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Comments about the stories, for now I just have some that deal with the KYA and Setara War.  When Ex and I decided to make that thread we enver knew it would go so far.  We were inexpierienced at the art of politics, war, and secret AIM meetings.  We plotted, we killed billions, we nearly destroyed the universe itself in the process.  We left our worlds in flames, and friendships were built, destroyed, and rebuilt again.  Overall we had fun, and may that story R.I.P.

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They travel the universe. appearing in and out of normal space-time hunting for the "aliens". When finished searching. (usually ending up in unknown destruction of space craft.) they head to the nearest F class star and slingshot for the ability for lightspeed travel. waiting to appear again as the only home for human kind. in their eyes that is.:)

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Well the Dune Vs. Star Wars thread showed us that not everything ends happily.  War, is seldom happy.  However I want to make myself a target.  I locked the thread not one of the other moderators.  So send the hateful IMs to me if you must.  

I also want to say that war was fun!

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KYA has a way of doing that... ::)

BTW, do you think you've won in UW? Cause we're still out there...Cloaked and headed for the farthest point away from you guys, but the CoM still exists...As do the alien races and the Weapons Guild.

Hrmm, it might be interesting to start a new war topic, a sort of UW2. "UW2 Deep Space" Or something, based about a thousand years or so in the future when we all meet up again...

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Cool! Next season of Survivor. I'm still working out my Big Brother One. So far I have:






Me (Duh! ::))

Edric O

Jacob Douds





Hosted by: Galaxy

That group should have some nice fireworks. ;)

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