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DeckEleven's Railroads 2


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Hello all. Have any of you tried DeckEleven's Railroads 2? It is a pretty nifty RR simulator that can be played on your phone. In lieu of having a version of RRT2 for one's phone, this comes fairly close. I enjoy playing it almost daily when I have a little time. There is nothing to buy unless you would like to upgrade to more powerful steam, diesel, or electric technologies. They are offered in packages for a reasonable cost. The choice is yours. The free version contains NO ADS and one can begin the free campaign fairly easily after reading about some of the games features and nuances. The early missions in the free campaign are structured to get you started and to help you learn. The final mission in the free campaign becomes quite challenging; but if you can complete it, a nice little gift awaits you. The game has a Sandbox mode where random missions are generated after one chooses a map size, terrain, biome, difficulty level (with casual being fairly easy, tycoon being a bit more challenging, and hardcore being just that), etc. This gives the game a wonderful replayability factor. I t just never gets old or stale. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a try. I absolutely love it. You can DL it at the Google Play Store. Happy Railroading.


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