working on the game. The game isn't mainly focused on railways, it has trucks, boats etc. and has more focus on industrial production. I can't see it replacing RTII, but it might be interesting. I mention it because they hope to use Artificial Learning for their AI. They don't give lots of info, but most of it is in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QaWrrAfm_U
  12. MaglevForever

    Stock Price Event

    There aren't too many good opportunities for "bear raids" during most plays, but they're fun when they show up. My experience is similar to Jeffry's, most AI don't make strong companies that are stable or slightly growing even in a steady economy for more than 17 or so years of game-play. This very much limits the upside one might gain as any jump up will likely be weak. Which leaves the main reason to wipe out AI chairmen's net worth. For this purpose it doesn't matter if you even lose a little money. I always target the stock of the company to which the AI chairmen have most exposure. If you really want to take it further, try to coax an AI chairman into a higher level of margin before the raid. You might even sell some of your stock to encourage him to buy it on margin at a "bargain" price. After the raid he might be completely wiped out.
  13. MaglevForever

    New Map: Australian National

    What is it with attachments disappearing? I hope whatever caused this to happen has been fixed. Here's the map file. If there was a readme, I'm sorry. I didn't find the original zip file. Australian National V0.91.zip
  14. MaglevForever

    New Map: Australian National

    I love this map. A quality freight-hauling map in the late 20th century. Many thanks to the author! Strategic possibilities and goals are good.. I also like the geography better than other Australia maps I have tried. The mountains there are modest in reality. On this map most engines are usable on routes that climb the Great Dividing Range not just those with an ocean of grunt. No need to place stations "on top of the cliff." My attention was drawn to this map because I was looking for maps that use AI with pre-built electric track and engines. It turns out that they behave fairly well here. Sometimes they will get stuck when non-electric routes are available thanks to your connections, but most of the time they behave, unlike on the US Crossroads map which I gave up on trying to fix. I didn't ask for permission to upload maps to the Downloads section as I haven't made any maps, but I would vote to put this one up there so more people can enjoy it.
  15. I realized that I was wrong with the last paragraph of my previous post. The dining car and caboose don't take up free slot when waiting for a load. However, these things restrict the possible options for better than 50% full when trains are set to wait-till-half-full. The reality is that the train isn't always waiting-to-fill. A certain portion of the time, especially in good economies, there will be an existing stack all ready to go. This is caused by the random timing of the generation of passengers and mail. When a stack is present, having the 5th and 6th cars with a possibility to fill will surely increase potential revenue. Since this is likely to happen in good economies, the extra revenue is not to be scoffed. There is a place to use the diner and caboose, but as I said I was tending not to use them with my latest play-style evolution. Diners only when micro-managing. The caboose when dictated by reliability, such as after a certain age of 3+ year old engines or if I get a severe down-turn. Some maps have higher robbery chance. It's hard to know without a look in the editor, but I don't think my recent plays involved any maps with many robbers. Placing the caboose is a safe play, but after playing this game so long I want to take a little risk that I can manage. Because of the aforementioned randomness of the generation, any potential advantage may not even eventuate in a certain play. It also comes down to how much effort such an advantage is worth. One could change consist according to economic state, for example: caboose and diner when below normal. This would make sense. But it does take some player effort. It's only a small thing after all, so not worth the effort if I have a ton of trains. PS . . . Edit . . . : Thought I would share an old thread about the economy that I recently read for the first time: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/22750-managing-the-economy/?page=1. I would have liked some examples of the difference in medal time that Steve39 achieved by using this method. Some interesting strategy ideas to try to take on board, especially in regard to expansion. Personally, I will temper my efforts with the realization that a shortish period of poor economy can actually present some opportunities for electrification, mergers, etc..